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Hello everyone,

Today's post will be anything, but boring because I'm bringing my awesome sista (only eleven months older than me) on this wild ride to experimenting with monochromatic fashion. So grab your glasses because this virtual experience will have all of the above; Tips, Style and Inspiration times TWO!!! 

 I must say I'm so happy to finally have Daniela here by my side because she's been with me from the very beginning of my blog, from taking all my photos to having someone always there to go along with my crazy ideas...Okay, not every single idea because some of them have been out of this world, but you know what I mean. LOL!   

Just like me she's a creative soul who loves to inspire others through her work, so I thought there's no better person to be a part of my monochromatic lookbook. She jumped to my brilliant idea (thanks to the angels) and here we are bringing you the 411 on this fabulous trend that's got both of our hearts RACING! How does your heart feel about a single-hue power look? 

Recently I've been drawn to anything and everything white, which is why choosing to go with this same color hue in all my pieces was a no-brainer. It all clicked right away... I just headed to my closet and let the magic excitement take over me. No worries, I wasn't abducted by aliens or anything... more precisely I was in full BLISS of pulling out items to create my outfit. 

Both of our looks have that sporty vibe, since we wanted to match in a way and be more on the comfort side of things by trading our heels for a pair of comfy sneakers. IT WORKED! 

It's hard not to picture my sister without denim because I've noticed her go-to items like denim jeans and over-sized denim jackets - her signature staples, that didn't leave me by surprise, when she decided to make her silhouette in all denim. 
I love her look and am even thinking of borrowing it... sis if you're reading this, you know where to find me?! hahahah I'm serious!!!   

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This time around we changed it up from sporty to chic because where's the fun in putting your style in a box? Having the ability to experiment with clothes and love what you choose to wear can't be replaced with anything else. It has the power to transform us into the confident and strong women we are!!! 

I played with all red pieces from my pearls beret to my high heeled booties. This outfit you saw a few posts back, which brought the FIRE and all the feels, that come with the color red.  

On the other side, my sister went with fierce and elegant black, a favorite hue for many of us. I like the way black and red look side by side... both make a statement that can't be erased even if you tried. 

In the very beginning I mentioned this virtual experience will include tips, so here is why you should try wearing monochromatic looks

1. It makes you look taller and slimmer 

2. It's easy to put together... you don't have to think whether it matches or not. 

3. It makes you look sharp, clean and sophisticated. 

4. It allows you to still highlight your best assets by playing with different textures and layers of that one color. 

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Have you already given the monochromatic look a try? If so, what color hue did you decide to flaunt? 

Beyond this post, I'm going to continue to experiment with this trend and will share with you my results if you're interested in seeing MORE. You never know, I might even bring my sista along for another post! If you like the idea, please share this post!!! This way I'll know to start planning what's next!!! 

Have an amazing rest of the day/night!   

                                                                                                                                      Love, Radi   


Hello everyone, 

Do you know what? I was thinking today, what if every day was as special as New Year's Eve? Where every one gets extra excited and extra "fancy" with their outfit - how amazing would it be if we dressed up a little more around our day to day activities instead of waiting for bigger life events, like a friend's wedding or anniversary dinner date, a school prom or college graduation, to whip out our best outfit? 

I really wish sometimes that every day was New Year's Eve because I love how all the girls get excited about planning their outfit, going to the nail salon for a fresh coat of polish, swinging by the hairdressers for that perfect blowdry - really pampering themselves. 

I think that the most beautiful thing about being a woman is being respectful of your appearance. Every woman deserves love - and what is better than self-love? When a woman loves herself, she exudes confidence and beauty everywhere she goes. That love can make any dream come true. And one of the simplest ways to show your body and your heart love is by indulging in your favorite beauty and fashion guilty pleasures. It doesn't mean that you have to go ahead and spend a fortune, but just taking the time to really notice what you need and want in this moment to feel beautiful. 

That's the biggest REASON I started this blog - to inspire you to become thrilled again with fashion and everything that makes you feel beautiful. Every day should be a celebration of thy self. Every day should be a day to show off your best YOU! Why not dress up to the grocery store?! Why not play with a little more eyeshadow and lipstick when going out for a cup of coffee?! 

I try to live every day as if it is New Year's Eve again. I like to dress up on my "regular days" as well as on my special days. It makes me feel confident. 

So, I'm going to start the movement right here, right now! 

I have two fashionably fancy looks, which I want to share with you - both worn on "regular days" - one to a cafe, the other to a market place. :) See, I told you that you don't have to wait for once in a lifetime event to put your best foot forward! 

 Okay, so this outfit here is one I would wear anywhere! It's a big favorite of mine! I love this black and white monochrome combination with the significant trending pieces, like the frayed gingham, the faux fur and a hint of velvet, of course. 

It's edgy in a way, combined with the most beautiful feminine touches, like the rose tights, the sheer top with the bra peeking through. What else could you really want in an outfit? 

The one thing that tied this look to complete perfection is the white faux fur coatbecause you know, it's still supposed to be winter, and these are the coats I've been reaching for the most before heading out. It was sent to me by Popjulia, an online website that has it all, from knitwear to shoes and accessories. Just keep in mind, you'll need to order one or two sizes up from your original size. Whenever I get coats, I always go for an XL, so it's a bit loose and feels good even when layered. 

Other than that, the accessories really give live to the overall look. The newsboy hat, the sunnies, the cross-body bag and these gorgeous Lesebi earrings. As you know, I have the biggest jewelry collection because of their love and support for my blog. I couldn't have asked for a better brand! 

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This second and final outfit will get all the stares...but only the good stares! :) Not only will you make others have a second thought on dressing up more, you'll feel posh and certainly ready for a cocktails night-out. Can you tell I've thought about it lots? 

Here, I've got flirtatious frill sleeves, see-through fabric at the neckline and the perfect fit, all in this one black jumpsuit. I love it! It being the color black, I can fully play around with glittery accessories, which is what us girls enjoy doing the most, right!? I even adore jumpsuits that have pockets, so you can really strut your stuff when walking. hahaha. 

Gold and rose-gold felt just right since I'm thinking of dressing like I'm always on my way to a glamorous event when in reality I'm not :) 

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~ The faux fur coat & jumpsuit were send to me by Popjulia. All opinions are my own!
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How will you turn your normal days into something special? Will you wear that fancy dress, which barely leaves the closet, just because you feel like it? 

As always I appreciate you stopping by and hanging out with me. Be sure to follow and share your favorite posts of mine, if you want to see more! 

                                                                                                                                       Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

As I was sitting outside at one of my go-to cafes, this awesome idea came to mind (trust me the fresh air does wonders) of sharing what I've been LOVING recently. That includes anything at all from fashion to beauty and beyond. It was a bit difficult to narrow it down to only five things, as my list kept multiplying, but in the end I managed to do it! Clap, clap!!!   

In this post, I'm going to stick with these two categories I mentioned earlier because I've got to save the rest for future posts as I'm hoping you'll want to see more of what excites me, what makes me ME and why these favorites are so special to me.

Do you find that some items, places, traditions are more meaningful than others because of the story or person behind that something? I do, that is why I deeply appreciate and treasure a lot of what I have, for example, when something has been given to me by people that I care about like my sister, parents, keeps the memory and happiness alive!!! 

Speaking of significant people in my life, one of them is my sister. You may wonder what does this velvet bucket bag have to do with her? Well, she's the one that surprised me with this gift, which I've got to admit I have wanted for a while. Now every time I wear it, I get reminded of her lovely gesture, of the fact that she has heard my wish and has made it come true. You see, it's A LOT MORE than just an item?! It's all about the love, care and gesture behind it! 

I was set on it being black, somewhat mini-sized because I wanted to be able to wear it all season round with any outfit combination and have it be the perfect size, not too big to drag me down or feel heavy after a while. I can't express how much I love it... plus, look, it's velvet (you know how much I adore anything velvet). My current and I think always favorite will be this bag!!!  

Shop My Favorite Bucket Bags:              


Something you may not know about me is that I've always enjoyed running, staying in shape from a very young age when in my small village in Bulgaria all the girls and boys would get together and play soccer for endless hours. These are some of the dearest, sweetest memories of my childhood! 

Rewind twenty-six years later, I still love running (in fact, I am headed for a run tomorrow morning), and with that, I love shopping for new running sneakers. These Adidas neo cloud sneakers are my absolute favorite because I feel on cloud ten, when I run/walk in them. The pain and discomfort I used to feel with other athletic shoes is gone. They're so lightweight, I forget to take them off when I get home. I highly recommend them if you're looking for sneakers that have all the benefits. I also think they would look so cute worn outside of the gym with jeans, tee and a staple coat. 

Shop My Favorite Sneakers:        


The eye-shadow palette that I could use my entire life if I had no other choice, without a doubt would be this Too Faced sweet peach palette. It's got all the colors I'll ever need, they're so pigmented that with only one stroke on the eyelids, I'm ready to go and smells delightful... aroma of juicy peaches. 

I like to create from simple to more dramatic make-up looks with it, depending, of course, on the time of day and occasion. I prefer a party with good friends, killer music and lots of fun :) How about you? 

Shop My Favorite Make-Up Palettes:          


Another sentimental item for me, given to me by my lovely parents. When I was opening the box, I knew it would be a gorgeous delicate jewelry piece like this, how could it not be? They just know me soooo well! Or should I say TOO well! 

I love the three drop hearts that I'm sure represent my sister, my mom and dad, each one right where it belongs with the warmest kind hearts. I've always loved anything heart shaped from heart shaped rings to heart shaped cakes (OMG I shouldn't have said that, now I want a chocolate cake). Sorry if I made you hungry as well! 

What else I love and most definitely appreciate about it is that if you sweat it doesn't leave a rusty mark on your neck. I've had so many necklaces/chokers turn my neck into a navy color after going out dancing that this necklace is one I'll never be taking off for sure... I can even shower with it! 

Shop My Favorite Heart-Shaped Necklaces:        


My final favorite of the moment smells of honeysuckle with cedar leaving me feeling enchanted and luxurious every step of the way. Exactly the way I strive to feeling everyday! 

I still remember the very first time I was captivated by Nirvana fragrances. I was given a tiny store sample, one of their perfumes in the collection. As I sprayed it going out, it stayed with me throughout the whole day. I loved the scent so much that I said to myself... I need this perfume in a BIGGER size!  

If you own any of the Elizabeth and James Nirvana smells which one is your favorite? I've got the amethyst one! You know it... I'm absolutely thinking about getting the rest as well. One friend cannot live without the other LOL! 

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Looking forward to reading what has been your current favorite-anything; song, product, accessory, store...? Spill it down in the comments section! 

I can't wait to see you again next week! Remember: same time, same day! 

                                                                                                                                  Love, Radi  


Hello everyone, 

What does the color red evoke in you? Does it bring any emotion when you wear it/see it like the way a certain scent can bring you the most profound memories with just one spritz? For me, red represents love, power, excitement, passion for going after your biggest dreams. Really, all positive emotions ideal for starting the new year on FIRE! 

Red has taken over the fashion world and has left its mark because it's noticeable from miles away, whether it's a red signature Gucci bag or the famous red soles of the worldly known Christian Louboutin. I have a feeling we all want to own at least one pair of his heels in our lifetime because then, what else are we living for?! hahaha

On the autumn/winter 2017 runway, we saw a lot of top designers like Givenchy, Valentino, Alexander McQueen and more bring out the red monochrome looks, which in my eyes were so fierce, sensual and breathtaking that I knew I wanted to experiment with an all red look myself. One that works toward my own style and fits my personality. I think I succeeded, but you can be the official judge of that because I consider you part of my closest friends. So HERE IS my fire red look!!!

I can't tell you enough how in love I am with this hue. Wearing it out and about can be a bit too out there, but that's not even a worry of mine because I'm just so happy I was able to get my favorite reds into one masterpiece of a look. I feel catwalk ready!!! LOL! 

Everything from my pearls beret (a DIY that my sister did for me by stitching different sized pearls all over it) to my ruffled hem trousers and woven booties just feels so right and REDelicious! I can't fully explain it, all I can say is that this outfit gives me all the right energy... LOTS of it! 

Honestly, from now on, I think I'm going to live on monochrome outfits from red to black to white and green. That would be so much fun! Just imagine, everyday wearing from head to toe one shade of your own choice.   

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To get you even more INSPIRED to try red, even if you start out with red accessories at the beginning, I've prepared this collage of reds you must own! Next time you go out, try adding a red lipstick with red tassel earrings and freshly painted red nails. Once you get that down, just go for an all RED look. I know you can make it work!!! 

Shop These Pieces: 

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Thanks for spending your time with me, my firecracker babes! Let me know one of your goals for this year. I believe this will be our year to laugh, to grow, to shine!

Please follow my blog and share this post because you know I appreciate your love and support. Plus, you bet there's so much more coming your way... I'm just getting started! 

Yay for the weekend! Enjoy it! 

                                                                                                                                   Love, Radi