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Hello everyone, 

Let's Celebrate! πŸŽ‰

Another year has rolled on by since I started my blog in 2015 when I found out I had a passion for putting together different outfits and getting ready to go out in style. This led me to the idea (out of the blue) of starting a blog where I get to express that passion, connect with like-minded friends, and hopefully, inspire those who come across my blog to be themselves, to dream BIG and to walk through life with a smile and style no matter what.   

To mark this day as our little way of celebrating together, we're going to go back in time with some of my most memorable fashion posts. Don't get me wrong, I would love to throw a fun party and invite all of you to it, but we'll save that for the years to come. 😜 I would love to know what has been your most favorite post of mine? Please share you're thoughts in the comments down below. 


This two set piece is one I can't forget because not only is it sexy, but on this day, while my photographer and I were in the middle of the desert, it suddenly got dark with thick clouds above the canyon and started raining. The problem wasn't the rain (I love rainy days and even being in the rain), but the after effect, when I woke up under the weather with the desire to stay all day in bed. However, even for a minute I do not regret this adventure because on that day, it was just me, my photographer and the calm beauty of the desert around us. Perfectly in harmony!

I've said it before, but denim dungarees always remind me of my childhood because at around the age of ten, I begged my mom to buy me my first pair (it was during Christmas) and when she did, I was the happiest girl. They weren't cheap at the time, so when I think of this moment I still appreciate this lovely present my mom bought me.   

I love this look from the past because dungarees are still present in my life and I love dressing them up or down. The most important thing for me is, they must be well fitted, so I can walk out confidently in them. Are you still rocking your dungarees?   

Jumpsuits and rompers have one thing in common: they're easy to style! All you need to think about is your choice of shoes and accessories. I know, when running to the restroom, you might regret your choice of clothing, but that personally won't stop me from wearing them. Just look at this classy pleated jumpsuit that can turn any day or night of yours into your favorite outfit you have worn.  

During that time I was just beginning to get used to wearing black and experimenting with that color, so I had to add my pop of fuchsia. The evolution has been real and noticeable because ever since I've created a few all black looks, which you might have seen.   

   Since florals, and more accurately, this shirt, are close to my heart in this blog post, I decided to take my shirt and style it for the day and night. This way if I'm ever in a hurry from running errands to going for a cocktails kind of night, all I need to do is change up the accessories in seconds and I'm ready to go. You can head to the full post to get a glimpse of the night look and read my tips on this day/night style topic. 

It's been a while since I've taken my favorite piece of clothing and styled it two various ways, so if you want me to do a post like this again let me know.   

 To end on a high-note, my final look is this neutral outfit that I and so many of you loved. I still get comments about it and am beyond happy for that. This look gave me the courage to experiment more with neutral tones as I'm usually the more "bright pop of color" girl. This way you won't ever miss me if you see me. hahaha

That was my birthday gift to you. For my first birthday post, you can head here. Thank you so much for all of your continues love and support. Lots more awesome posts are coming your way, so follow along and become part of this fashionable family. 

We'll celebrate once again when FashionRadi turns 3! 

                                                                                                                                          Love, Radi     


Hello everyone,

Have you ever dreamed of fascinating buildings that light up the whole city at night or a place of unlimited fun from helicopter tours to Cirque du Soleil shows? If you have, then that means one thing: LAS VEGAS is for you! This is the place to experience it all, have the time of your life, and make memories that you'll remember years to come. 

If you're ever in Vegas for 2-3 days, I've got the five places you must see before it all comes to an end. As someone who now has lived twelve years in this larger than life city, I'll be happy to give you a city tour of the places on "The Strip" you should not pass by. So grab a pen and paper and write these down for your soon-to-be extraordinary Sin City trip.

Vegas is known for its famous casinos. If you're a risk taker and enjoy gambling, now it's easy to play in the comfort of your own home with Biggest advantage is you can get free spins without having to make a deposit. How cool is that? This makes you a winner from the very beginning.  

1. Las Vegas Fabulous Sign

First thing's first: You cannot leave without taking a photo at the WELCOME TO FABULOUS LAS VEGAS sign ( if you don't, it's like it never happened...who's wants that? No one!) You can even get the chance to snap a selfie with Elvis Presley, who's usually there with his red convertible. He's a legend, but he always has time to talk to his fans! He's actually pretty funny!
No matter the day, keep in mind there more likely will be a long line for photos (there're always newlyweds, groups of tourists, romantic couples...) so be prepared to wait and stay excited because you want your photos to scream "I ❤ LV!"   

The Vegas sign is minutes away from the McCarran Airport, so make sure you're dressed and ready for your perfect Instagram shot as you come out the airport. If you have to, touch up a bit and head straight to the sign!

2. Monte Carlo Sambalatte Cafe      

The Strip offers plenty of restaurants and coffee places, but my favorite to this day is the Sambalatte Cafe located at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino. It's artsy with unique decor, there's plenty of space with inspiring indoor and colorful outdoor sitting areas, and the coffee is super delicious! 
Also, as you can see from the photos above, the rainbow art is #goals for all of us social media freaks. They'll always ask if you want rainbow latte art, so say YES, it will only make the experience even more special. It was totally worth it, as I  absolutely LOVE coffee art! And I even want to learn how to do it myself for that luscious experience at home. I've tried a million times and cannot find the reason why it isn't happening... Are any of you coffee art masters? If you are, please give me some hints and tips. Until then I'll be in Sambalatte enjoying my coffee and this beautiful spring weather. 

3. Bellagio Fountains 

Seeing and experiencing the Bellagio singing fountains is a MUST! I feel like this could become the highlight of your trip because it really is magical. I recommend you see the fountains dance to classical music once during the day, and once at night. Somehow it feels like you're seeing a different show at both times of day. At night, you not only get singing fountains, but it's like a light show! The fountains light up and the gorgeous Strip lights of the surrounding hotels reflect in the dark waters. During the day, the sun illuminates the water as if there are diamonds sparkling on the surface. The fountain show plays continuously, so you can watch the magic at any time convenient for you. It doesn't matter if I've lived in Las Vegas for 12 years,I still love going to Bellagio and watching the fountains, trust me, I'm left in awe every time!
Not only is Bellgio gorgeous from the outside, but as well from the inside, with botanical gardens that display fresh flowers, a Jean Philippe patisserie, lots of shopping stores, game tables... and so much more.              

4. The LINQ 

You've got to witness the world's tallest wheel, so head down to the LINQ when you visit Las Vegas. I suggest you buy a ticket because seeing Vegas from above is one-of-a-kind lifetime experience. You'll see the desert valley encircled with canyons, the whole strip, and really, only mesmerizing views. 
If you're scared of heights, don't be. When I got on it for the first time, I imagined it would be super high, which made me nervous, but that wasn't the case, as I enjoyed the ride more than ever and would love to go on it again, this time at night. Which brings me to a really good point - being on the wheel at golden hour, when the sun is setting, everything illuminated in golden haze, is by far the best time to ride the wheel. TAKE YOUR CAMERA - the ride lasts 30 minutes, moving very very slowly, which is perfect for capturing aerial views of the city and making long-lasting memories. Be sure your camera battery is fully charged - you'll be snapping away as the wheel makes a full circle. 

5. The Park 

The Park is one of my favorite places to visit because it feels like a little getaway from the hustle and bustle of the Strip. The Park is home to a vast selection of restaurants, the famous "Bliss Dance" statue (a great photography opportunity), the T-Mobile arena, nightly live music, gorgeous sitting areas, and overall chilled vibes. I can literally spend a whole day there. For that reason, you've got to fit it into your schedule and experience it all. 

So there you have it! These five places on "the Strip" should be on your to-do-and-see list once you land in Las Vegas. Let me know in the comments below if you're planning your trip to Vegas anytime soon or you've already been to this fabulous city? What did you like the most about this city? 

If you'd like any more suggestions of places to see in Las Vegas, you can always DM me on my Instagram or Twitter. I would love to help you or give you more spots to check off your Vegas list. 

Stay fabulous and I'll see you again very soon. 

                                                                                                                                     Love, Radi  


Hello everyone, 

I'm back with the final festival look, all Coachella inspired for you as it all starts this weekend. Are you ready for this craziness? If you're not going, at least you'll be seeing it all over the internet through your favorite bloggers, vloggers, magazines... that will be my way of "being there" in the comfort of my home. 😁

Once again,  I've got the desert on my side to create a bohemian festival ready outfit.
It may seem like I'm in the middle of nowhere, but trust me, Vegas has plenty of locations where there are rocks, bushes, pointy cacti and ground that is crumbled as if from another planet made for great photo opp. What can I say, the best of both worlds, with the desert on one side and the night life (casinos) on the other. You can literally hop from one to the other in a day. 

I'm sure you've heard that it gets insanely hot during Coachella, which means two things, wear something like a bralette for more breezy feels and two, apply sunscreen as often as you can. Getting a tan won't be so difficult, it might even happen within the first ten minutes. 
My choice of a sexy bralette that you'll want to show off at the festival is this sheer halter lace beauty in teal green that will go great with any high-waist bottoms like shorts, skirt or loose trousers.  

As you can see I opted for a high-low neon maxi skirt that feels easy to wear because the material is very lightweight and moves with you. That's why these type of skirts are my absolute favorite for this season. Plus, neon is always great for making a statement and allowing yourself to be in that bright spring moment. So grab and flaunt your neons with me! 

I've loved my crystal necklace for eternity now and didn't see this look without it, so here is my "ANDY"  shiny, bright and flawless. You can use the special code "radib" to get anything from Mirina Collections for 20% OFF your purchase. What's really awesome is that during the time I purchased my necklace, they only sold jewelry pieces. Now they've expanded the business and added trendy swimsuits and sunglasses. Something like this makes me really excited.... seeing a company blossom and grow! 

My final trick that I have to share with you is the way I've made the headband. Well, it's actually one of these long wrap chokers that I took and tied around my head for, you know, more festival fun. What's great is that you don't always have to go on a full Coachella shopping spree, but you can use what you already have in your closet and still make a perfectly appropriate festival look. Who's with me, even though I must admit that a shopping spree sounds heavenly right now?!    

 Bye, bye Coachella vibes! To keep them all alive.... here are the previous looks. Enjoy!  

Day 1    Day 2      Day 3

See you soon! Until then you can always keep in touch with me on Instagram and Twitter. 

                                                                                                                     Love, Radi  


Hello everyone, 

To make Monday sweeter I'm sharing a duo that will give you double the joy and double the inspiration for this week/weekend. Are you ready?   

I'm taking this army green, off the shoulder, long-sleeved dress from yoins and giving it two ways to wear. One of the ways is as a dress and the other is turning it into a top by simply adding a leather skirt. This way you can wear the same dress one day after the other without anyone ever knowing your little secret.  

Along for the ride came my tassel jacket that you've already seen as part of one of my festival series looks that is still happening and I'm already working on day 4, so stay tuned. 
If you're wondering, this jacket, like the dress, is from the same online store that offers beautiful dresses, tops and skirts, perfect for the spring and summer. There are so many great options that it was difficult to make my mind when deciding what to place in my shopping bag. How many times has that happened to you too?             

So, whether you're going to a cocktail party or the usual shopping trip, this duo is ready for the challenge. I've already worn the dress with the leather skirt for a fun night out to Maluma's concert (Pretty boy. Dirty boy. Baby!) and cocktails afterwards. The night was memorable and my outfit even more so! 

DRESS: LINK                 JACKET: LINK 
I must add that, from my experience (shopping from yoins), I would recommend all of you to check it out because, for me, everything fit from the beginning, the clothes are trendy, yet of nice quality and it's all positives from there, so I would totally make another purchase. It might even be bigger and brighter!😜

How would you style this off the shoulder number? 

Have a wonderful new week and I hope you found this "surprise post" interesting. 

As always to help me continue on blogging, please share this post with the world and leave a comment below. I enjoy reading them and keeping in touch with all of you. 

                                                                                                                                     Love, Radi   


Hello everyone,

It's Coachella month and I'm ready with day 3 of my festival series. Are you?  

Call me festival obsessed or wild child (even both), but what's not to LOVE when you've got music and fashion in one? When two of my favorites come together, I must go with them.... or in this case go to the desert in my #iwillwearthislook if I was going to Coachella.  

I will be going to some fun festivals in my city, so how perfect is that I've already got my outfit ready, the only thing I've got to bring with me is my bff and inner wild child (that lives in me and comes out occasionally.)     

This festival outfit is a special one because it's completely different from my previous two bohemian looks that you can also rock to any festival. Here I've gone for my new favorite combination, a skirt with a bodysuit. It must have been the bright sunlight that brought this idea to mind! It feels effortless, just like a desert goddess is supposed to feel! That's why I highly recommend this outfit as an option to your spring free-spirited adventures.   

The bodysuit is a stunner because it's got an open back, it's metallic (glistens from the sunlight) and it's a hit when it comes to dressing up for any occasion. I love it! Plus, I got some tanning done while wearing it! (I've got to get my skin ready for pool/beach season.πŸ˜‰   

With the simple, yet just enough floral embellishment, this denim mini is always my go-to for turning an outfit into exceptional staple. Everyday chic is always welcome!  

Once you've got the true component of your look, it's time to build around it by adding accessories that will make you festival ready like sunglasses, hats, anklets, rings... 

I know you all loved my lace kimono, so I wanted to include it again because I love it just as much. It's delicate and for sure adds more of those festival vibes.   

If you've missed day 1 and day 2 of my festival series, you can always check them out! (I suggest you do because they're just as interesting and hopefully inspiring.)
Day 4 will be my final post for this Coachella series, so stick around because it's coming.   
By the way, have you noticed the new look of FashionRadi? Do you like it? 

Have a happy April! Goodbye from desert land. 

                                                                                                                                    Love, Radi