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Hello everyone,

How are all my fashionista doing? 

I'm so happy to have you here! 

I know we're all from different parts of the world, but we can truly connect with one another through our LOVE for fashion no matter the distance. That leads me to wanting to know, where are you reading my blog from? 
I know recently a lot of my friends and family discovered my blog from back home, Bulgaria (Благодаря ви много за подкрепата❤ Надявам се колкото се може по-скоро да се видим!) and this made me wonder where everyone is from, so please include the answer to this question in the comments section below. 

As someone who loves to try and combine new pieces together, I find that's when I fall in love with certain trends and looks that become an everyday essential to my style. With anything in life, if you don't think of ways to improve yourself or try to step out of your comfort ways, you won't know the good that's waiting to be discovered on the other side. So be brave, take a…


Hello everyone,

'Tis the season to be stylish! How, you may ask? By grabbing a hat each time you head out because they're undeniably the most sough out accessory this season that can take your outfit to the next level. When I say next level I mean it (BIG time) because I've done just that and have fallen in love with the way my outfits look. Suddenly, I feel as if I'm strutting the busy, energetic streets of New York City with the thought in mind that "I can achieve anything"! #DreamsHaveNoLimits 

If you're into taking your daily looks up a notch with the help of a simple hat, these are the hats to invest in/shop because trust me you'll be seeing them a lot from store mannequins to celebrities wearing them. 

Let me introduce you to my hot collection!😁 


The beret has taken over the internet, even my life, because every time I see one I want it, I'm convinced I need it and I cannot stop thinking about all the pretty styles out there with pearl…


Hello everyone, 

Today I'm totally going by what I feel, which is why "effortlessly chic" is exactly the two words I would use to describe my look. My mood spoke and it hit right at the target! So you've got to listen to your inner-self because that's where the MAGIC happens. I can preach forever about the importance of this topic, but for now let's leave it to all the life coaches out there, and mostly, life itself, because I believe life easily teaches us things we cannot learn from anywhere else. What do you think? 

On another note, who else is overexcited to start wearing darker lip colors? It feels so good to be able to start bringing out the darker lipsticks out of my drawer. With this fall look, I though it's the perfect time to "welcome fall into my lips"! I literally smiled while putting this dark raspberry lipstick on. LOL! 

Other than loving this outfit to pieces, I think it's very fashionable as it has some signature staples that ar…


Hello everyone, 

Do you ever stare at your closet for five, ten minutes wondering what to wear? If that sounds familiar, (happens to you occasionally), you've come to the right place because today I'm going to share with you three outfit ideas for those, not so fun days when it feels like you have "nothing to wear". 

You look at all your options playing through your mind, glance at your closet, but still don't seem to find something that fits your mood, can't come up with a combination that satisfies you. As you know, time flies, life goes on, we got to get on with our day (can't stare at the closet all day), so let me save you all that worry and time.

 With these outfits ideas, no one will ever know what you went through to get ready because you'll still look stylish as if you had no trouble at all. 

Before I guide you through my "nothing to wear" outfit choices, let me know how many times have you had a day like this where you felt unsure of w…