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Hello everyone,  The one item that always saves us when we have no idea "what to wear" and can easily increase our look from an average five to a high ten is denim. No matter if it's dark washed, ripped, plain or with embroidery, I love denim, can smell denim from miles away like a cup of coffee early in the morning (it's not like me to get up early, but for coffee I'll do it).  I see no end to these blue hues (now and into the future), which is why I want to share with you some of the ways I've worn denim. They're all different, everyday wearable and a great inspiration for any season because, let's be honest, denim is eternal - it can be worn any day, any season.   1. Denim Shirt Dress        The first and one of the easiest ways to wear denim is in the form of a shirt dress. Just button up the buttons, add a tiny belt (if you want to highlight your waist) and choose the accessories you feel like wearing on that day... it might


Hello everyone,  I know we all LOVE wearing patterns like stripes, polka dots, plaid... so why not wear them together? With my tips on pairing two different patterns together, you can create an outfit (out of your already existing closet pieces) that you might have never thought would look this good. I'm sure this will give you plenty of ideas for wearing patterns and hopefully will inspire you to not be afraid of combining one pattern with another. Get ready because it's a lot more fun than you could ever imagine and something you'll for sure be proud of once you see your perfect creation in the mirror.         Ways to pair 2 different patterns!    Successful pattern pairing is when everything is in the same colored family. As an example, my black stripes from the top match the black pattern on my pants. Once you choose which color you want to go with, make sure that color is present in both patterns.                                        


Hello everyone,  Who's ready for summer?  As the hottest season of the year is nearing, I'm very excited, but mostly prepared, because I've found my must-have items that will not only save me from the heat, but make my summer complete. I'm talking about essentials that I can't live without ! Like the gorgeous maxi dress above...I'm getting ahead of myself... first, let me talk about the little tidbits that make my summers colorful, fun, sexy, and memorable, AND then we can talk about my favorite coral dress!  What's something you can't live without in the summer?  Let's not keep you guessing anymore and show you what I'm really loving.  1. Cool Sunglasses        Let's be cool for the summer with a pair of mirrored shades that, of course, protect your eyes from the sun, but mostly give you those awesome summer vibes. I must admit, I've been buying sunglasses way too much, but you know what, a fashionista has always g


Hello everyone,  The long await for Victoria Beckham's collection to hit stores has finally ended!  The excitement reached its highest peak last month for us fashionistas who couldn't wait to see, feel and buy her designs for a lot less, thanks to her collaboration with Target. I heard the news last year in November, that this was happening and couldn't wait (it literally took the #1 spot in my mind).  I noticed that a lot of the items, online and in store, were selling fast, which made it a bit hard for me to find my new spring piece in my size, but I was determined no matter what. I wanted something fresh, colorful, timeless and classy, which couldn't have turned out any better because that's exactly what I got. You'll see what I'm talking about very soon if you keep scrolling down..... keeping you guessing!  I'm impressed by Beckham's collection because when I saw her designs I could totally recognize her style signature. I can see he