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Hello everyone, 

What can I say, I LOVE having my nails freshly painted with a cute bright design that screams summer - makes me extra happy to look at. That's why this month I decided each week to change up my nails and share with you the four designs I rocked in the month of July.

 As I have my nails painted 99% of the time (this brings me lots of joy), I thought those of you who love nail art would also find this interesting and exciting. Do let me know in the comments, if you would like me to continue doing this for each month because I'm up for it. This would be the very first post of this nail series! 

All these four nail designs I'm about to share with you are done with the help of the BEST invention ever, The Nail Stamping. Once you get the hang of it, it takes maximum of five minutes to complete. 
I vividly remember the first time I ever saw a couple short videos on Instagram of girls using this method to achieve cute and unique designs and knew this is so for ME. Days later, I bought two stamping plates, a scraper, a stamper and was ready to try it out.    

Let me tell you, it wasn't as easy in the beginnings as it looked. The first few tries were a complete mess, no design ever appeared and I got beyond frustrated (you don't want to see that). I kept thinking these things I bought are a joke, they looked like something little girls would play with and this will never work. After trying and trying, the design started appearing on the stamper, which made it easy to transfer onto the nail. 

To make your stamping experience more easy and pleasant (especially if you're new to stamping nail art), follow these tips

               1. Once you apply the nail polish color (of your choice) over the plate design, use the scraper to remove the excess nail polish.  

              2. To transfer the design onto the stamper, role it gently over the image. If the whole image has appeared you have done it right. If not, clean everything with nail polish and start over. 

             3. When you get the full design onto the stamper, then it's super easy, you firmly roll it over the nail and there you go. 

             4. Remember before you trace your design, each time clean the plate, the stamp and scraper.   

1. Palms Paradise 

Who doesn't love palm trees? They're the definition of summer! 

With the excitement of summer, the first week of July I had this adorable palms trio on my nails. How pretty are they? I love this design so much. I didn't even want to erase it, but I knew I could easily recreate it again, and even have different color combinations.  

If for your design you use lighter nail polish color (I used white for the palm trees), make sure the back color is darker, so the design pops. The same goes for a darker design, if your stamp design is darker, use a lighter color as your base.

2. Curved Replay  

This nail design quickly became a favorite of mine because it's simple, I love the blue and orange together and these curved infinite lines can perfectly play any eye. They can almost mesmerize you, not knowing where you are. LOL! 

Turns out they weren't only my favorite because those who saw them complimented on my nails and asked where I had them done when in reality it was all done in the comfort of my home by me. Wanna book your next nail appointment? My nail salon is open 24/7!😁  #kiddingnotkidding 

3. When in Paris 

If you haven't been to Paris yet, having nails of the Eiffel Tower with a silhouette of a girl dancing by its side, is one of the best ways to attract it, make this trip a reality. That's exactly what I did! 

I've always dreamed of visiting the most romantic city in the world, so by having something simple like my nails there to remind of my dream, I feel closer to that dream. I believe that whatever you think about you attract in reality. The mind is a powerful tool that you can use to make all good things happen to you. Plus, this design is super pretty and the big reason why I got this template - just because of this design. 

I think the combination with black and white nail polish would be so perfect, just like a photograph. I'm going to try it out soon and show you the way it turns out on my Instagram.  

4. Infinite Hearts    

Wear your heart on your nails! (That's one way to show the love you have for yourself, others and the world.) 

How beautiful are these infinite hearts? They would be a total hit for Valentine's day or really, like I said, any other day. 

Before getting a stamper kit, I've tried so many times to recreate the perfect shaped hearts, but it never happened the way I imagined, so having this easy-to-do kit that makes the ideal hearts, brings me happiness overload. (Totally smiling from ear to ear right now!) 

Which of these four designs is your favorite? Have you ever tried doing your nails by using a stamper? Be sure to let me know, if you find this interesting and want me to do this kind of post at the end of August. (Crossing my fingers you say YES!)   

Have an amazing rest of the day/night (wherever you are) and I'll talk to you very soon. 

                                                                                                                                  Love, Radi   


Hello everyone, 

Shoes are the ultimate GAME CHANGER, they can make or break an outfit. I think we would all agree that we want shoes, which give us confidence, enhance our outfit in the best way possible, and fit our mood and style like no other.

 Who doesn't love finding the perfect pair of shoes? The ones that feel like they were especially made for you and you don't know anything else that can really top that feeling... you know what I mean? 

I had that same feeling recently when I visited the Donald J. Pliner store at Caesars Palace here in Las Vegas. It was all I could ever dream of. I got to meet the lovely staff, to check out the new spring/summer collection, to choose any two pair of shoes to call my own, to learn more about the way their shoes are designed and basically to have the best start to my day. 

So, for all of you that LOVE shoes as much as me, I'm ready to show you the two pairs that immediately took my breathe away. They're exactly what I had been searching for, so beautifully made and easily take my outfits from regular to fashionista!


These are the kind of wedge sandals that I can walk in all over the Vegas Strip and never get tired. I have actually done that quiet a few times and these babes are the perfect combination of comfort and style. 

From the first glace, as they were sitting on the top shelf at the entrance of the store, I fell in love with the color blocking and the peep-toe style (my favorite type of shoe design). Also, I'm madly in love with the fact that they're just the right height for any day whether that involves brunching with friends, going shopping or even travelling. 

From the look of it, you may think they're hard to style because of the color blocking, but trust me that isn't the case. Just like nude sandals, these shoes go great with anything you decide to wear. For example, I went for a cute white summer dress with a denim button-up shirt tied at the waist. I'm in love with this outfit! 



So I love a shoe with an embellishment that catches the eye and makes the perfect kind of detail stand out. That's why I got these blush heeled sandals covered in tiny rose-gold squares that match the metallic heel. I can't believe something this perfect exists? 

I was in a loss for words when I saw these. They had them in black, a few suede options and I just couldn't make up my mind. I wanted to try them all and mostly have them all added to my ever- growing shoe collection. Just thinking about it... you know what? I can always go back to that store and make this dream of mine come true. These shoes completely dressed-up my look.

Two pairs of shoes, one outfit - the best #shoegamechanger!

With my wonderful experience at Donald J. Pliner, I want to let you know that you can get these same pairs or anything else you like (shoes, handbags, belts, men shoes). 

You can use this opportunity by going in store at the Donald J. Pliner store located at the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace or by calling at 702.796.0900 to place your international order. 

FIY: They ship anywhere in the world!     

I suggest you check them out because their shoes are of the highest quality, made from real leather and with the most unique, trendy designs. I'm incredibly happy with my two pairs and I think the same will go for you. 

I'll see you again next Thursday and if you're loving these gorgeous shoes, please don't forget to share this post. 

                                                                                                                                       Love, Radi


Hello everyone, 

Ohh yes, finally a pool day for me, where I got to catch some rays, enjoy the quiet morning, dip into the pool and wear my new cute as ever bikini. It was the greatest two hours of my life! 

Even though I'm not a morning person, I made myself get up earlier and made my way to the pool, because after all, that's what summers are all about, right? I highly recommend it! You'll love it so much that you'll definitely make a habit of it like me. I'm already planning to go again this weekend.

So, are you a pool or beach type of girl? I'm both hands up for the BEACH, but when there isn't one near me I'll take advantage of the pool as a way to escape my everyday routine and feel like I'm on a vacation for a couple of hours. It really does wonders, makes me happy and quickly fills me up with energy. 

To be fair what makes me even more excited for a pool day is the swimwear and accessories like these where I get to show my fun personality (at least that's what I think) and my love for fashion. I know I'm there to relax, but I prefer looking good while doing it! Any of you feeling the same way? (It would be nice to know I'm not the only one.)   

Moving on:

Let me introduce you to Gabrielle (yes, this bikini has a name) who in my opinion is fun, attractive and an awesome pool companion. I love this pretty combination of white and navy together and that adorable print. Also, this high neck design has totally won over my heart because it fits my upper body perfectly and feels extra soft while doing so. This will definitely be my first of many pool days with this bikini on. I LOVE it so much that I don't see why I should stop wearing it. One thing's for sure; More Pool Days for Me! You can find more of Lesebi Beachwear pieces here!   

Other than cool sunglasses, I've found even cooler beach/pool accessories for the feet. Yes, you've heart me right. 
They're these awesome handmade fringe ankle bracelets that totally took my pool look to the next level. I can't believe I have been missing out on something epic like this all these years. They add the perfect pop of color to your bikini, you can wear them with or without sandals and each step is as fun as it can be. If you're looking into trying ankle bracelets, I highly recommend it; You'll be INSTA SUMMER READY!  

You know I can't go out without some jewelry pieces even when it comes to the pool, that's why I came prepared. 
I expressed my love for this day with this set of heart charms that go together everywhere. These bracelets are just as beautiful in real life. Seeing them glisten in the sun makes me even more excited to have them and wear them non-stop. You may not know, but I'm telling you charms like these always bring me happiness and good times. A day like today is total proof.           

Like this set of bracelets, my velvet choker is here to stay. I like the way it goes with my bikini and know it'll go with so many other things like an off-the-shoulder crop top. No matter what, it's so chic and cute that it can make any day and night look on point. If you love wearing chokers, this one is not to be missed, trust me... once you get it, you won't stop wearing it.   

With a pool look like this all I can say is, be stylish even if you're only going to the pool. It makes you feel more confident (the key to feeling great), it gives others something to talk about and it makes for one unforgettable day. What else could you ask for? 

While we're on swimsuit talk, recently I created two different looks where I show you how to take your swimsuit and turn it into an everyday outfit. It's super easy, doesn't require much thought and you have to check it out here. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 

Are any of you going to the pool this weekend? 
Have fun no matter what you choose to do and I'll see you again next week.  

                                                                                                                                          Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

If you don't already know, jewelry has a "soft spot" in my heart; I love finding new pieces to add to my collection, I love adding jewelry to every outfit, and I love the way it makes me feel - confident and chic

Last year, I was all about the statement necklace (didn't leave the house without one), but this season I'm all about the earrings. They have become an art form that's so unique and attractive, that I literally wish I could wear them all at once. 
Down the runway, we witnessed jewelry pieces inspired from graphic shapes, maxi charms, gold spikes, the return of pearls, hoop earrings and the single statement earring. All of this excites me so much that I want to share with you the trendiest earrings of this season, right here and right now.

These five set of earrings, I'm about to share with you, I believe you'll be able to find anywhere (online + in-store). All of mine are from Happiness Boutique, an online boutique that offers timeless classic jewelry styles with a charming vintage touch. Hence their brand name HAPPINESS, they made me so happy, with their quality, delicate selection and all the trendiest pieces we're all after. 

Let the countdown to the most amazing earrings of 2017 begin! 

1. Dangling Tassels
Tassels, tassels and more tassels! 

I'm sure you've seen these type of earrings everywhere because they're the hottest statement you could make right now. Having this ocean inspired boho duo hanging from my ears feels like I'm by the ocean, listening to the calming sound of the waves, relaxing in the sun, lost in the beauty of it all.

I love the rusty golden plates, the adorable color blocking tassels and the fact that they feel so light and look so beautiful on. I've already worn them during both, day and night, for a cute artsy and boho chic touch to my looks.
I'm basically so mesmerized by these earrings that I can't wait to put them on as soon as Friday hits. Do you own dangling tassel earrings that you love so much, that if you could, you would even wear them in your sleep? 

2. Bold Hoop Earrings
The next set of earrings you've got to have this season are the hoop earrings. Whether you're wearing a dress or a trendy outfit these kind of earrings would be the ideal choice. Two things; elegance and sophistication would be on the horizon with a clean design like these golden beauties. 

Do you own any hoop earrings? I have a few sets that I like to wear back and forth when I have to attend an event that requires me to be more dressed-up. However, sometimes even if I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt, I reach for my hoop earrings for a more "put together" kind of look. I'm sure you know exactly what I mean. 

3. Pom-Poms 

We've seen pom-poms hanging from sandals, dresses, totes and most definitely earrings. I love the way they're so many different colored pom-poms to choose from, anything from bright yellows and pinks to blues and reds. I just don't know, how it's possible to choose only one set? 

These kind of earrings remind of fun summers spend with laughter, friends and sunshine. That alone, and so many other reasons, make it the must-have type of earrings for this summer. 

I have these gorgeous nude pom-poms on, which are meant to go great with every outfit. I can wear them now with my bright dresses and rompers and later in the fall/winter with my greys, blacks and nudes. How awesome is that? 

I'm already in the search of getting a few more different type of pom-pom earrings because I love these so much and can't seem to get enough.     

4. Chic Ear Cuff

Just like the single earing, ear cuffs have made a BIG comeback this summer. 
The runway provided us with plenty of inspiration and made us want to once again rock our ear sparkle. We're bringing sexy back! (That's for sure.)    

I love this dramatic and edgy piece of ear art for a fun night out, where you can really throw on a killer outfit and experiment with your accessories. Just imagine sleek hair with a ear cuff on, red bodysuit dress on and black pumps on your feet. Can it get any better than that?  

Finally, pearls being a girl's best friend, they're back; friendlier + trendier than ever. Made to last us a lifetime, pearls are wonderful for any time of day. 

I've always preferred pearl earrings instead of a pearl necklace because most designs are made to be more youthful, simple and sleek just like these triangular shaped earrings above. I have a few pearl stud earrings, but I so need a unique style like this one that makes you look back twice. 

If you love pearls, what's your favorite way to style them? 

Well, these are my five favorite trends when it comes to this season's hottest earrings. What would be your first choice; tassels, hoops, pom-poms, ear cuff or pearls? I'm looking forward to reading your comments below. 

Have a beautiful July! 

                                                                                                                                       Love, Radi