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Hello everyone,  The series continues with day 2 of Coachella ! ✌  The bohemian spirit is still present, but the outfit is a bit different from day 1.  With so many ways to dress up for a music festival, I think it's safe to say that there's a big chance you won't go wrong with whatever you decide to wear. Just enjoy the sound of the music and let yourself be free!  I did just that when I decided to make a small trip to the " Seven Magic Mountains " with my photographer ( artisticspring ) to catch the beautiful sunrise, and of course, take some photos of this outfit.  As someone who is far away from a morning person ( I got up at 5:00 am), I had the best time because the road trip was fun, this was my first time seeing this art in person, the sunrise was absolutely magical and my outfit went along perfectly with the colorful stacked stones. It felt like the best festival I could ask for, especially beautiful, quiet (only me and my photographer) an


Hello everyone,  With festival season on it's way, I thought a little boho-inspo  is appropriate to send your way. Whether you're going to Coachella or any spring festival in your city, I'll be doing a little series to get you in the mood for those fun, free-spirited days.  This series is all inspired by Coachella ,the biggest arts/music festival there is in California. I'm sure you've seen plenty of your favorite bloggers take on Coachella in their ripped jeans, flowy kimonos, fringe tops, mirrored shades that include dreamy desert backdrops, drinks to raise, and of course, live music that powers you all day. How does that sound to you?   I still have yet to attend Coachella , but you know, I'm ready to bring Coachella to me as Vegas has got the desert and almost everything else I'll ever need. Mostly it's the spirit and the style that you'll need, which is easy enough, becoming that bohemian goddess. Tip: Think like a goddess, to


Hello everyone,  I'm happy to say it's officially spring, so have a wonderful time in the sunshine, whether by the pool or in your backyard, enjoy this season to the fullest. With spring comes new wardrobe pieces that will make you smile like a bloom flower and give you all that you need to make this spring journey complete.  My new pieces, I'm sure you can spot in the photos where lace flies by the spring breeze, long lashes are looking down on me, silver shades are reflecting my dreams and boho rings are giving me arm candy sweets. This is all thanks to Enjoyours   that were kind enough to allow me to choose whatever I wanted from their site of endless categories from beauty, to clothing to electronics.  Face Tee             Lace Maxi Kimono             Sunglasses           Rings                   When deciding what to go for, I aimed straight for items that would be essential to my spring wardrobe this season. This means I can wear everythin


Hello everyone, Welcome to a new day of blues (the good kind), the ones that can be worn and styled more than one way and any season/time of day. Yes, I'm talking about denim !  Is denim inside your heart as it is in mine?  I honestly haven't met anyone who dislikes denim, so there's a big chance you'll like this denim on denim look that I wore.  Also, as blue jeans are one of the top wardrobe essentials that you must-have, I have prepared a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the right pair for you. Keep on reading because it's about to get even more interesting!   If you're interested in fashion and have read your way through fashion books, you would have learned that wearing denim on denim is a big NO . As someone who likes to break the rules from time to time and listen to the rebel in me, I said "no" to this rule. It's that simple... I will always wear what I LOVE, no matter what a book or a person says is the right way to dr


Hello everyone, Are you a shoes lover?  If you are, way to go, because having the right pair on is just as important as what you're going to wear. There's nothing worse than seeing someone looking stylish with unkempt or non-matching shoes underneath. I must admit there was a time (in my teens) when I only had one pair of sneakers that I wore with everything, until they ripped apart, but now that I'm a fashion blogger, shoes are my weakness.  Every shoe I see, I want to bring it home with me!  Having the perfect pair of heels for every occasion is such a privilege because I'm sure you can relate when I say... there have been so many times when I've been saddened by the fact that I don't have a cute pair to match. To lift up the mood, I want to share with you " my must have " heels this spring in collaboration with  FSJShoes . These five pairs, I believe, every woman should own this season. I know I would love to have them, so if you want to sur


Hello everyone,  We're going nude ! Not body-nude (LOL), but shades nude.  With my fuzzy coat starring at me from the hanger, I knew I wanted to create a whole look of neutrals that were in the same color palette as the coat.  Thankfully, my outfit involved a warm coat because the winds in Las Vegas were furious on this day (that's one BIG gold star to my instinct weather forecast).  Nonetheless it was fun because, once again, I felt like a tourist in the city I live in, by exploring Mandalay Bay all over again, having a warn cup of coffee (Caramel Macchiato-my favorite) and strolling for hours, which I also really enjoy.       We all know nudes can be subdued, but combining different tones, designs, even patterns can make your look a definite eye-catcher, as I did here, by adding this feminine ruffled blouse for a touch of playful charm. It's got bell sleeves, cute floral design and ruffles that fly (they really did... the ruffles danced all day long