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Hello everyone, 

Overall 2017 was another great year for me, maybe because I live in the MOST exciting city on the planet - Las Vegas. There's not a dull day to pass. There's aways something new to see, something to do (let your imagination run wild) and lots to get you inspired! 

I LOVE this city!!! 

As much as I love fashion, I enjoy the entertainment, talent, spectacles, music all gathered in the heart of Vegas. With the most famous singers like Jennifer Lopez, The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears having residencies here, feels like they're in my backyard, so close and real, unlike the times when I lived in Bulgaria, only dreaming about ever seeing one of them perform live. 

Every time I'm left speechless after a show because the little girl that dreamed of seeing and experiencing something bigger is now seeing it all with her own eyes - the countless changing vibrant laser lights, the dancers moving to the story of the sound, the singer portraying the emotion of every w…


Hello everyone, 

When it comes to winters in Las Vegas, this is the kind of look you can easily wear during the "winter" season in the sun. It goes above and beyond because it can be worn in every season with only slight adjustments. For example, if right now, outside your window, all you see is a white fluffy blanket of snow, instead of the denim shorts, you might go for skinny jeans or why not comfortable ski pants?! It's all up to YOU, not only when it comes to your outfit, but LIFE as well!!! 

To all my readers from the west cost, you can without a doubt recreate this same look because the sun is always smiling on us, especially this season with the temperature being some of the highest ever. 
To all my east coast babes, I know you can also rock this look, just save the bare legs for the summer, you can even let the hair on your legs go wild- hahaha! 

I can't, nor want to hide the fact that furry coats and over the knee boots are this season's most sought out ite…


Hello everyone, 

Leave all your worries behind because we're getting WILD this week! Forget about what others may think because in reality the only person you should want to please is YOURSELF. If you've always wanted to do something, anything at all, like bungee jumping, but the people around you don't approve of it, this is the time to let yourself live and follow your own path. Once you get the courage to do what you've always dreamed of doing, you'll feel so free and proud of taking that step into inner happiness. I believe we're greater and stronger than we can ever imagine! 

Adding a fearless print like leopard to my outfit, gives me all the chills and motivation to be a " Wild Leopard" when it comes to my desires and dreams. No, I won't give up, neither should you because we have already faced a lot, there is nothing that can bring us down or tear us apart. 

This post goes out to everyone who has fought through the jungle like a leopard, takin…


Hello everyone, 

Once December hits, I turn on an automatic speed mode trying to decide what gifts to get my family/ friends, what new fun decorations to add, what to wear on Christmas and how to welcome the New Year in style. It's all so much, but it's the most fun because there are so many wonderful moments of joy, love, and laugher to look forward to. 

Without a doubt, my favorite is getting ready to welcome the New Year with glamorous makeup, hair, and outfit, preferably on the dance floor surrounded by great music, all my friends, champagne glass in my hand, singing from the top of my lungs. What's your favorite way of celebrating the New Year? 

I'm really looking forward to 2018, as I'm sure many of you are excited to start something new, leave old habits behind, enjoy life to the fullest, appreciate more of what you already have, and love life and the people you meet along the way, just like me. But above all, your New Year's Eve outfit is the most importan…