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Hello everyone,

How are all my fashionista doing? 

I'm so happy to have you here! 

I know we're all from different parts of the world, but we can truly connect with one another through our LOVE for fashion no matter the distance. That leads me to wanting to know, where are you reading my blog from? 
I know recently a lot of my friends and family discovered my blog from back home, Bulgaria (Благодаря ви много за подкрепата❤ Надявам се колкото се може по-скоро да се видим!) and this made me wonder where everyone is from, so please include the answer to this question in the comments section below. 

As someone who loves to try and combine new pieces together, I find that's when I fall in love with certain trends and looks that become an everyday essential to my style. With anything in life, if you don't think of ways to improve yourself or try to step out of your comfort ways, you won't know the good that's waiting to be discovered on the other side. So be brave, take a chance and watch what happens!!! 

This outfit led me to be different, to add an edge to my naturally more feminine and brighter looks and to really feel empowered in my choice. I'm happy I chose leather and black because this combination gave me a newfound love for the creativity that goes far beyond just throwing on a random outfit. Firstly, setting off the mood, thinking of the ways you want to be seen by the world, believing/standing by your choice and allowing others to feel inspired. These steps are the road to SUCCESS! 

When looking at these photos, what immediately grabs your attention?    

For me, it's the glossy, more precisely, the vinyl leather pants, which are on a roll right now in the fashion world because they can be seen everywhere. I've seen it all - patent jackets, shoes, bags... that easily draw the attention and make for one killer outfit. They're not the most comfortable, but I pick style over comfort anytime! If you're like me, I say go for the shiny leather, make it your own and don't look back. 

Continuing with the leather theme, over my low cut bodysuit I couldn't think of adding anything better than my new embroidery jacket. It was the perfect piece to my puzzle! I love the floral detailing here and there and I love the edge it gives me. As you know, it's the kind of item that can be worn over and over again, with absolutely anything. 
It was sent to me by Zaful, which I've already collaborated with a couple of times and trust their service, so if you want the same jacket, I say don't doubt it! 

Just because accessorizing is something I look forward to every time I dress, I couldn't just leave this outfit running on empty, especially since hats are my current obsession. You know what I mean? 

The same goes for jewelry. The more I have, the more I wish I could just wear it all at once. Just picture it! hahaha 

Would you wear this same outfit? 

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Photo Credit: Ahmad Ardity, Kris Atomic 

Before I go, I want to share with you something that will definitely catch your interest the way it caught mine because it's all a fashionista ever DREAMS of. I go to bed and wake up with the thought of wanting to be a part of something like this and here is the chance to make that dream a reality for you and me. 

Just imagine a ten day trip to Italy in Vogue, all thanks to Zicasso, the most luxurious travel agency that can take you on a tour of your dreams, including a private tour of the Rolex laboratory, a visit to the Italian Institute of Fashion, a one on one master class of perfume-making, VIP fashion show at the Ferragamo Boutique in Florence, access to the Milan Fashion Week 2018 (my personal favorite) and so much more.  

They will take care of everything! All you have to think about is the outfits you're going to pack with you and whether or not your photographer is available, with a camera in hand ready to capture every second of your glorious trip.   

Ohhh I just can't think of better ways to spend ten full days!!! This is an absolute MIRAGE! I hope this dream comes true for me and for any of you who are brave enough to dream - I hope all of your dreams come true.     

What are your thoughts on Zicasso? Wouldn't that be an amazing experience? 

~ In collaboration with Zicasso. I wasn't paid to promote it. I find it interesting and relevant to my blog, which is why I wanted to share it with you all.  

I must go now even though I could sit here type all day long! 😁 
Thank you for taking the time to follow, share and comment on my blog! It means so much!!! 

                                                                                                                                       Love, Radi  


Hello everyone,

'Tis the season to be stylish! How, you may ask? By grabbing a hat each time you head out because they're undeniably the most sough out accessory this season that can take your outfit to the next level. When I say next level I mean it (BIG time) because I've done just that and have fallen in love with the way my outfits look. Suddenly, I feel as if I'm strutting the busy, energetic streets of New York City with the thought in mind that "I can achieve anything"! #DreamsHaveNoLimits 

If you're into taking your daily looks up a notch with the help of a simple hat, these are the hats to invest in/shop because trust me you'll be seeing them a lot from store mannequins to celebrities wearing them. 

Let me introduce you to my hot collection!😁 

1. BERET   

The beret has taken over the internet, even my life, because every time I see one I want it, I'm convinced I need it and I cannot stop thinking about all the pretty styles out there with pearls, patches, pierced rings and so on. Really, it's like heaven on top of my head! I only wish it could transport me to Paris where it would be picture perfect with the blistering Eiffel Tower behind me. 

Are you a fan of this trend and tempted to buy every beret you see just like me? 

See this photo above of me wearing a beret, I wasn't kidding when saying a hat like this makes you look extra cooler and really pumps up the simplest tee with jeans. Ohh I can already picture it! 

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Nothing comes closer to being this cozy and cute. A wool knit beanie not only saves "a bad hair day", but is perfect for windy days out doing winter activities. I love ice-skating in the winter (have been doing it every season now), and bundling up while doing so, has been part of the fun. 

I honestly won't mind if Santa gives me ten hats of these for Christmas in every color possible because I know I'll wear them often styling them from cool and casual to cool and chic. 

Last year I wore this fluff ball a ton and am really looking forward to doing the same this year, only the weather is still so wonderful in Vegas that if I put it on right now I think I might break a sweat right away. 

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Now we're getting sassy!!!

I can't think of a better way to fully let your outfit speak without you needing to say a word. "From head to toe", this fiddler cap brings this definition to life. It's my absolute favorite style because I can make it edgy, sexy even casual whenever and however I want. The kind of accessory that won't cost you much, but will make a big difference to adding a cool twist to your personal style. 

Just like the previous hats, I need this one in every color to satisfy my obsession with head wear. Ohhh My! I haven't been this obsessed since years ago (oops actually, just last week with my khaki chic look.) Sorry Not Sorry!    

Shop Multiple Fiddler Cap Styles:  


The hat I wear the most during the fall since it gets me so excited for autumn and allows me to style it in countless ways is a good old floppy hat. They go in sync with almost everything in my wardrobe, so a wool black hat like this is a real privilege to have, as it can be used so many times for so many different occasions. Just think, it's the best accessory to have to any music festival, whether that's "Coachella" or "Life is Beautiful," and every fashionista needs at least one of them. Start with a black one as it'll go with everything else and then you can continue building your collection with burgundy, grey, beige... 

When I wear a floppy hat, I immediately feel like my whole outfit takes a leap into the right direction within seconds. It's stylish, chic and always such a pretty staple. Do you think so too? 

Shop Multiple Floppy Hat Styles:       


Finally you can never go wrong with a baseball cap. I personally love to wear them all year round with summer shirt dresses, spring rompers, fall leggings and even winter sweaters. They give an edge to my look that I'm really drawn into. You can guess that I have a couple hanging in my closet that I like to take turns wearing. A few bright colored ones to give me a pop and a few darker ones if I want a more monochrome look. 

How would you style your baseball cap? 

These type of hats are very practical. For example, when I go running, most of the time I wear one to help protect my face from the sun. You can sport one in situations when you don't want to see a familiar face. If you do, you just pretend it's not you by looking down. How many of you are guilty of this? 🙌

Shop Multiple Baseball Cap Styles:   

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I'm looking forward to finding out what's your favorite type of hat? Let me know in the comments! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and like always I'll talk to you next week. See you then!   

                                                                                                                                      Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

Today I'm totally going by what I feel, which is why "effortlessly chic" is exactly the two words I would use to describe my look. My mood spoke and it hit right at the target! So you've got to listen to your inner-self because that's where the MAGIC happens. I can preach forever about the importance of this topic, but for now let's leave it to all the life coaches out there, and mostly, life itself, because I believe life easily teaches us things we cannot learn from anywhere else. What do you think? 

On another note, who else is overexcited to start wearing darker lip colors? It feels so good to be able to start bringing out the darker lipsticks out of my drawer. With this fall look, I though it's the perfect time to "welcome fall into my lips"! I literally smiled while putting this dark raspberry lipstick on. LOL! 

Other than loving this outfit to pieces, I think it's very fashionable as it has some signature staples that are all the rave right now. These pieces include the comeback of the cool beret, the classy/chic pant with the side stripe that is perfect for work or play, and the fabulously effortless mules that you can easily slide into no matter the day. All three have captured my heart and for sure I'll be wearing non-stop!!! What has captured yours? 

This month I'm so drawn into the army green color that I did a double dose of it with this choker tee and the over-sized patches jacket. I think this duo suits the white pants just the way I like it. 

The whole look brings me back to my teen years of watching the Disney movie " Cadet Kelly" numerous times because my sister was the biggest Hilary Duff fan, and if it was on, there was no way trying to convince her to watch anything else, no matter how hard I tried. Thanks to her I can recite the whole movie and even do the tiring drills! Thanks sis! 

I'm so happy you chose to spend this time with me (if only for a few minutes). I'm looking forward to seeing you again next week! Bye for now 💋 

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Photography: @artisticspring

                                                                                                                         Love, Radi  


Hello everyone, 

Do you ever stare at your closet for five, ten minutes wondering what to wear? If that sounds familiar, (happens to you occasionally), you've come to the right place because today I'm going to share with you three outfit ideas for those, not so fun days when it feels like you have "nothing to wear". 

You look at all your options playing through your mind, glance at your closet, but still don't seem to find something that fits your mood, can't come up with a combination that satisfies you. As you know, time flies, life goes on, we got to get on with our day (can't stare at the closet all day), so let me save you all that worry and time.

 With these outfits ideas, no one will ever know what you went through to get ready because you'll still look stylish as if you had no trouble at all. 

Before I guide you through my "nothing to wear" outfit choices, let me know how many times have you had a day like this where you felt unsure of what to wear? 

First thing's first, the easiest combination on days like these is to reach for a pair of jeans and a cute soft top. From there you can easily build up the outfit with your choice of accessories and shoes. 

When I have nothing to wear, a hundred percent of the time I just want to be comfortable in my sweats at home watching TV. That's why when I have to go out, I pick my most comfortable pieces, which will make me feel like I'm at home doing just that. Do you see what I mean? 

These black stud jeans feel like leggings to me anytime I wear them, so they're a no-brainer, made for days like these. Skinny and tight, but stretchy and light! 
Continuing on with the black theme, I love this mock neck ruffled top because it's the softest. It turns my "nothing to wear" days into "an angel that saves the day". We all need an angel sometimes! 

As for the rest, of course. go for your sneakers, a few jewelry pieces and maybe a nice cardigan to throw on. I went for my bright yellow wrap coat that's so great because it brightens up this look, it's flowy, has a cute floral embroidery and fits this very sunny Las Vegas weather.   

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A bit different, but in sync with the same topic, this outfit below is another great choice for "I have nothing to wear kind of day". Any ideas why is that?  
Yep, because it's comfortable, but also having a one piece clothing like the denim dungarees there is not much else you have to think about. That's one BIG plus if you ask me! It saves time, it's easy to style, and at that very moment, you'll know you have something to wear.

This is how I would style my dungarees: with a simple cute tee, a cozy over-sized cardigan, cool metallic sneakers, fun dangling pom-pom earrings and the famous beret that is taking over as a "top trending" accessory this season. 

I totally love this look. You can very easily recreate it next time you're in debate with yourself of what to wear. 

Shop This Look:

If the previous two outfits weren't exactly your style, this outfit might be your true calling. I think it's definitely mine because I love a warm cute off-the-shoulder sweater dress. 

Take that sweater dress as your main masterpiece and style around it with whatever else you have in your closet. If you have fishnets, add them, if not, you can wear a light pair of black leggings or why not just go bare-legged. It really all comes down to what you prefer, which is like 90% of what's truly important, and then the other 10% is knowing the weather in your city (just in case I have mathematicians reading my're welcome! 😁)  

I would add my most comfortable ankle boots with a warm scarf around the neck, my go-to gold hoop earrings and an over-sized leather jacket, in case it gets colder as the day goes on. It's that simple! 

Do you see how easy it is to turn around your "I have nothing to wear" days? With these three outfits, you'll for sure have ideas for everyday and you won't find yourself staring at your closet wondering where to start! 

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I get commission from purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

Photography: @artisticspring

Have an amazing rest of the day/night! Talk to you soon. 💕 

                                                                                                                                    Love, Radi