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Hello everyone, 

I know many of you might have fall on your mind with the pine cone smelling candles, the rich leaf wreathes, the warm coco drinks, and the neutral color palettes back into your wardrobe. If that sounds like you, raise your hand! 🙋  

The best way to welcome autumn is by preparing for it (slowly, but surely), which is why I want to share a few tips with you on transitioning from one season into the next. This way it would be a lot easier to move on, leave the past and make your style one to last, one to be proud of. Of course, it will all be FUN because that's how I like to do things, the more fun- the merrier! 

Today's look is a perfect example of having something like a dress, which is considered a summer staple, turned into a piece that can also make your beginning days of fall easy and most definitely fashionable. 

If you're already worrying about winter, stop your worries right now and head to my blog post where I show you how to transition your style from fall to winter. This hopefully will make your winters a lot more warmer and sweeter!    

Now back to this!!! 

  •  Slowly begin to add layers - a cardigan, a denim jacket or a light bomber jacket like the one I'm wearing. Vests are also a great choice for starting to get into the idea of fall. They are light, won't make you sweat and will give your look a cool new vibe.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • You can most definitely bring your summer dresses into the beginning of autumn like I did especially a green shirt dress like this. The perfect transitional piece because it's easy to style with a bomber and a cute pair of fall booties.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Speaking of boots. It's time to bring out your autumn shoes from last season.                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • During this time of year, you're going to start wanting to get back into wearing neutral colors, which is fine because with each season come the appropriate colors to go along with it. I love wearing browns and greys the most.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Be the judge of what you should wear depending on where you live. If you live in a desert, you can get away with lighter clothing. However, if it gets colder quicker in your state/country it would be better to add heavy type of material for warmth.  

What do you like the most about this outfit? I have already worn it and plan on wearing it a few more times because the Vegas weather allows it. It has the nicest weather (summers are long), which makes me the happiest.                                                                                                                                              

Before I head back to the rest of my day, one last thing... you can see three more ways you can style your bomber jacket by clicking here! I did this post a while back. Each look is versatile, but they all have one thing in common, and that is, the statement bomber jacket!   

See you again real soon. Thanks for spending your time with me and for being so supportive. 
Any new followers and post shares are always welcome! I'm happy to have you part of this online fashion family! 💕

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Hello everyone, 

Today, I'm on the "trending train" as I've got a few of the most popular trends in one look. What they are is no secret as you can see them from the title of this post. But what I'm really intrigued to find out is what has been your favorite trend, the one that you always go back to? Aside from embroidery and stripes, I've been loving all kinds of florals, prints, and patterns this season. In my opinion they can make any outfit a lot more interesting and lively!     

Before I give you the details and inspiration behind my look, give it up to ArtisticSpring (she's the BEST) for giving me this golden make-up look and the pretty side braids to go along with it. I felt like a Greek goddess (I got that a lot when I was walking down the streets), didn't even want to take it all off at the end of the day! The golden shadows glistened in the sunlight like no other. You should have seen it in person!
I'm actually already thinking about the next look I want her to do for me and I can't wait! Go show her some love and let her know that I sent you! 

I know we all have been loving the pleated maxi skirts and even more so any type of stripes, I decided having both in one is the perfect scenario. The moment I saw it, I knew it was all I ever wanted for casual or dressy days. It's got the vertical stripes, which unlike the horizontal stripes, make you look taller and leaner, so keep that in mind next time you're dressing in stripes. Also, just like I did in this post, I love that the skirt can be worn high-waisted with a cute crop top.
If you're interested you can find it at Rosegal ( I also recommend checking out their adorable printed maxi dresses). One size fits all, so you don't have to measure yourself, which makes it a lot easier and a guarantee that it'll fit. How great is that? 


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To tie it all together, I think slides would be a nice choice, but as a true heels lover, I went with my new favorite embroidery heel sandals. I've wanted ones exactly like these for so long now. The long await (feels like years in my mind) was worth it as I'm completely loving them. With these heels on, I'm definitely ready for the upcoming weekend...maybe a fun night out, surrounded by great company and music (my favorite). What about you, any fun plans for this weekend? 

As the night might start getting chilly, you can always take a denim jacket to "save the night". It's still really nice here in Vegas (haven't reached that stage yet), but I thought a denim jacket would add a nice touch to this outfit. 

Thanks beauties for taking the time to enjoy my newest post. Give it a share for wanting more and I'll see you again next week. 

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Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my blog or should I say Las Vegas!

A bit of continuation from my last post "When in Vegas", I'm back in the city taking you to some other significant landmarks of Sin City. Plus, with me, you know you're going to get some style inspiration because I just can't live without it. Sightseeing and fashion go together, hand in hand. 

This time I'm going to drop it low (meaning more casual) than my usual because the last thing you want to do is walk in heels all over the Strip in the boiling heat. If you're wondering, yep, I've done that more than once, and do not recommend it at all. As it might seem that the casinos are a short distance apart, you'll end up walking for hours, so make the right choice by wearing sandals or flats. 

The first place I'm ready to take you to is Caesar's Palace, the Roman inspired fancy extravaganza with its own Trevi Fountain on the outside. 

Music is Love Tee: Link      Lace Choker: Link      Backpack: Link 
This is the place where dreams do come true even more so in Las Vegas, just take a coin, make a wish, toss it in the fountain and watch it chase you. I'm serious, you don't have to visit Rome for all of it to happen. 

Love is all around! This beautiful place, my new Miss.Gypset tee, the overflow of great vibes when walking the Vegas Strip.... everything in one. Daydreaming or not, this tank top is the softest thing I've ever worn. I can't even remember the last time I was this impressed with a simple top like this. It lets me breathe, easily hugs the upper body and was the best choice I could have ever made for being hours in the desert sun. What's even more exciting is that it's now on sale, so you can grab it before it sells out. Also, for addition discount be sure to use code "RADI20", it'll allow you 20% off your purchase.  

As you can see, this outfit is meant for looking casual, chic and mostly, to feel comfortable for a long stroll through Las Vegas. For a mission like this, you'll most definitely need a backpack that is big enough to fit your essentials. This one managed to fit two bottles of water and everything else, like my wallet and keys, which is all I really need. I got it from Rosegal
What's even cooler is that the straps can be turned into one strap turning it into a satchel bag. You'll see what I mean in the next look, coming up.     

In addition to this backpack, I got the white lace choker as well. I've turned my whole jewelry collection into all different type of chokers. There isn't anything wrong with that, right?
The quality is really great and I love the hallow out floral design, so I would 100% recommend it to you, if you're interested. 

Now, let's cross the street and head to the Linq, a street that is more alive than Times Square, full of restaurants, coffee shops, people left and right, music, and mostly a great time. Here you can find the biggest wheel there is making it a sight you wouldn't want to miss.  

Aztec Tie Romper: Link
A cute romper goes a long way! 

This is another great look that can easily take you to more casual feels. Feels that will allow you to enjoy the Vegas atmosphere, as that is the main goal when you visit this fabulous place. I did just that and am so happy that I can do it all again, tomorrow if I wanted to (the prize of being a Vegas local). 

This time I'm wearing a romper with a cool print all over. I really like the long sleeves as most of my other rompers are with tiny straps. This piece is versatile for that and many more reasons. It has got ruffled hem, which I'm a fan of, hanging tie tassels in the front and guaranteed ways to take it from day to night. What do you think? Do you love it? 

From the same boutique store as the tank top and the forever loved romper dress, you can find this romper online at Miss Gypset. A little remind, to get extra 20% OFF use code "RADI20" at checkout. 

If you're thinking of visiting Las Vegas anytime soon, I say just do it! You'll love it and won't regret it even for a second. If you've been here already, I say there's lots more to be seen, so book your flight as well 😜 

That is all from me this week, but you know by now, I'll be back next week. 'Til then you have so many more available posts you can check out on my blog. If you do, let me know what has been your top favorite so far? 

Have the best weekend. 

                                                                                                                                      Love, Radi   


Hello everyone,

When in Vegas, you've got to enjoy it ALL

I did exactly that over the past weekend and here I am ready to share it all with you. I walked the Strip (most exciting street in the world), took photos of the most captivating Vegas hotels and casinos, went to Dancing with the Stars live hot summer nights show (beyond incredible, sign me up for dance classes asap), and completely fell in love with my city all over again. 

Having a fun weekend like this made me appreciate Las Vegas so much for being so beautiful, only a drive away to the exciting night life and a diamond gem that can easily capture your heart. How lucky am I to call this city, my "home sweet home" (for over twelve years now)? 

On top of that I was able to wear some of my newest pieces that you'll find out about very soon. They got a lot of people asking, "where did you get that from?" or "I like your.....". 

One of the pieces that steals the show every time I wear it is this stunning white romper dress. It received so many compliments! 
Even when I was out at night, this one girl out of nowhere showed up, walked straight to me to ask me where I got my dress from. I was happy to tell her, it's all Miss.Gypset coming from Las Vegas itself with the most gypsy wanderlust pieces that can make the desert a carefree paradise.

I cannot express to you how much I LOVE this romper dress. It literally fits me like a glove and makes me want to be an angel in white, all day, every day. Just have a look at that pretty cut out halter neck, the feminine decollete and the flowy fabric at the hips making it feel and look just like a summer dress. The hips don't lie, this dress is my go-to party queen. It outshines any other dress in the running! 

Available in black and white... trust me you would want them both as soon as you get your hands on one. Use "RADI20" for 20% OFF your purchase.  

With a romper dress like this, I like to go full on "all white"  because it's just so elegant. It repeatedly makes me feel like I'm on vacation. Plus, if you didn't know, wearing one color from head to toe makes you look leaner and taller.

As always, I love new sunnies that can bring me those summer vibes. You've heard it many times, but they are my favorite accessory for those hot Vegas days. My collection is growing and I'm over the moon ecstatic about it. 
These Quay Australia shades you can get at Miss. Gypset as well, just like the romper dress. Remember to use my code for a discount!

For a cute accent, one last thing I wanted to add is a set of hoop earrings. Not just any earrings, but these special red tassel beauties from Rosegal. They add the perfect touch of boho statement and who could resist red and white together? I love the way the beads and tassels work in union creating an earring you would reach for every time. I'm so guilty of that! 

One last thing - for more all white summer looks you can draw inspiration by heading here and here. If you want to see more, do let me know! 

I'll be back with lots more of Las Vegas for you, so follow my blog. You wouldn't want to miss a thing! As always, it would be extra nice of you if you shared this post. It would really mean a lot to me. 

See you next week!

                                                                                                                                       Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

No matter what your DREAMS are you've got to dress the part, work it till you get it and then work it some more. If you've got a job at the moment that you absolutely hate, one way to make it through is by showing your best professional self. That would include dressing in the most polished way, showing yourself and your co-workers that you're serious about the work you do, you're ready to achieve big things and you're confident that you can DO IT ALL. 

For a start, the way you dress for work is very important in not only the way you want others to see you, but also the way you value yourself. So, take into consideration how you're dressing each morning for work. If you show up with ripped jeans, too revealing cleavage, old unpolished shoes, then you send out the wrong message to the world, your boss, your co-workers and yourself. Stick to your style, but make it appropriate for your workplace. There's nothing wrong with dressing up even if your job doesn't require it. 

I'm going to show you how to "Work It Like You Mean It" for any business meeting or workplace. 


1. NO WRINKLES! No matter your workplace, having tears or wrinkles on your clothing is very unprofessional and a big NO. If I was the boss, just by looking at your clothing I would know if you're serious about this job. Trust me, no boss wants to see an individual in such a state. If you were the boss would you be okay with that?   

2. ADD A BLAZER! It can make any outfit look classy and professional. I opted for a pastel pink blazer because I wanted this look to be oriented more toward summer, fresh and clean. However, having a black blazer is a must because it'll go with everything and you won't have to worry as much if it goes with the rest of your pieces or not. 

3. NEAT and CLEAN! Your overall look should be these two things. When you look in the mirror make sure you look put together and ready for a successful work day.        

4. CLEAVAGE! Stay away from tops, dresses or jumpsuits that have low cut cleavage. If you're not sure whether you're showing too much skin, be sure to have that blazer on, which will immediately make your look more conservative. 

5. PUMPS! The ultimate type of shoe for work. Get a pair that is comfortable to walk in. I think these beige pumps perfectly compliment everything else and mean business.   

6. LEATHER BAG! You most definitely will need a bag, one made from the finest leather, speaks volumes of class and is feminine yet sophisticated. This is the Classic St-Gall by Noleti, luxury handbags made in Switzerland fit to every woman's style and taste.

7. EXPRESS YOURSELF! The best way to express yourself through your work attire is with jewelry. To help you with that, I've written an article for Obsessory, a detailed guide to help you rule each occasion; work, brunch, dinner party, everyday.... check it out here! I'm sure you'll find it helpful and will give you an idea of what type of jewelry to look for each occasion in your life.  

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Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog! I hope you share this post with any friends of yours who might be starting their first job or heading to a job interview. These tips will give them the confidence to make an impression and lead them to achieving so many of their goals. 

Have a happy weekend! 
                                                                                                                                                                       Love, Radi