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Hello everyone, Many of you have already experienced the falling of the first snow, which means fall is fast behind and it's officially winter . There is no real winter for me, but that did not stop me from sharing with you how to transition your style from one season to the other, in this case from fall to winter .  In this post I'll give you all the tips you'll need to look stylish, yet dress appropriate to the according season without freezing or feeling like your style has hit rock bottom. Your style should never have to suffer, no matter the season . Whether it's winter or summer, wherever you are in the world, you can let your personality shine through your choice of clothing. So for those of you having trouble taking your style from fall to winter, read on because hopefully at the end you'll have a clear understanding and lots of ideas on making that fashionable transition easier for yourself. I know that for some of us that change can be a bit more dif


Hello everyone, I hope you're having an unforgettable November so far! It's never too late for  Christmas shopping, and to give you the chance to be a part of my first giveaway on the blog, 🙌 stay tuned until the very end to find out what/how you can enter to win.   Finally, I was able to get some warm and fuzzy items for December (the one month it gets windy and cold in Las Vegas) from Rosegal . They offer stylish, yet affordable clothing with FREE shipping worldwide and an amazing selection of festive clothes for the upcoming holidays. I'm really happy to be working with them once again. Last time I did a Rosegal review it was summer, I was on the beach (California) and mostly, I was genuinely satisfied with their quality, when you keep in mind how low the prices are. So are you ready to see what I got and find out all about the giveaway?   1. Gray Knitter Beanie   One of my favorite things to wear during the winter or when I can't tame my hai


Hello everyone,   I've got to confess, my bomber love has no end, so I'm back with another fun and fierce look. It's both sexy and edgy at the same time, thanks to to the luscious lace, the bomber jacket and the rocker boots. A bit different from my not long ago " Bomber Jacket Boom "  outfit, which just shows that the looks you can create with one bomber jacket are endless. Just match your mood with the style or vise versa and carry it with confidence no matter what.  So you might have noticed my dad's green bomber had "no patches", which is fine because it's still trendy and cool, but I really wanted one with fun colorful patches and that was surprisingly easy to find since all stores are selling them at the moment. This was one thrilling purchase, which immediately got me thinking that I couldn't pass the chance to create a killer look (the first thought that every fashion blogger faces after a new purchase😁) Do any of you


Hello everyone,  Let's talk trends!  Like any fashionista I like to be in the known for new and upcoming trends. Some sweep me away from first glance, others leave me hanging like shoes that have had enough because they've been torn apart. That's why, today, with the help of StyleWe , an online shopping site that offers designer wear at affordable prices and exquisite  quality, I'm going to share with you the fall trends of 2016 that have my approval. I would love to experiment with these pieces and make them my own.  Let the countdown begin!  1. SHEER and FLORAL FRILL   Who loves sheer clothing? I do 🙋 It's delicate, feminine, looks flawless and I can't get enough of it. I must admit, a few years back, I would have turned the other way with my back out the door when having faced a dress like the one above, but now it's the other way around. If I saw this dress, I would grab it right away because it's not only see-through, but it's


Hello angels,  I've got my wings ready for this BIGGER than life, mesmerizing fashion show of the year - The Victoria's Secret Annual Fashion Show! Entertaining us for eighteen consecutive years now, I cannot wait for the 2016 show in Paris! Ah, the excitement! It's everything a woman dreams of... glitter, beauty, lingerie, pop of colors, angel wings, high energy that can be felt through the TV and musical performances that will be remembered for years to come. I LOVE IT !  I find it enchanting as if I'm in a real live dream that makes me forget about everything else and just be present and enjoy the sight, the sound and the incredible designs. There is nothing else like it, which is why I was inspired to create a look that will take me from sitting at home watching the fashion show, right onto that glittery runway (a girl can dream, right?!) Let's enter into this fantasy dream! When I think of Victoria's Secret , one the fir