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Hello everyone, 

Most of us fashionistas are also interested in anything beauty related because I think fashion and beauty go hand in hand. While having a killer outfit, you want as well to have a make-up look that enhances your beauty and matches your whole look. 
So, today I'm going to show you the make-up look I've noticed I always come back to wearing the most once fall and winter approach. It's simple (takes me around 10 minutes to create), it looks great with any of my cozy outfits, it looks natural in a way, and it has become my signature go to make-up. 

Along with this make-up, I want to share with you my favorite beauty products at the moment that make the whole look possible. I can only say nice things about these products because, really, I wear them all the time, love them lots (would re-purchase them again) and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to find high quality make-up that is worth the money. 

1. Foundation- FENTY BEAUTY  

Starting with the foundation! 


Hello everyone, 

Finding your style can be a bit of a challenge to anyone growing-up because the more we grow, the more we know ourselves, therefore, our style becomes ONE with us. It takes time, effort, and more time in finding what works best for you. We all know we didn't grow up having the IT style because it's something that evolves through the years as we mature into the people we have become. 

I know with many tries and errors, recently I have found my personal style, and now I would like to help you find yours! I have a few tips, which I think you would find useful and will get you excited in not only discovering your style, but also, hopefully, learning some new things about yourself.

Our style is build around a few things that we should be aware of. Let's see what they are!? 

1. How do you want the world to see you?

The first and most important question to answer is this one. It'll make finding your style so much easier. 
So, do you want the world to see you as a b…


Hello everyone,

Looking back, the first thing that got me interested into fashion was... any guesses? JEWELRY!!! 

I always looked forward (still do) to adding my favorite pieces to any look. It was literally my favorite part of dressing, to tie it all together with gold necklaces, funky bracelets and statement earrings. 

Of course my love for fashion has evolved since I started the blog, but jewelry was the first and main reason that opened up the way for me, made me pay closer attention to what pieces I was combining that would tie in with my mood, my style and my easy-going personality.

I'm still so passionate about jewelry that the moment I walk into a store I head straight to the jewelry selection and gush over all the sparkly necklaces and dainty rings. 

Through the years I've become very fond of gold accessories, even though sometimes I like to add silver ones into the mix for more fun. 

So now I'm sure you can imagine how EXCITED I am to share with you my favorite fall je…


Hello everyone,

Believe it or not, the time has come to shop, shop non-stop until we find the perfect holiday gifts for our beloved family members and friends. It can get hectic and stressful at times especially if we wait until the very last minute, that's why I'm here to remind you to start looking for presents the closest people in your life will enjoy the most! 

This is where we take a step back... think of what others will like without making the mistake of getting something that we really want to get for ourselves and sadly giving it away, watching it slip from our own hands. How many of you have done that? 

When shopping just pour your love into thinking of that one person, think of what they like and dislike, listen when they talk (usually the answers are hidden right there), take your time in finding the gift they would really love, and if you're under a budget, don't PANIC, because my holiday gift ideas for women and men are ALL under $50. 

Let's get started …


Hello everyone, 

As the seasons come and go, one thing that always follows me is my STYLE. No matter what, I love wearing what makes me feel best, what expresses a big chunk of my personality and gives me that power-kick to conquer my day. 

If you're in your teens, not sure how to find your personal style, I promise I'll do a whole new post covering this topic because just the way school is important, having an idea of who you are and discovering what you like wearing is equally significant. ( I would pick style over school anytime, just don't tell my parents!)

The fashion world has gone BANANAS over full on monochrome looks, so have I.🙋 I mean, wearing one color from head to to,e not only makes you look taller, but I also find it Sexy, Sophisticated and Special (All the Ssss!)     

From the very beginning, this trend stood out to me! I knew it was time to show it to you here on the blog because, if not, I don't know what I'll do with myself. 

With monochrome looks tur…