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Hello everyone, 

Everyday's a #BEACH! (At least that's what I keep telling myself 😁) 
With summer being all sunny and dreamy, all I want to wear is swimsuits non-stop. Who says swimsuits are only meant for the pool and beach? Starting today I'm going to make them part of my summer staples by styling them exactly like these two ways I'm about to show you right now. 

Wearing one-piece swimsuits as part of my outfit immediately made me feel like I'm on vacation, in the most relaxing mood without a care in the world, so if you want to join me please do. This way we'll all be (mentally) in Hawaii or the Bahamas. Just pick your favorite swimwear and style around it! It's that simple!  

Let's see the first look featuring my Baywatch red swimsuit! (from ToSave), (HairBeauty)

Summers without this swimsuit is like Baywatch without the slow-motion shots! LOL... I must learn to run in slow motion when I go on vacation, but for now I can add these pretty flare cut pants and head out to brunch, exploring, and most definitely, ending the day with a shopping spree. That sounds like a plan! (great one for this weekend).   

What I really love about a one-piece swimsuit is the fact it acts like a bodysuit, which means it can be paired with some of my favorite summer pieces like high-waist skirts, trousers, denim shorts... literally whatever your heart desires. You get to pick and choose, and most importantly, make it your own by adding the summer essentials like cool sunnies, jewelry, maybe cute pom-pom sandals... anything you're loving this season. Sounds like fun, right? 

I made sure my swimsuit gets all the pop, which is why I kept everything else in the darker shades like navy blue and black in my strappy wedges. However, if your swimsuit is a darker shade like black, go for more bright and summery pieces to turn your look into a #tropicaldream.     

Let's see the second look featuring my white lace-up bathing suit (from Enjoyours) and my maxi floral skirt (from Tosave).   

For me, summer is the time I like to bring out my whites and wear them all season long until they can't be called white anymore. LOL.. While my new swimsuit is still crispy white, I'll take the advantage of wearing it often because I just love the front lace-up detail and everything else that I can combine it with. The open back is also something I find attractive in one-piece swimsuits, since it feels super lightweight and is so great for building up on that golden tan.  

I can't get enough of this skirt because it's actually one of these special skirts that you can adjust yourself (for high-waist or below waist effect) and tie it as loose or tight as you want around your waist. Basically, you're in control! (I'm sure that will satisfy so many of you. No worries, sometimes I can be the biggest control freak out there.) 

The floral print is an additional bonus that makes me extra happy, not only to wear, but to look at. Just imagine all the summer looks you can create with this one pretty skirt. I might have come at a loss for words just thinking about it!     

Here's a close-up of the details in my swimsuit looks. As you may know by now, for me an outfit can only be compete with fresh/cute nail designs. For months now, I've really been into stamping my designs by using different templates... ones with lace, others with flowers or in this case a girl dancing by the Eiffel tower. Isn't it adorable? It makes me want to visit Paris that much more and when I do, I have promised myself to wear this same design.   

To add to the mix, I've paired two of my favorite necklaces; a gold sequin choker with a three layered silver one. I've gotten used to wearing them together as one, which in my opinion has turned out to be a win-win situation. What do you think? 

Of course, I cannot forget about my #CoolShades. We've got the golden pink ones that reflect like no other. I'm wearing them in the Baywatch look. The round red ones, from the second look that are quickly becoming my most worn pair, and the blue aviators that I've always dreamed of having. Which one would you love to own this summer? 

We've come to the end! 

I hope this post got you inspired to wear your swimsuits as part of your everyday look because if we only waited for pool/beach days to wear them, it just wouldn't be that fun. 

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Until next time! 

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Hello everyone, 

Whether you're going for a fun night out or doing daytime wandering around your city, I've got some style ideas for you.I'll show you the way I transformed the same crop top and trousers into something suitable for any occasion. 
I might never stop wearing these two-pieces together, (Yes, I love them that much), so better to wear them a bit different each time. That happens to me quite often, when I fall in love with something, I fall hard! What are you currently falling hard in love with?    

Given my love for boutique wear, mostly and especially, Driven Boutiquehere in Las Vegas, I couldn't pass out the chance to collaborate with them for the second time. As you know, my first piece from there was the peachy dress that so many of you liked. 

Today, it's all about this racer back crop top (also available in bright yellow) and patterned loose fit bottoms that feel better than leggings. The moment I saw them I had to have them. If you're ever in Vegas, this is the best boutique you'll ever see. I highly recommend it! The best part is, even if you're not from Vegas, you can shop online and see what they have to offer. Plus, right now everything is selling at 50% OFF!    

As a daytime dreamer and explorer, for everyday, I've styled these two pieces more on the laid back side with a touch of  a tie-dye headband. This gives it that boho vibe and mostly gets rid of that sweat sliding down from my forehead, LOL! It may be a little bit too much information, but it's true. Right now it's boiling 113 degrees outside! 

Also, since sandals are my go-to type of shoes during the day, I slipped right into my most worn black stud sandals. They are so in need of being replaced, but they look so great with everything I wear that I'm having a hard time letting go.... "I'll never let go, Jack!" - for all my Titanic fans, I had to say it! 

The rest that compliments and competes these pants and top is my blue baby of a bag that can be seen miles away, and of course, a few staple jewelry pieces that I almost always have on. 

This day look is extremely comfy and cute. I love the way the print pants pop out against this black top and fit me like a glove. How would you style them for the day? 

As you can see, the second look is a night look with the same top and bottom. This look is ready to party, ready to have a few drinks, ready to have a GoooooD time. 

It's got the essential black blazer that every girl should have in her closet. Super fly and meaning business, when really all I'm thinking about is partying. hahaha 

As I mentioned, my night outings almost always involve heels, so I went for my highest pair. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to walk normally in them. To some of you, they might not be that high, but to me, they feel as tall as the Empire State building. But I'll never stop wearing them. Are there any tips or tricks I should know about with pumps like these? Let me know! 

Finally, to tie it all up, I got rid of my blue bag and added this cute clutch, which will fit all that I need for a night out. I also replaced the choker with a pretty silver necklace. What's left is to call all my girls and head for a fun night out!  

Thank you lots for being here (comment with a πŸ˜‰ if you read this far!)  

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If you're dreaming of going on a vacation like me, where would that be? (so many places are going off in my mind right now... can't decide on one!) 

See you next week!     

                                                                                                                                       Love, Radi


Hello everyone, 

I'm bringing you the sunshine, sea, those boho feels each summer evokes in me with the help of my new Archer Moon tops. This is an online boutique coming from California, with the classic, yet essential pieces, made to take you from the beach to the night scene in a second. Basically, they've got that vibe "I'm just chilling, but doing it in style!"  Who doesn't want that? 

I've always been inspired by the fun, cool and boho chic style California girls have. Every time I visit California, I dive into these effortless looks in which I can go biking by the beach, I can stop by a coffee shop for a cold drink... basically I can do it all! I may or may not visit California just for that one (perfectly great) reason. Shhh, don't tell others... this is solemnly between you and me.   

Black Tank: LINK                 Off the Shoulder Top: LINK 

Everything you'll ever want to wear this season, trust me, you can make work with either one of these tops. Let's say you're feeling like wearing denim jeans or a cute skirt, no problem, these tops will make your wish come true just like a fairy tale. You'll not only be comfortable from one hour to another, but more chic than ever. 

With the right type of accessories you can create a summer boho paradise that you'll never want to leave. That's exactly what I did here, I made sure to use my already present boho essentials from my closet, such as a floppy hat, cool sunglasses, layered necklace, rings and earrings for my Cali boho style to come to life. I've got to admit, these two looks made me complete and once again made me want to take a trip back to California for some down time by the beach. What about you? Are you thinking the same? 

Which of these two tops would you love to have? I love them both, even though they're a bit different from one another. For example, I love the charcoal tank for the woven lace eyelet details, and the other one I love for the oil wash color and the off-the-shoulder style. In fact, I wore it yesterday to a music festival (so much fun) and it seemed like I'm not the only one who loves it, it got lots of compliments.  

I chose to keep both looks somewhat casual with the very help of the very best; my suede sandals! How gorgeous are they? New leather, stylish and extra soft, these sandals go on amazingly with everything else. As you can see, they match my pink pleated skirt and the pastel pink draped jacket, and everything else I have in my closet. 
They're by Donald J. Pliner- designer footwear for women and men. Especially for you, you can get your own with $50 OFF discount and great customer service, when you mention "FashionRadi" at check-out at The Forum Shops in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas or order by calling 702-796-0900 AND they'll ship them to you ANYWHERE in the world. Take advantage of this, as Father's Day is coming. I'm sure a new pair or two will be a great gesture toward the male role model in your life.     


 I don't want to leave you just yet, so let's continue our summer fun with ways to style without a dress (all of our go-to summer piece) and my most dear summer essentials as of nowGrab a glass of coffee, tea, mimosa, wine... and see you there!     

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Hello everyone, 

Today I'm going to take you on a journey that revolves around one peachy dress with various accessories that can transform it from day to night ( for the summertime) and a magical place called "Driven Boutique" that I recently discovered in my own city. 

The story starts out on one beautiful summer day, when the owner of this boutique, Danielle Peralta, was kind enough to invite me to check out her store and try out a few of her pieces. Of course, I was beyond excited over everything I saw there...the summer dresses, rompers, crop tops, clutches, jewelry pieces...from the very start I didn't want to leave. The atmosphere was lovely, everything at its place, creating a joyful experience for everyone walking through the door. 
Even more so, I love the message behind this boutique; It's called DRIVEN because we all have that force within us that carries us toward our dreams and never lets us quit no matter the obstacles we must face along the way. Isn't that inspiring?     

I tried on so many clothing pieces that I really loved and felt comfortable in yet stylish, so I basically wanted everything! One of them is this soft, pretty dress. The moment I tried it on, I knew it was meant to come home with me. The fabric is very stretchy, lightweight and just right for the summer. 

Like everything else from this boutique, this dress can be dressed up and down for any occasion you might have. Let's say I was going shopping during the day, I would style this dress exactly the way I did in the day look with a jacket wrapped around my waist, converse on my feet, my favorite HAPPY cap on, sunglasses and a cool wrap choker for a bit more edge. 
On the other hand, if I was going on a date night for dinner, I would totally style the same dress with a statement necklace, a clutch for my essentials, my new "JANE" booties from Donald J. Pliner  that are the hottest pair of shoes I've ever laid eyes on, and I just know that I will feel absolutely beautiful the whole night.

 I got my Donald J. Pliner booties from the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas at the Forum Shops, so if you're visiting Vegas or want to order them, I highly advise not to think about it for a second! They have the most lovely range of shoe styles for men and women, plus gorgeous handbags that will capture your heart right away. AND the most important thing is that THESE SHOES ARE AFFORDABLE! It's so crazy! Made in Spain and Italy, Donal J. Pliner shoes are the perfect combination of style, quality, and personality, and you'd think they would be out of your budget, but no! So think and act fast before they're sold out. No worries, they ship WORLDWIDE + I've got an exclusive discount just for you! Mention "FASHIONRADI" when ordering at 702-796-0900 or in store at Caesars Palace for $50 OFF your ENTIRE purchase and get unbelievable customer service. This is all for you, my loyal readers! 

If you want this dress, the link is above. Act fast because, as you know, a boutique only provides limited amount and sizes of each piece, so buy it before it's gone forever. You and me can be peachy twins! 

I would love to know, how would you style this dress if it was part of your wardrobe? 

Stay forever driven and check out more of what this boutique has to offer here! (Hint: You'll be impressed and a fan from first glance!) 

See you again very soon! 

                                                                                                                                    Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

When we think of summer, one of the first things that comes to mind is summer dresses, but have you ever thought what summer would look like without them? Well, today we'll find out! 

I took it upon myself to challenge my "fashion mind" into creating two summer looks that don't involve dresses, just pretty boho pieces that are so stylish, you'll forget about your dresses in no time (guaranteed). 

To prepare for this blog post, I said no to wearing dresses for a week, (yep, I'm that serious), which helped me even more by allowing me to think deep into what I would wear each summer if wearing a dress wasn't an option. So I went back and forth with a few ideas, but eventually came back to these summer looks because I already wear them quite often and I consider them "my kind of style"

So are you ready to get rid of your dresses (at least for a day) and join me in this challenge of summer without dresses? 

You might have noticed by now that I love turning my bralettes into everyday wear, which is why I couldn't resist my first outfit to include this "summer signature" orange crochet as my top. I love it for so many reasons; one, it feels like I'm wearing a swimsuit (it's lightweight), can get a tan and the skin can breathe. Two, it makes summers look effortlessly more stylish, as a bralette can be rocked so many different ways. 

In this case I added this patterned skirt - for me - there isn't anything more perfect or more compatible. 
This summer I'm totally all about the high slit in my dresses, even skirts because seeing the legs adds a more sensual feel to your everyday look.

To complete the outfit, I layered two chokers, wore my new favorite wedges, stacked my dainty rings, added a pink summer bag, couldn't skip sporting a cute pair of mirrored sunglasses, and vioolaa, this is look number one of my days without a dress!   

As for the second summer outfit, I had to go with high-waist flowy shorts and an off-the-shoulder crop top, but not just any, exactly these two shades of blue. They're loose fit, incredibly comfortable and a truly irresistible pair that is meant to sweeten any summer day. Isn't this the dream set? 

I love the fact that one is light blue and the other navy. I love pairing shades of blue together - I think it's a beautiful color that exudes lightness and peace.

I kept the accessories the same because they really go great with everything else. I can already think of some other looks that would work with the same bag, layered chokers, rings and wedges. Why not, right? If you ever changed the outfit, but kept the same accessories, give me a double heart emoji πŸ’•! 

Hopefully this post made you want to experiment with something other than dresses this season. 
What would be your ideal summer outfit (without a dress)?     

If you liked it, please share it and follow my blog because you know there's so much great content coming up in the future. I'm already working on the next post. 

Happy first of June, lovelies and see you soon! 

                                                                                                                                       Love, Radi