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Hello everyone,

Only five days left until Christmas! I've covered what to wear for the holidays in the previous posts, now it's time to wrap it up with my favorite accessories ever...Lesebi jewelry!!!

I strive to add a statement piece every time I get dressed-up. Even if you don't wear much jewelry, this time of year is the perfect opportunity to add a little sparkle to your holiday spirit. It can really be anything from a set of pearl earrings to a cute bangle dangling at your wrist. Make it your own! 

I know I can't wait to let my outfits shine with the kind of jewelry that easily lets my personality show and creates something memorable for every eye. Here I am, ready to introduce you to the pieces that make each day feel special coming from Lesebi's holiday collection! Are you ready to be blown away?


The longest, the boldest, the gold-est tassels are here to play! Every time I look at them they've got me imagining music, friends a…


Hello everyone, 

While Santa begins his trip around the world delivering presents from one house to another, I think I might as well dress-up in the holiday spirit wearing red and green, so he leaves more gifts under my Christmas tree! hahaha I mean, I know I've been extra good, but if that isn't enough, I'm ready to impress him with my outfit! A look he will like as it screams holiday cheer and festive vibes!

Every Christmas I reach for any greens or reds, which otherwise I wouldn't wear together except in December. This month we're allowed to go as festive as possible and wear anything that makes our hearts sing our favorite Christmas carols. What are your top three favorite jingles? 

The days are nearing... it's becoming to feel a lot like Christmas! Grab a hot drink and let me give you an idea of what to wear to your family dinner gathering or even a Christmas party! 💖

It's the most exciting time of year where we gather around the table, share stories/laug…


Hello everyone,

Vivid wild fireworks set in the night sky with holiday cheer in the air, the clock ticks to midnight... it's time to celebrate the beginning of a new year! 🎆

Lots more to look forward to, lots more to dream of, lots more love to share... all in all, another chance to be here and make a different in any way we can! 

Ringing in the new year is special - special because we reflect, appreciate and celebrate. I love the excitement of  saying "hello" to a new beginning. That's why I'm here yet with another New Year's Eve party look. Something to shake old habits away and bring new, joyful experiences your way!!! 😁 

Turn UP the music! (No harm in starting the party early... you never know... the neighbors might join you.)

As someone who appreciates when people dress up, I enjoy seeing everyone wearing their newest, most elegant clothing on a big night like this. It makes my heart jump and sing at the same time!LOL!

But really, seeing others in a good moo…


Hello everyone, 

Anyone already setting 2019 goals/resolutions? I know we're all driven, ready to chase that next BIG dream, but on New Year's Eve, it's all about celebrating the start of new beginnings and everything great that happened in the "old year". This is the night to get glam, to celebrate life and to spend it with your favorite "tribe". It's meant to be exciting, a way of putting an energizing new start to the new year!!! 

As the clocks ticks to midnight, you know you would want to look and feel your best! The music playing will do its part, but the outfit you wear is something you've got to plan. No one wants a last minute outfit that doesn't give you the full potential to feel confident and express your true self, so it's better to get inspired starting now.

I'm here to give you some New Year's Eve ideas and share with you my favorite beauty products that get me in the celebration mood in no time. Are you ready to get g…


Hello everyone,

This was one of the warmest autumns, but to officially say goodbye to the imaginary falling leaves from the trees, I decided to do a little recap of the looks I wore this season. 

I know a lot of you have welcomed your first "snow day", so I'm going to pretend that I have as well by planning some winter appropriate looks and lots of holiday inspired posts. I hope you're up for that! 

Even with a sun-warming fall, there were lots of sweaters, berets, jeans... basically, as much layering as the Vegas weather allowed. However, the hot coffees never stopped!

So let's dive into the looks by which I will mostly remember this season!  


With the start of fall, I wanted,little by little, to start adding some of my favorite seasonal pieces, like my velvet booties and my casual cute sweater. They helped make me feel those autumn vibes, which I was so eager to experience again. True fall essentials that I was ready to bring back to life (more like out of my clo…


Hello everyone,

With Black Friday days away, it's time to start thinking about Christmas shopping! This is the most exciting day during which we can get a head start in getting gifts for our family and friends for the holidays. Even more exciting is that there are great deals to take advantage of and so much to choose from. 

As a fashionista who knows what every woman wants to receive (secretly wishes for these items), I've made the BEST shopping guide for you. She loves luxury, timeless pieces ready to take her from day to day. She loves receiving the best and isn't afraid to show it. She's fashionable and confident every step of the way. She's the beautiful smile you wake up to every morning! Yessss, she's your baby!!!

Get your lists ready and keep that special person in mind as you cherish her one present at a time! 🎁

1. Snake Print Coat
2. Miss Dior Eau de Parfum
3. Grosgrain-Trimmed Leather Ankle Boots
4. Holiday 3-Wick Candle
5. Halfmoon Diamond Pendant
6. Reveal…


Hello everyone, 

With the holiday season on the way, I'm already in the mood to dress up and let everything sparkly show, whether that is in jewelry, nails, hair glitter or dresses. It's the most EXCITING time of year! We get to wear our newest clothes, shop the most, spend time with the people we love and fill the world with smiles and joy! 💕 I promise I haven't had any drinks! hahaha I'm just really looking forward to the most wonderful time of the year!!! 

It may come as a surprise, but I've already started Christmas shopping... I know I'm surprised myself because usually I'm a "last minute" kind of shopper who has an idea of what to get everyone, heads to the mall and buys it. It has always worked in my favor, but this year I'm getting a head start! What kind of Christmas shopper are you? Spill the truth in the comments... I promise I won't judge you! (Your secret is save with me!)

When thinking of the holidays, I decided to stock up on …


Hello everyone, 

It's the kind of autumn day where the sun is happily smiling! I'm also smiling because this is the most beautiful fall season in the history of Las Vegas. All I want to do is spend it outside all day long with my bff (you know who you are...sis) and fully enjoy the beauty. 

Speaking of sunshine..."Don't you know yet? It is YOUR Light that lights the world." A little something I came across and thought to share it with you because it's absolutely 100% true. We are the light that can spark love, beauty, excitement, adventure... everything meaningful, which we strive for as human beings. Remember this next time someone is in need of help or feeling lonely or being made fun of. With more light there will be less of everything that brings darkness!  

Continuing with my autumn style looks, I wanted once again to go for something that would be easy to wear and fun to recreate. An outfit you would want to wear over and over again because it's next l…


Hello everyone,

Throughout this month, I've collected lots of favorites in products, apparel, but mostly memories that it's only right I share them with you. Nothing beats a month that effortlessly flies by because you are too busy enjoying it, not caring about day or time. This is how October felt for me! 

With a complete easy I knew what would make my top five favorites because, as life happened, I made a mental list of everything that made an impression on me. That's one of the best ways to be grateful for everything coming your way and acknowledging all the good in the world. It's a nice habit to have since the universe loves people who love life and smile at everything that is given to them. What recently made you smile or made you think,"Wow, life is good!"? 

1. Store: FOREVER 21

As a fashion blogger it's expected and well true that shopping brings much joy to me because it lets my creativity flow as I picture different looks from every piece I touch in…