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Hello everyone, 

Most of us fashionistas are also interested in anything beauty related because I think fashion and beauty go hand in hand. While having a killer outfit, you want as well to have a make-up look that enhances your beauty and matches your whole look. 
So, today I'm going to show you the make-up look I've noticed I always come back to wearing the most once fall and winter approach. It's simple (takes me around 10 minutes to create), it looks great with any of my cozy outfits, it looks natural in a way, and it has become my signature go to make-up. 

Along with this make-up, I want to share with you my favorite beauty products at the moment that make the whole look possible. I can only say nice things about these products because, really, I wear them all the time, love them lots (would re-purchase them again) and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to find high quality make-up that is worth the money. 

1. Foundation- FENTY BEAUTY  

Starting with the foundation! 

The Fenty Beauty collection by Rihanna is one that has totally impressed me. In the beginning I had no expectations about this brand at all, but let me tell you this is hands down the BEST foundation I have ever used untill now. It's very soft, applies super easy without having to rub at your face and feels light and fresh on your skin like a BB cream. 

With so many shades for every skin color you can ever imagine, I'm beyond grateful a foundation like this exists. If you're wondering, I bought mine in " 210 Pro Filt'r", which is one of the lighter shades. 

I love it so much that it makes me want to try more products from this same brand if they're as an  amazing quality as this foundation.  

Shop the Foundation:   

2. Eyeliner- KAT VON D. 

This time of year, my only go to product for the eyes is usually black eyeliner because I like to let my lips take all the attention, plus it's easy to apply (you look ready in seconds). Two lines above the upper lashes, one coat of mascara and I'm ready to go. There's no point in making it any more complicated! 

I use the Kat Von D "Trooper Black" eyeliner, which is one of the best because even if you're not an expert at drawing the perfect line, the liner makes it a super easy and an enjoyable experience. Also, her make-up brand is incredible, so worth checking out, because the quality is so on point. In addition to the eyeliner, I use her "Lock it" foundation and the shade + light eye contour palette, which I have only the nicest things to say about.

3. Mascara- MARC JACOBS 

Another product that is worth mentioning in my fall/winter make-up look is the mascara that gives my lashes major volume. It's the Marc Jacobs "Velvet Noir" black mascara! I love the way it makes my naturally thick and long lashes even more so, captivating with just one coat over the upper and bottom lashes. 

This is a recent discovery of mine and since I love it so much, I don't think I'll ever let it go unless, of course, they stop selling it.   

Shop the Mascara:   

4. Lipstick- SEPHORA 

Now let's get to the FUN part- the lips! 

If you know me, you know I'm a total lipstick girl. If I only had to wear one beauty product, I won't even have to think twice about it, I would go for any colored lipstick. Why, you may ask? Because I'm a serious lipstick lover that can add up to three new lipsticks a day to my already overflowing lip collection. Yep, I'm that GooooD! 

Right now, I'm really loving the darker browns, burgundy, reds because they get me into the mood of enjoying everything about the fall and winter (when these seasons aren't as real in your city, you've got to use your make-up and outfits to at least make them feel a bit more real.) Basically you've got to use your Imagination!!! 

I'm using mine by adding this stain lip in " Blackberry Sorbet" to get me ready for the Vegas kind of fall and winter. I think it ties in perfectly with the rest of the make-up and just like I always like it, the lips can be seen from miles away. 

Shop the Lipstick:         

5. Highlighter- FENTY BEAUTY 

And the final step that gives me all the GLOW, makes me look and feel eighteen again is this Fenty Beauty highlighter. Just like the foundation, I'm so impressed by it that I've stopped using any other highlighters. It truly gives the most beautiful glow to your cheekbones. You can even apply it over your eyes as shadow. Two in one, for those times when you don't feel like doing anything else to your eyes! 

I use the "Mean Money, Hu$tla Baby" color, which is a soft champagne sheen with a peachy champagne shimmer on the other side. Isn't it pretty? 

To see exactly what I mean, I highly recommend you purchase it because words are hard to describe how amazing it is. You've got to experience it, yourself!!! 

Shop the Highlighter:   

Well, that sums up my favorite beauty products, which easily create my go to current make-up look. What's your favorite go to look at the moment? Do you use any of these products and what do you think of them? 

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Have a wonderful day! 

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Hello everyone, 

Finding your style can be a bit of a challenge to anyone growing-up because the more we grow, the more we know ourselves, therefore, our style becomes ONE with us. It takes time, effort, and more time in finding what works best for you. We all know we didn't grow up having the IT style because it's something that evolves through the years as we mature into the people we have become. 

I know with many tries and errors, recently I have found my personal style, and now I would like to help you find yours! I have a few tips, which I think you would find useful and will get you excited in not only discovering your style, but also, hopefully, learning some new things about yourself.

Our style is build around a few things that we should be aware of. Let's see what they are!? 

1. How do you want the world to see you? 

The first and most important question to answer is this one. It'll make finding your style so much easier. 
So, do you want the world to see you as a business woman, as a beauty professional, as a stylist, as a traveler...? Each of you answer this question for yourself, and then, it's time to put all the effort into it.

For example, if you want the world to see you as a beauty professional, every time you go out you must show off your make-up look. Put the time into learning about all the current beauty trends, the always new and coming products, the way to apply/use each product... and so on. Experiment with it all, and whenever you go out, show everyone that you're a beauty lover! 

That's my approach to being a fashion blogger. Every time I go out, I want to make that statement with an outfit that is striking, clean and so me!  

2. Location is KEY! 

The city, state, country you live in will for sure have an impact on your style. If I met two girls for coffee, one lives in New York, the other lives in LA, I would immediately be able to tell which one is which, by seeing what they're wearing. The New York girl will look very chic and sexy. The LA girl will have a more relaxed bohemian style. 

That means the place you live in definitely has a part in defining your style whether you have noticed it or not. 

3. Know your body!   

This is a BIG one! With style comes knowing yourself, that includes knowing what pieces work BEST for your body shape. Whether you're an apple, pear or rectangle there are pieces that will look amazing on you like they were made for you and others that will make you wish you never bought them. 

It's okay to experiment with different trends and styles to see what you love to wear the most, but be aware in how you feel and look in them. Let's say you want to try the newest trend this season, you end up loving it, you feel confident in it, you look great in it, then 100% add it to your style staples. However, if one of these factors is missing don't even think about it. It can be the trendiest piece, but it's not for you. Trends come and go, but you must stay true to your body! 

4. Personality!

 You bet, our personality does help us define our style. If you're naturally more bubbly, happy, of course you'll be drawn to more colorful clothing. That's the way of expressing yourself without needing to speak.    

Your personality also includes knowing your interests, knowing what you like and don't like doing. 

5. Work it!  

Your work at the moment will have a big impact on your style. If you're a stay at home mom, you'll most likely be drawn to comfortable clothing that you can just throw on like leggings, jeans, t-shirts, so your closet will mainly be made up of simple, yet practical attire. 
On the other hand, if you work for a magazine, your closet will be full of the most trendiest, chic pieces that have become part of your style just because of your occupation. 

Our jobs along with our age, help us in defining our style whether that's sporty, chic, bohemian... 

Did this post help you find your style? If it did, let me know what's your style and help others find it too by sharing this blog post with them. I think it'll completely steer them into the right direction of finding out the key aspects of their life from which they can fully express their style.

Shop the basic pieces that are an essential to any wardrobe. You can wear them in so many ways! 

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Happy Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful time spend with family and friends! 
I'll talk to you next week with another exciting post!    

                                                                                                                                      Love, Radi 


Hello everyone,

Looking back, the first thing that got me interested into fashion was... any guesses? JEWELRY!!! 

I always looked forward (still do) to adding my favorite pieces to any look. It was literally my favorite part of dressing, to tie it all together with gold necklaces, funky bracelets and statement earrings. 

Of course my love for fashion has evolved since I started the blog, but jewelry was the first and main reason that opened up the way for me, made me pay closer attention to what pieces I was combining that would tie in with my mood, my style and my easy-going personality.

I'm still so passionate about jewelry that the moment I walk into a store I head straight to the jewelry selection and gush over all the sparkly necklaces and dainty rings. 

Through the years I've become very fond of gold accessories, even though sometimes I like to add silver ones into the mix for more fun. 

So now I'm sure you can imagine how EXCITED I am to share with you my favorite fall jewelry pieces. All handmade, inspired by vintage concepts with a modern twist of flare and style, by my personal favorite brand LesebiAre you ready to be dazzled? 

1. "GREECE" Tassel Necklace & "CABO SAN LUCAS" Tassel Earrings 

 This is the "power couple" duo in the collection that everyone finds charming, beautiful and irresistible. As you can see the earrings and the necklace compliment each other perfectly; one without the other would be hard to picture. 

I know they're meant for both, casual days and special nights, because I have experimented with them lots already and couldn't be more happy with the outcome. Plus, tassels make my heart sing (literally) as I'm growing my collection one tassel at a time! 

This is the season to rock your tassels, even shake them from time to time because you know we live only once and on the dance floor is where it's at. Turn up the music nowwww....     

Shop Similar Tassels:  

2. "SAVANNAH" Pom-Poms 

YAY for pom-poms!

I've wanted a cute fuzzy pair like this for so long, I can't even explain to you how happy I was when I picked them up from the mail. That same night I wore them to a fun night-out and totally love the fact that they look the BOMB with anything and everything you're wearing.  

Honestly, I want these same earrings in every single color there is because I know for sure I'll be wearing them all season long. (I already know what to ask Santa to bring me for Christmas!) 

As someone who loves to make a statement with my earrings, these beauties do just that, like a piece of cake, effortlessly with style. This is where the award goes to "most adorable" earrings of my jewelry fall collection!!! 

Shop Similar Pom-Poms: 

3. "MILAN" Necklace 

The golden era continues with this cool spiked necklace that I love adding when I have a low cut top, so it's center stage catching the spotlight. 

Here I had so much fun styling it with an all-around edgy look that says " you better not mess with me" in full black with leather accents like the embroidery jacket and the current trending vinyl leather. How would you style this necklace? 

Lately, I've been getting so into geometric type of jewelry pieces, which really bring that WOW factor to any outfit because there are so many unique designs all over the internet. I can browse for hours (not an ideal situation, but I can't help it), marking my favorite ones for "later" when in fact they arrive three days later at my doorstep. πŸ™Š

Shop Similar Necklaces:      

4. "GEO" Necklace and "TOKYO" Earrings  

The next lovable duo by me is the crystal set of long necklace and earrings. 
Again, I'm so drawn into the cool geometric forms, the exquisite finish and mostly the fact that I can call them mine. 😜 

This is the kind of set that can make you remember a simple tee and a pair of jeans.... just look at them! What's more, I love the delicacy and class they would bring to a glamorous dress, if you ever have a more proper event to go to. 

Hands down the Lesebi jewelry is one of the best!!! Their costumer service is beyond incredible, you can tell each and every person is so passionate in what they do. They have brought so many smiles to me and showed so much love and support for what I do that I'm so thankful to call them, not only my favorite brand, but my friends. 

Shop Similar Geometric Pieces:     

5. Wrap Bracelet  

To finish my jewelry collection with a bang, I've got this awesome rhinestone, leather type of wrap around bracelet with a magnetic closure to simplify your life (not having to ask someone else to clasp it around your wrist). Can you tell, things like that get me way excited?!!! 

Okay, I know this is supposed to be a bracelet, but I freaking love it and thought one day to wear it as a choker, which surprisingly fit perfect around my neck and looked in sync with my outfit (how funny is that?), so from now on I'm thinking to interchange it depending on my style looks. This, by the way, is called cho-let!!! πŸ˜‚  (Take notes, new trend is coming hahaha)! 

Shop Similar Bracelets:   

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~ All Lesebi jewelry was send to me by the wonderful team. I would not have shared this brand with you if I wasn't a fan. 
~ Photography@artisticspring

I'm looking forward to hearing which Lesebi pieces you liked the most? Also, as always share this post with friends and I'll see you again very soon with a brand new post. Bye! 

                                                                                                                                       Love, Radi    


Hello everyone,

Believe it or not, the time has come to shop, shop non-stop until we find the perfect holiday gifts for our beloved family members and friends. It can get hectic and stressful at times especially if we wait until the very last minute, that's why I'm here to remind you to start looking for presents the closest people in your life will enjoy the most! 

This is where we take a step back... think of what others will like without making the mistake of getting something that we really want to get for ourselves and sadly giving it away, watching it slip from our own hands. How many of you have done that? 

When shopping just pour your love into thinking of that one person, think of what they like and dislike, listen when they talk (usually the answers are hidden right there), take your time in finding the gift they would really love, and if you're under a budget, don't PANIC, because my holiday gift ideas for women and men are ALL under $50. 

Let's get started with the WOMEN/GIRLS in your life! 🎁 

Here is a list of what I think every female will be appreciative of receiving! 

We can be very easy to shop for because, let's be honest, we LOVE everything and want it all even if it's the same item in different colors.πŸ˜‰  

Now let's turn the attention to the GENTLEMAN in your life! 🎁 

Here is a list of what I think would be great presents for guys! 

The men can be a bit difficult to shop for, but once you know what your man likes you'll nail it each time. 

I hope you take advantage of these SALES and find this holiday gift guide useful! 

Remember everything is under $50, so take advantage while these deals last. This way you'll not only save money, but you'll still get very nice gifts that everyone in your life will love. 

Enjoy spreading LOVE, one gift at a time! 

Let's get SHOPPING! πŸ™Œ 

~ I get commission from purchases or clicks made through the links in this post. 

Happy Holidays! See you next week! πŸ’‹ 

                                                                                                                                    Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

As the seasons come and go, one thing that always follows me is my STYLE. No matter what, I love wearing what makes me feel best, what expresses a big chunk of my personality and gives me that power-kick to conquer my day. 

If you're in your teens, not sure how to find your personal style, I promise I'll do a whole new post covering this topic because just the way school is important, having an idea of who you are and discovering what you like wearing is equally significant. ( I would pick style over school anytime, just don't tell my parents!)

The fashion world has gone BANANAS over full on monochrome looks, so have I.πŸ™‹ I mean, wearing one color from head to to,e not only makes you look taller, but I also find it Sexy, Sophisticated and Special (All the Ssss!)     

From the very beginning, this trend stood out to me! I knew it was time to show it to you here on the blog because, if not, I don't know what I'll do with myself. 

With monochrome looks turning heads, from reds to different shades of nudes, I was keen on wearing grey for a nice brunch with my girls. (They gave my outfit a solid 10 out of 10!) πŸ‘Œ

One of the warmest, most chic and easiest items to reach for this fall is my beloved sweater dresses. They're the epitome of comfort, style to its highest level, and all around my favorite "colder days" staple. 

Shown here is my newest sweater dress from Zaful along with my tassel earrings, mirrored sunglasses and striped bucket bag, which I find are the perfect hues of grey for one striking look all day long.

With the addition of silver sparkly fishnets and a cool pair of velvet sock booties, I can't think of a better way to finish this monochrome outfit. 

Isn't it awesome how all these greys look against the pink wall?
Once I knew I would wear this look, I thought the pink background would be the ideal pop of color to it. (Totally Planned!!!) 

Shop My Look:            

With the HOLIDAYS fast approaching, finding the perfect casual/dressy sweater dress can be quite tricky, that's why I've decided to make it easier for you by creating this collection of pretty sweater dresses ALL UNDER $50

Get them while they last! 

Every girl needs at least one sweater dress that she can dress up with heels or dress down with sneakers for the appropriate occasion. Which ones do you love?  

A few of these I'm going to buy for friends and the women in my family because I know they'll be loved by them. πŸ’•

~ I get commission from purchases or clicks made through the links in this post. 
~ The Zaful items mentioned in this post were sent to me as a gift. 


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See you again very soon! I hope you have an amazing weekend! 😘  

                                                                                                                                       Love, Radi