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Hello everyone, 

The series continues with day 2 of Coachella! ✌ 

The bohemian spirit is still present, but the outfit is a bit different from day 1. 

With so many ways to dress up for a music festival, I think it's safe to say that there's a big chance you won't go wrong with whatever you decide to wear. Just enjoy the sound of the music and let yourself be free! 

I did just that when I decided to make a small trip to the "Seven Magic Mountains" with my photographer (artisticspring) to catch the beautiful sunrise, and of course, take some photos of this outfit. 
As someone who is far away from a morning person ( I got up at 5:00 am), I had the best time because the road trip was fun, this was my first time seeing this art in person, the sunrise was absolutely magical and my outfit went along perfectly with the colorful stacked stones. It felt like the best festival I could ask for, especially beautiful, quiet (only me and my photographer) and fulfilling for the soul.         

For this second look, I wanted to wear something simple like shorts and a tee, but complete it with a touch of fringe, cool sunglasses and a braided headband for the ultimate festival goddess. What do you think? If you ever go to Coachella, what will you be wearing? 

If you haven't seen my first festival choice, the blog post will always be available for you to see here
Next week, I'll be back with day 3, which you can expect to be completely different. 

Until then, please follow my blog and share this post with your friends. Have a bright-as-these-neon-colored-rocks day!   

                                                                                                                                         Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

With festival season on it's way, I thought a little boho-inspo is appropriate to send your way. Whether you're going to Coachella or any spring festival in your city, I'll be doing a little series to get you in the mood for those fun, free-spirited days. 

This series is all inspired by Coachella,the biggest arts/music festival there is in California. I'm sure you've seen plenty of your favorite bloggers take on Coachella in their ripped jeans, flowy kimonos, fringe tops, mirrored shades that include dreamy desert backdrops, drinks to raise, and of course, live music that powers you all day. How does that sound to you? 

I still have yet to attend Coachella, but you know, I'm ready to bring Coachella to me as Vegas has got the desert and almost everything else I'll ever need. Mostly it's the spirit and the style that you'll need, which is easy enough, becoming that bohemian goddess. Tip: Think like a goddess, to become one!    


You may wonder, what makes a goddess festival ready? Well, every goddess has got to have a crown whether it's a flower crown, a jewelry head piece or a cool floppy hat. Mine is a DIY crown I made (I admit I had some help) from fake red roses (my favorite flowers) I have bought a while ago. They, for sure, came in useful for this look and I'm hopping this won't be the last time I'm wearing them.

Because it's always sunny where there's a music festival, you've got to have some cool shades. Anything will do as long as you're rocking them while enjoying yourself with your friends and having an unforgettable time.     

Dressing up for Coachella is the most fun and one of the best things about any festival, so let your imagination run wild. For me it was all about the dress, it being flowy, cute with loose sleeves. Do you like it? I see it as a total festival favorite!   

Accessorize to the max with lots of jewelry whether that be rings, bracelets, necklaces or all of the above. You can never go wrong. I even added my favorite gold/silver temporary tattoos, which I like to wear in the spring. If you're like me, never wanting to get a real tattoo, these are the next best option.          

Will you be going to Coachella or any music festival this year? 
Remember I'll be back with more spring festival inspiration, so follow my blog to experience it all with me. Also, don't forget to share this post with any of your bohemian friends, wild at heart and free at spirit. 

See you soon!

                                                                                                                                       Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

I'm happy to say it's officially spring, so have a wonderful time in the sunshine, whether by the pool or in your backyard, enjoy this season to the fullest. With spring comes new wardrobe pieces that will make you smile like a bloom flower and give you all that you need to make this spring journey complete. 

My new pieces, I'm sure you can spot in the photos where lace flies by the spring breeze, long lashes are looking down on me, silver shades are reflecting my dreams and boho rings are giving me arm candy sweets. This is all thanks to Enjoyours that were kind enough to allow me to choose whatever I wanted from their site of endless categories from beauty, to clothing to electronics. 

Face Tee            Lace Maxi Kimono          Sunglasses           Rings 
When deciding what to go for, I aimed straight for items that would be essential to my spring wardrobe this season. This means I can wear everything plenty of times with different style combinations each time.   

Since having a white tee is always a great idea, I couldn't pass by without noticing this soft and especially cute "face tee". These long lashes and plum lips totally got me!😘
Why isn't there an emoji like this already? 
I paired my tee with my new shorts, but of course you can go for a denim skirt, short dungarees or anything else you're really loving at this moment. You can, for sure, dress it up or down to fit your liking/happy mood because a face like this will always lift your spirits up. 

Lace being my all time favorite, I, without a doubt, found this floral maxi cardigan a must-have because one, I don't have anything else like it and two, I know it will be my most worn stylish piece. As you can see, it can give a simple pair of shorts and tee a new more chic look. Imagine what it can do with dresses, rompers and swimsuits? Stick around because you're more likely to find out if you follow my blog !πŸ˜‰ 

Vegas being so sunny, stocking up on new sunglasses each spring has become my secret tradition (not so secret anymore). For quite some time I was in search of round silver mirrored shades and I'm happy to say that I found my perfect pair. They even fit my face shape and look cool while at the same time protecting my eyes from this strong desert sunlight. Do you like them?          

To satisfy my love for anything boho, I got a rings set of ten that seems you have all been loving from your comments on my instagram where I have featured them. Well, now you know they're from Enjoyours and you can get them for as low as $1.79 either in gold or silver. They have been my go-to jewelry choice ever since I got them... I'm loving them so much!   

To get anything on the site for 10% OFF, you can use the code "RAL10". πŸ™Œ 

See you again very soon as I'll be doing a festival style series for all the music festival lovers out there. It's all happening only on FashionRadi, so follow and join the fun. 

Now I'm off to prepare for my Birthday weekend. It's going to be a blast! 

Have a fabulous day!

                                                                                                                                      Love, Radi 


Hello everyone,

Welcome to a new day of blues (the good kind), the ones that can be worn and styled more than one way and any season/time of day. Yes, I'm talking about denim

Is denim inside your heart as it is in mine? I honestly haven't met anyone who dislikes denim, so there's a big chance you'll like this denim on denim look that I wore. 
Also, as blue jeans are one of the top wardrobe essentials that you must-have, I have prepared a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the right pair for you. Keep on reading because it's about to get even more interesting!  

If you're interested in fashion and have read your way through fashion books, you would have learned that wearing denim on denim is a big NO. As someone who likes to break the rules from time to time and listen to the rebel in me, I said "no" to this rule. It's that simple... I will always wear what I LOVE, no matter what a book or a person says is the right way to dress. You should do the same, as long as you're happy with your choice, forget about the rest. So, here I am in an oversized light wash denim jacket with darker high rise skinny jeans. And also, the world of celebrities love the denim on denim look, so that shows you how big of a trend it is! 

If you're ever shopping for new jeans here are some things to keep in mind.       

  • Most importantly, your new jeans should show off the best part of your figure.                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Choose a style/cut that works for your body type, but is also in style.                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Great legs= skinny jeans                                                                                                                  
  • Hide your waist= flared jeans (they will take the attention away)                                                                                                                                                        
  • Great waistline= high-waisted jeans                                                                                                              
  • Darker washed jeans will give you that slimming effect. Plus, they're more versatile.                                                                                                                                                                           


 Because it's already so nice in Vegas (spring is on every corner), I opted for my navy bralette and my chunky heels to go along with my denim. What do you think? Are you loving my denim blues? 

The accessories are visible, and ohhh, so wonderful. I paired a gold and silver choker necklace for extra fun (I couldn't decide between the two, so I just decided the two together will do.) 

Wanting to bring so many essentials with me, I packed them all in my leather backpack, which I love because it gives me the freedom to have my hands free and looks great with this outfit. 

I have two more denim looks that I have done on my blog, one with a special celebrity guest... the other something of a spring denim darling that I'm sure you'll love, so head over and check them out. They might fill your denim heart with more inspiration!  

To see more photos of this look and what I'm up to, come follow me on Instagram. I promise you, you might like it, or better yet, fall in love with it. ❤ 

Wishing you the best day and sunny upcoming weekend! 

                                                                                                                                        Love, Radi 


Hello everyone,

Are you a shoes lover? 

If you are, way to go, because having the right pair on is just as important as what you're going to wear. There's nothing worse than seeing someone looking stylish with unkempt or non-matching shoes underneath.

I must admit there was a time (in my teens) when I only had one pair of sneakers that I wore with everything, until they ripped apart, but now that I'm a fashion blogger, shoes are my weakness. 
Every shoe I see, I want to bring it home with me! 

Having the perfect pair of heels for every occasion is such a privilege because I'm sure you can relate when I say... there have been so many times when I've been saddened by the fact that I don't have a cute pair to match.

To lift up the mood, I want to share with you "my must have" heels this spring in collaboration with FSJShoes. These five pairs, I believe, every woman should own this season. I know I would love to have them, so if you want to surprise me, I wear 9.5 US 😁. 

What I love about FSJShoes is that you can shop by occasion, the height of the heel or style, which makes your search a lot easier. Plus, they've got every type of shoe like leopard printsexy stiletto heels,over the knee glamour boots and lots more. The choice is big, so keep in mind what you really need vs. what you have to have.  

Now let's get into my spring picks! 


 These tassel beauties have to be my first pick for the spring... just look at them. Would staring at them a little harder make them magically appear in my closet? I have all the hope in the world... let's try it together! 5 minutes later...oh well, we can always buy them or dream of someone close to us splurging us with a box of these heels. I just can't get enough of this hot coral red, the strap tassels and the ideal height. Also, they're super trendy, I've seen them quite a lot already and I'm sure you can agree that seeing them again and again won't get boring.


I want these in every color of the rainbow, please! 
A true Valentino lookalike these rockstud heels are the most wanted combination of feminine and edgy. Both sides of our personalities will be satisfied, ladies! Just imagine how fun it'll be to have these in your closet. You can be anything you choose to be. Fashion is a way to bring play, style, and personality to your outfit. These pumps will look great with your work, party, play attire... basically every day of the week.

In my opinion these open toe gladiator sandals above will look flattering on every woman there is. I love this light pink shimmer effect that shines when walking and the height boost they're giving. I would give them a perfect 10 (a new addition to my shoe wishlist). There's nothing more sexy than a confident woman feeling empowered by her femininity, and I think these would help you radiate confidence with every step. Of course, they are a little more on the dressier side, perfect for nights of romantic memories, but that's just society standards talking - I feel like you can make them work with a cute summer romper for a more pow-wow effect! Isn't that what fashion is about - experimenting, taking risks, expressing yourself?!

 Classy with a dreamy color blocking, these slingback pumps will be in my dreams tonight, for sure. Even though they're a bit high than what I'm usually used to, I swear I don't even care. The only question on my mind is when will I be purchasing them? The rose gold, metallic detailing is all the rave right now. Just gorgeous! 


Last but not least, I've picked these pretty heels to round up my spring (wanna have) collection because not only are they gorgeous, but this pink reminds me of the tree blossoms we get in Vegas during this season. They would, for sure, bring out the romantic in me, a new pair seems to have that effect on me πŸ˜‰. And ombre is never out-of-style! 

Which pair of heels would you like to add to your wardrobe? Indulge and check out FSJShoes for the pair that speaks YOU
Have a happy Thursday and an upcoming weekend. See you soon. 

                                                                                                                                       Love, Radi     


Hello everyone, 

We're going nude! Not body-nude (LOL), but shades nude. 

With my fuzzy coat starring at me from the hanger, I knew I wanted to create a whole look of neutrals that were in the same color palette as the coat. 

Thankfully, my outfit involved a warm coat because the winds in Las Vegas were furious on this day (that's one BIG gold star to my instinct weather forecast). Nonetheless it was fun because, once again, I felt like a tourist in the city I live in, by exploring Mandalay Bay all over again, having a warn cup of coffee (Caramel Macchiato-my favorite) and strolling for hours, which I also really enjoy. 


We all know nudes can be subdued, but combining different tones, designs, even patterns can make your look a definite eye-catcher, as I did here, by adding this feminine ruffled blouse for a touch of playful charm. It's got bell sleeves, cute floral design and ruffles that fly (they really did... the ruffles danced all day long in the wind.) I think they had so much fun! 

With my blouse being so light, I wanted my jeans (more like stretchy leggings), to be a tone darker, so I don't feel washed away by the light nudes. I couldn't be happier with this combination, even more so for wearing my comfy leggings that also, feel great and hug the body right. They just know exactly what I like! πŸ˜‰ 

These boots you've already seen more than ones, so here they are again making my nude dream a reality. They're simply the best because they're from Target, which means stylish with the perfect pricing, so why not stock on two new pair of shoes?


  I really enjoyed sharing "my nudes" with you. I hope to see you all again soon.

Happy March! (Yay spring is coming!)

Remember, if you liked this post, please share it & follow my blog. It really gives me the motivation to continue doing what I love and hopefully inspire you to dress your best, so you're always ready to conquer anything in your path with style. 

                                                                                                                       Love, Radi