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Hello everyone,  I was thinking about the autumn season and realized that even though spring is my favorite time of year, the fall trends are close to my heart as I love using them to express myself.  That's why I want to share with you my most favorite trends, which I have worn before and look forward to wearing again and again this season...There's no shame in wearing the same pieces over and over again just as long as they're clean, right?  These five trends totally make up my style during the fall as I tend to go from more girly looks to edgy ones and the other way around. Also, during the fall being cozy and comfy somehow go hand in hand together, which is such a nice change as I usually first go for style and then comfort. (Yep, I can stay in uncomfortable heels forever as long as I LOVE the way they look! I'm totally guilty of that!) What about you?  Embroidery has entered my world since the summer and is continuing to rule it as it takes me into fal


Hello everyone,  Like a true Vegas night owl, I'm writing this post super late (1:19 am, right now) because these past few days have been very busy for me. Busy, in the most AMAZING way!!!  My longtime Bulgarian friend, who I haven't seen in fifteen years (we were only kids then) came to visit Las Vegas. I cannot describe all the emotions she brought back to me of our careless childhood in Bulgaria. So many memories that we share, that to this day, make me smile and think of how far we've both come. I still can't believe she was right in front of me with her gorgeous smile, sweet personality, walking beside me while I showed her Vegas. Tears we inevitable as she arrived and two hours ago we had to say goodbye ( already wondering what will I do without her presence?) I won't ever forget it, can talk about it all day to you guys, but I know you must be interested in this look, so let's slowly move on before I start crying again. 😭     This ou


Hello everyone,  With fashion week in full bloom, seeing the exciting new trends and designs rolling in on the runway from the comfort of my home (that's just going to be for a little while, I'm hoping to see it live really soon) and later get the chance to shop these new trends, is one of the most INVIGORATING feelings ever! Among with autumn and pretty fall leaves rustling on the ground, this is pretty up there on the list because that means, we, the consumers, get to buy, experiment and flaunt in new trendy styles.    One of the favorites this S/S 2018 season is of course the lovely floral print beloved by so many of us. However, this time around the floral has evolved from big floral prints to petite ones. The more delicate, tiny and feminine blooms are now on the rise. This just shows that there's always growth, the designers are constantly expanding their imagination, searching for ways to make new memorable designer pieces. I love that and I'm always i


Hello everyone,  One week of sandy feet, sunny days, not a care in the world in my favorite place, California . Only a few steps away from the beach, I was able to wake-up and fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves, which was a dream come true for me. It felt like time stopped, every moment lasted for eternity and my smile couldn't leave me even for a minute. There was laughter, there was joy, there was beauty, there was tranquility... everything one vacation can fill you up with. For that reason, I would love to be on a vacation forever. I mean who wouldn't?  I got to fully enjoy the small things, like getting a cup of coffee with croissant from the nearby coffee shop early in the morning, watching the mesmerizing sunsets that smiled upon the horizon, renting a bike for a cruise around the town and so much more. I want to share it with you in a travel diary like this. So sit back, relax and let me take you on a vacation through my photo diary!