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Hello everyone, 

Overall 2017 was another great year for me, maybe because I live in the MOST exciting city on the planet - Las Vegas. There's not a dull day to pass. There's aways something new to see, something to do (let your imagination run wild) and lots to get you inspired! 

I LOVE this city!!! 

As much as I love fashion, I enjoy the entertainment, talent, spectacles, music all gathered in the heart of Vegas. With the most famous singers like Jennifer Lopez, The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears having residencies here, feels like they're in my backyard, so close and real, unlike the times when I lived in Bulgaria, only dreaming about ever seeing one of them perform live. 

Every time I'm left speechless after a show because the little girl that dreamed of seeing and experiencing something bigger is now seeing it all with her own eyes - the countless changing vibrant laser lights, the dancers moving to the story of the sound, the singer portraying the emotion of every word, the moment of feeling completely alive... 

This year I went to twice as many concerts as last year (extremely thankful), so I'm here to relive them once again with you. Play the MUSIC!

Ariana Grande

The year started out with the "Dangerous Woman" firecracker! The minute she stepped on stage she completely blew me away with her voice, her love for what she does and the captivating visualization of the concert. It felt almost like a Broadway show, which I totally loved. 

This was my first ever time seeing Ariana perform live. I was completely smitten over her personality. She was so sweet, telling the audience how much she loves them for being there tonight after the end of each song. 


On my birthday month, I went to see Maluma (dirty boy, pretty boy), a Latin artist who brought the fire on stage. It got so CALIENTE! 

The energy was to the max with Spanish rhythms that kept me salsa dancing on the spot. There wasn't much space or air, but who cares when he was so close, I felt I could almost touch him with one hand. 

Ricky Martin 

His "All In" residency in Las Vegas is a must-see. I guarantee you! You'll walk out dancing and singing all the way home like I did. It was so incredible and a dream come true seeing Ricky Martin because I still remember the times I would turn up the volume to "Livin' La Vida Loca" and dance it out until I couldn't feel my feet anymore. 

Ricky will be back in 2018 with new dates because of popular demand, so if you're from Vegas or are visiting, add his show to your night entertainment, after gambling of course, hahaha!
I'm thinking of seeing him again...stopped thinking... I'm going to purchase the tickets asap! 

Bruno Mars   

I never thought I would get the chance to see Bruno Mars. Ohhh how thankful I am for this concert! 
Every second was so special, I didn't want to blink. His smile never left his face and his dance moves got the whole crown to loosen up and sing. 

This concert was completely sold out, there wasn't an open sit in sight. I mean, how could there be? He's so incredible that I don't think he ever sings to a half full venue. If you've seen him, you know exactly what I mean. 


Another amazing show that you can only get in Vegas! At seventy- one years old, Cher blew me away. I loved the way after each song, she shared an interesting story of her past life, the way her outfits looked, the magical way the stage transformed with all kind of amazing props, like a live sized elephant and a boat, her powerful yet suiting voice... everything was of the highest quality!!! 

She was so authentic that I felt like I knew her. There wasn't a moment in which she pretended to be someone else. Cher was strong, beautiful, young with a heart that touched mine while I was in awe of everything I was seeing before me. 

Jennifer Lopez    

This was my DREAM COME TRUE! The moment I knew she signed a residency in Las Vegas, I kept repeating out loud how much I wanted to go... no matter who heard me! I guess in the end someone did because this year it finally happened! Thank you so much angels!!! 

She's my favorite female artist, so you can image how much this night meant to me. I can recall everything that happened from her giving her bedazzled cap to a fan to sliding across the stage on her knees like a true superwoman. 

In trie Jlo fashion, her costumes were so sexy, everyone kept screaming and I'm sure all of them thinking, women included, " She's so hot!"  She literarlly gave it "All she Had!"  

Backstreet Boys  

They're back and LARGER than life!!! 

I saw them in November. Just like Jlo's concert this was a long awaited ride, but totally worth the wait. You must know, I have been a Backstreet Boys fan since day one. I even had a cassette that I would play all the time on my walkman when I was a child. At the time, I had no idea what they were singing (I didn't understand English), but I loved the melody of their songs, their synchronized moves, their adorable smiles and mostly Nick Carter. Ohh those blonde locks, adorable smile... Who's your favorite BSB member? 

This was the absolute perfect concert to ending 2017 on a high note. Now I'm ready for all the concerts to come in the New Year. Who would you like to see live and which of these artists above do you like the most? I'll be awaiting and reading your comments, so please share with me!     

See you in the New YearFollow my blog, share your favorite posts because 2018 is going to be BIGGER and BETTER. You wouldn't want to miss it!!! 

                                                                                                                                   Love, Radi   


Hello everyone, 

When it comes to winters in Las Vegas, this is the kind of look you can easily wear during the "winter" season in the sun. It goes above and beyond because it can be worn in every season with only slight adjustments. For example, if right now, outside your window, all you see is a white fluffy blanket of snow, instead of the denim shorts, you might go for skinny jeans or why not comfortable ski pants?! It's all up to YOU, not only when it comes to your outfit, but LIFE as well!!! 

To all my readers from the west cost, you can without a doubt recreate this same look because the sun is always smiling on us, especially this season with the temperature being some of the highest ever. 
To all my east coast babes, I know you can also rock this look, just save the bare legs for the summer, you can even let the hair on your legs go wild- hahaha! 

I can't, nor want to hide the fact that furry coats and over the knee boots are this season's most sought out items just like candy canes and Christmas lights, from which we can all benefit. 
This coat I'm wearing is my official "blanket on the go" because I think you get the idea, it's the coziest, easier item to just throw on and immediately feel like you're sitting by the fire. 
When I want to wear skirts or shorts during this time of year, I grab a pair of over the knee boots and within seconds, I feel confident and super feminine. 

How do you feel about the fishnets with denim shorts?
As soon as they became trendy, we started wearing them underneath skirts, shorts, or even pants with the ribs exposed in  for more of a cool edge to these sometimes very simple bottoms. I really like this playful twist to my denim shorts, excites me to the core and in a way it's a step out of my comfort zone. 

To match my navy coat, I ran into my sweater crop top when I was looking through my closet for something cute and casual. A top that I wear over and over again whether I'm just chilling at home or wanting to go out for a cup of coffee. 

Do you think I would have forgotten the accessories? Of course not! 
No matter what, dressy or casual, my priority after dressing and doing my make-up is picking the right accessories to wear. I have the MOST fun deciding and trying out different types of jewelry, hats or scarves. 

As you know, I'm obsessed with anything from Lesebi (their biggest fan), which is why my paper clip earrings and geometric necklace fit this look and my mood perfectly. I cannot say enough amazing things about this brand, it's INCREDIBLE.... I've been satisfied by every single delivery with such beautiful, delicate and pretty packaged goodies inside. I'm overwhelmed with happiness and love just thinking about it!!! 

Shop My Look:                  

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How many of you are ready for the holidays? They're nearly here and I can't wait to have an amazing time with family and friends. But, don't worry, my posts will keep coming! I'll talk to you again next week, same time-same day. Bye for now! 

                                                                                                                                     Love, Radi  


Hello everyone, 

Leave all your worries behind because we're getting WILD this week! Forget about what others may think because in reality the only person you should want to please is YOURSELF. If you've always wanted to do something, anything at all, like bungee jumping, but the people around you don't approve of it, this is the time to let yourself live and follow your own path. Once you get the courage to do what you've always dreamed of doing, you'll feel so free and proud of taking that step into inner happiness. I believe we're greater and stronger than we can ever imagine! 

Adding a fearless print like leopard to my outfit, gives me all the chills and motivation to be a " Wild Leopard" when it comes to my desires and dreams. No, I won't give up, neither should you because we have already faced a lot, there is nothing that can bring us down or tear us apart. 

This post goes out to everyone who has fought through the jungle like a leopard, taking fear down, running at the fastest speed toward their dreams. I'm with you and admire you so much!!! 

I'm wildly excited the leopard print is taking center stage in my closet and once again all over the shopping malls because let's face it there's something so special about it. It immediately steals the show, proves its power and gives huge value to any other simple pieces you might have combined it with. 

For this outfit, I really wanted to keep everything at different tones of beige because it's one of the color tones I mostly enjoy playing with during the fall and winter. 

Since these leopard leggings are high-waist, I had to add my sheer crop top, which is so feminine and sexy when tied in the front like that. These two are hard to be seen apart, as I love combining them every chance I get. Who cares, you most likely will see me wearing them more than twice?! 

What do you think about these ankle boots? I'm not exaggerating when I say I've wanted them for over a month ago when I first saw them and told myself, these will be my next pair of shoes. 
The moment I woke up, on "Cyber Monday" I purchased them online and now I barely wear any of my other shoes. I love the fact that the heel is clear, such a cool heel statement in my opinion. I feel like I can be part of The Devil Wears Prada 2.... if they ever make a second one. (Big YES please!) 

I also added my favorite fuzzy coat, which completely feels like a blanket and keeps me warm during the sometimes chilly Vegas nights. 

Keeping my love for accessories strong, I layered some chokers, added my new favorite Lesebi geometric hoop earrings called Nashville (Yes, such a beautiful name) and a baker boy hat for extra spark.

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Staying WILD, I've combined the BEST LEOPARD items you've got to own, to keep your wilderness and fearlessness alive!!! Each piece is a statement by itself and can easily be added to your everyday style.

Shop The Selection: 

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If you enjoyed this post, please share it with others and if you have anything at all that you would like to see more of on FashionRadi, let me know in the comments down below. 

See you next week with perhaps more NYE style inspiration! 

                                                                                                                                      Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

Once December hits, I turn on an automatic speed mode trying to decide what gifts to get my family/ friends, what new fun decorations to add, what to wear on Christmas and how to welcome the New Year in style. It's all so much, but it's the most fun because there are so many wonderful moments of joy, love, and laugher to look forward to. 

Without a doubt, my favorite is getting ready to welcome the New Year with glamorous makeup, hair, and outfit, preferably on the dance floor surrounded by great music, all my friends, champagne glass in my hand, singing from the top of my lungs. What's your favorite way of celebrating the New Year? 

I'm really looking forward to 2018, as I'm sure many of you are excited to start something new, leave old habits behind, enjoy life to the fullest, appreciate more of what you already have, and love life and the people you meet along the way, just like me. But above all, your New Year's Eve outfit is the most important, LOL!

This is the night to go all out with your style by wearing your most fancy clothing that you might have only worn once for a special occasion, like a wedding. So dig deep into your closet and get those pieces that haven't seen the light of day in years, still fit you and are in beautiful shape. Otherwise, be sure to begin finding something starting NOW! (You're lucky I've got plenty of inspiration in this post to get you New Year's Eve party ready!!!)   

This season I've been all about RED - anything and everything RED - this trend is everywhere and I wanted to play with it in my New Year's Eve look. Turns out my dress also includes roses, which are my favorite flower (can never go wrong with sexy details). I absolutely love this dress because of the sheer florals that slowly drape in the back revealing the legs. This is the WOW factor I look into when deciding what to wear on this special night!!! 

Continuing with the red theme, of course I had to add my strappy pumps, you know, just to make the New Year UNFORGETTABLE! This way I won't ever say, I wasn't present or unprepared!  

I always like to wear my newest jewelry and clothing no matter the occasion, because after all, we live only once and dressing up is my favorite thing to do beside shopping, hahaha. That's why I think my newest crystal Lesebi earrings are the perfect touch to this red hot romance! Just look at these tassels... ohhhh I can't get enough!!! 

With a nice bag that resembles a clutch, which is easy to carry around and fits my essentials, I ran to my mini bow satchel. It looks classy and chic, made to be part of my party look. 

And since New Years Eve gets pretty cold, you've got to add a faux fur coat to keep you warm until, of course, you hit the dance floor. When you do, forget about your coat and let the sound of the music warm your heart. That's always the right choice! 

Shop My Look:

The New Year will be here in no time... to save you all the time and worry about finding the perfect dress, here are some gorgeous dresses that I think you would love as much as I do. I'm sure they will look beautiful on you and make your New Year's Eve celebration memorable! 

Which one is your style? 

Shop the Selection: 

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How will you be celebrating the New Year? I would love to hear your plans (share them with me in the comments down below!) 

Have the the happiest December month full of love, beauty and joyful moments! 
Now that I've got my New Year's Eve look ready to go, I'm going to return to more holiday shopping and decorating. I'll talk to you soon! 

                                                                                                                                       Love, Radi