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Hello everyone, 

With only a few days left of January, I want to know how has the new year been for you so far? Any exciting changes or fun opportunities? I really enjoyed this month because I got to have some really fun unexpected nights that involved live music, dancing and singing my heart out (wasn't pretty, but so fulfilling!)
Apart from all that, today, I'm here with a new, sporty, yet chic look that came together thanks to ToSave. As the name hints, this website is all about saving money, while shopping anything from electronics to beauty and fashion. This site literally has got it all... any need of yours is complete under the most affordable prices, so you can check your most wanted items off your list. I did just that (happy as can be, I've got my three most wanted things.) 

The first item that I wanted to add to my already existing collection is another bomber jacket. But not just any jacket, one in this stunning coffee shade. This piece became the inspiration for the whole look, everything revolved around it. I found out that going chic with a velvet mini skirt + fringe booties + tights and sporty with a striped tee + a cap is the best way to style it. This outfit felt totally me, a bit dangerous with a touch of sweetness. 
I'm very satisfied with the bomber because it's light (perfect for a Vegas spring/fall), the color is striking, and believe me when I say it costs only $12.69. 
At first I ordered a medium sized one, but that turned out to be a bit too small for me, so they were nice enough to send me an extra large one. A little tip: make sure to go for a size that's bigger by one or two than your original size; better to be bigger/baggier than smaller, not able to wear it.     


The final two items I got are these set of earrings, which I fell in love with once I laid eyes on them. Ones more subtle for everyday, and the other ones more striking for making a staple in an all solid colored look. Which set would you go for? 
I got them both in gold even though they have them in silver and rose gold as well because gold jewelry has been my favorite to wear for a long time now. I guess it makes me feel GOLDEN! 
I'm very happy with the quality as I've already worn them a few times and no stud has fallen or disappeared. I think this is the ultimate challenge when it comes to your jewelry. They definitely passed the test! 


I better go now and start getting ready for a fun night-out. Good thing I already have in mind what I'll be wearing, so the rest (make-up) and all will be easier... love being one step ahead! 

Have a look at for anything you have in mind and let me know if you enjoyed this post. They also, offer Rose Hair Extensions that might interest some of you, so check them out. 

                                                                                                                                  Love, Radi


Hello everyone,

Who's ready to wear, experiment and fill up their closet with the new fashion trends of Spring/Summer 2017? I'm raising both my hands up high, because I'm a bit over excited for all that's coming this season down the runway. I know that some great styles that we all love like stripes, bralettes, ruffles and florals are coming back once again, but there's also lots of headlining styles to experiment with, like posh pyjamas, big shoulder pads, from head to toe pink, metallics, cinched waist with belts... 

I decided to choose one of these styles and create a runway worthy look that will be in style all season long. It's all about the bralettes! They're coming back stronger than ever and are one of my favorite things to wear. You'll be seeing lace or velvet bralettes being layered over a white shirt or worn with a signature trench coat. As you can see by the photos, I went for the second option and am so in love with the way it turned out.     

For me, lace bralettes are delicate, luscious and so easy to style that I know I can wear in more ways than one. For this look particularly, I paired mine with my favorite velvet high-rise leggings that you've already seen here. I got lots of you saying how much you loved these leggings, so I brought them back and am sure will appear again in a future post on my blog.
I'm still obsessing over my wrap coat and couldn't see this look without it, so here it is, long, trendy and fresh. You can see it blossom with a complete different set of pieces here.      
You know a signature choker and heels couldn't be dismissed because they complete and make this look irresistible.      

What Spring/Summer fashion trends are you most excited to try? 

Is there a certain trendy piece you can't wait to buy? 

Let me know your answers to these questions in the comments down below. 

As always I'll miss you, but I'll be back next week (Thursday) with a new post. 

                                                                                                                          Love, Radi


Hello everyone, 

Let's Party! Turn UP your music loud because we're about to have a good time! 🎶 

Since I love music, going to concerts and dancing so much, I decide to make a bit of a different post than my usual fashion looks. The idea came to me when I was scrolling through all my photos of 2016 and noticed just how many concerts I've been to. Las Vegas being the entertainment city of the world, you can never have too much fun, so I've decided to round up my greatest nights of 2016 with the best live music there ever is. Enjoy! 


2016 started off with a BANG thanks to Mr. Worldwide who left his mark in Vegas in a big way. He knows how to get any party started and finish it in a way that you'll always remember it. Just know, if you ever go to one of his concerts, comfortable shoes are a must because you'll be jumping up and down all night long (he's contagious). This was my lucky third time going to his concert and I would go a hundred more times because the energy, music and fun is all so high. 

Ellie Goulding   

This concert is still "On My Mind" because it was on my list of concerts I really wanted to see ( for a long time) and when I finally did, I completely surrendered to Ellie's music. What made it even better was that I was closer to the stage, so I could really feel the music and the passion coming from her. It was an incredible night! Writing about it takes me back (a huge smile on my face right now 😊). 
I even recreated one of her looks in a previous post, which you can see here: Ellie Goulding Style Inspiration 

Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato

I've seen them perform before (when they were much younger), but this 2016 concert was on another level. You could tell how much more mature and professional they've become in their field. I loved seeing that growth and the way there wasn't a dull moment throughout the whole show. Great old songs were mixed with the new hits that I enjoyed way to much (my seat was my dance floor- LoL!) 
If I could go back in time and relive this concert (not only in my imagination), I would totally do it.
To see more photos and a fierce style look, head to my "What's Wrong with Being Confident?" post.   


Sia was a unique experience because it was like a theatrical performance where she sang to the side and the dancers told the story in each song through dance and acting. Truly unlike anything else I have seen, where you're caught into the emotion of every word, move and sound. Her voice was so powerful, I bet you could hear her outside, on the Strip. It was magical, she really was "The Greatest". 

    Mariah Carey 

With so many residency shows in Las Vegas, I want to be able to see them all, so in 2016 I was determined to see Mariah Carey's "#1 to Infinity" show at Caesar's Palace. I liked the elegance, the changed set of each performance and hearing the always great oldies like " We Belong Together". Plus, everything she wore was jaw-dropping from Louboutin heels to crystal made diamond dresses and playsuits.  

Britney Spears 

At the end of 2016 I got to see "Piece of me" for the second time, which I'm so grateful about because I've been a Britney Spears fan since I was little (watching MTV in Bulgaria, trying to figure out what she's singing about). Hers was one of my first cassettes ever that I used to play over and over again. Seeing her live and hearing all the best hits was a dream come true. This show is a must see! 

This was the best year of the greatest concerts I went to. I'm looking forward to 2017 for lots more artists that I'm dying to see. Who would you love to see in concert and what has been your favorite concert so far?  Share it all with me in the comments below. Let's keep this party going! 

Share this post if you want to see my 2017 music adventures! 

Have a wonderful day. 

                                                                                                                                 Love, Radi


Hello everyone, 

It's so good to see you in the New Year with a new blog post, full of new hopes and dreams. 

"Put a ring on it" doesn't apply here because I've got my fingers covered in rings, ready to reveal to you my most worn rings of this season. As you know, I love jewelry, and during the winter rings tend to be my go to accessory whenever my nails are on point (most of the time) with a nice nail polish as my canvas. It's another way to enhance your outfit and express your personality. A perfect example of that is Fergie, who has the most gorgeous arm candy full of sparkly rings every time I see her (yes, she's my best friend- lol) that melts my heart away.       

So let the countdown of my top 5 favorite rings begin NOW

I chose this heart-shaped ring first because it's one that I wear constantly. I don't even want to take it off when showering or heading to bed- hahaha. The heart is full of sparkly crystals that glisten in the sunlight, which I love. Also, it feels super light on my finger as though it's invisible when in truth it's there to spread love and be seen. The perfect ring for wearing on a romantic Valentine's Day date or if you're generally in love with life (for all my single ladies out there). 

During the windy winter days in Las Vegas, this ring reminds me of the beach, the crystal blue water, because I got it when I was vacationing in Puerto Vallarta a few years back. It fills me up with wonderful memories that I think of and puts a smile on my face whenever I'm wearing this precious blue in the form of a diamond. Isn't it pretty? This ring definitely has that one thing to catch your eyes. 

Another sparkler on my hands. This time in the form of a bar ring with tiny studs. 
I'm sure you've seen these kind of rings everywhere because they were very trendy and every store was selling them. From parallel bar to double bar band, we've seen it all. I like that they go great with everything, you can stack as many of them as you want and you could probably be seen in outer space. Let's all try it! That would be ultimate achievement of 2017. Are you in?  

There's just something about heart-shaped rings that always draws me in. I can't get enough of them, which led me to including this one as well. It's a great start since it's not a replica of the first one, but has two twin hearts with silver studs as the band. I love wearing this ring as a reminder of the special person that gave it to me. It's a definite favorite and I'm looking forward to wearing it many years to come, because as we know, it's the sentimental feelings that draw us to wearing certain clothes, perfumes and accessories. 

And the countdown ends with this statement ring that is simple and classy. I've had this one the longest time from all the other ones and still love it as much. Sometimes I like to add delicate tiny rings to accompany it, so it pops out even more and doesn't feel/look so lonely .😁  You never know, rings might have feeling too?! LOL 

Well, that is it for a small part of my ring collection and the five favorite rings I have been wearing this winter. Which one caught your eyes?   

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Thanks for spending this time with me and as always I'll see you again next week. You wouldn't want to miss it, so follow my blog (it's fun and free)! Also, you can always catch me on Instagram and Twitter. Have a great rest of the day/night! 

                                                                                                                                    Love, Radi