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Hello everyone, 

I know many of you might have fall on your mind with the pine cone smelling candles, the rich leaf wreathes, the warm coco drinks, and the neutral color palettes back into your wardrobe. If that sounds like you, raise your hand! 🙋  

The best way to welcome autumn is by preparing for it (slowly, but surely), which is why I want to share a few tips with you on transitioning from one season into the next. This way it would be a lot easier to move on, leave the past and make your style one to last, one to be proud of. Of course, it will all be FUN because that's how I like to do things, the more fun- the merrier! 

Today's look is a perfect example of having something like a dress, which is considered a summer staple, turned into a piece that can also make your beginning days of fall easy and most definitely fashionable. 

If you're already worrying about winter, stop your worries right now and head to my blog post where I show you how to transition your style from…


Hello everyone, 

Today, I'm on the "trending train" as I've got a few of the most popular trends in one look. What they are is no secret as you can see them from the title of this post. But what I'm really intrigued to find out is what has been your favorite trend, the one that you always go back to? Aside from embroidery and stripes, I've been loving all kinds of florals, prints, and patterns this season. In my opinion they can make any outfit a lot more interesting and lively!     

Before I give you the details and inspiration behind my look, give it up to ArtisticSpring (she's the BEST) for giving me this golden make-up look and the pretty side braids to go along with it. I felt like a Greek goddess (I got that a lot when I was walking down the streets), didn't even want to take it all off at the end of the day! The golden shadows glistened in the sunlight like no other. You should have seen it in person!
I'm actually already thinking about the ne…


Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my blog or should I say Las Vegas!
A bit of continuation from my last post "When in Vegas", I'm back in the city taking you to some other significant landmarks of Sin City. Plus, with me, you know you're going to get some style inspiration because I just can't live without it. Sightseeing and fashion go together, hand in hand. 

This time I'm going to drop it low (meaning more casual) than my usual because the last thing you want to do is walk in heels all over the Strip in the boiling heat. If you're wondering, yep, I've done that more than once, and do not recommend it at all. As it might seem that the casinos are a short distance apart, you'll end up walking for hours, so make the right choice by wearing sandals or flats. 

The first place I'm ready to take you to is Caesar's Palace, the Roman inspired fancy extravaganza with its own Trevi Fountain on the outside. 

This is the place where dreams do come true eve…


Hello everyone,

When in Vegas, you've got to enjoy it ALL

I did exactly that over the past weekend and here I am ready to share it all with you. I walked the Strip (most exciting street in the world), took photos of the most captivating Vegas hotels and casinos, went to Dancing with the Stars live hot summer nights show (beyond incredible, sign me up for dance classes asap), and completely fell in love with my city all over again. 

Having a fun weekend like this made me appreciate Las Vegas so much for being so beautiful, only a drive away to the exciting night life and a diamond gem that can easily capture your heart. How lucky am I to call this city, my "home sweet home" (for over twelve years now)? 

On top of that I was able to wear some of my newest pieces that you'll find out about very soon. They got a lot of people asking, "where did you get that from?" or "I like your.....". 

One of the pieces that steals the show every time I wear it is this…


Hello everyone, 

No matter what your DREAMS are you've got to dress the part, work it till you get it and then work it some more. If you've got a job at the moment that you absolutely hate, one way to make it through is by showing your best professional self. That would include dressing in the most polished way, showing yourself and your co-workers that you're serious about the work you do, you're ready to achieve big things and you're confident that you can DO IT ALL. 

For a start, the way you dress for work is very important in not only the way you want others to see you, but also the way you value yourself. So, take into consideration how you're dressing each morning for work. If you show up with ripped jeans, too revealing cleavage, old unpolished shoes, then you send out the wrong message to the world, your boss, your co-workers and yourself. Stick to your style, but make it appropriate for your workplace. There's nothing wrong with dressing up even if y…