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Hello everyone,

It's officially fall by looking at these photos, but don't be fooled, this is the only spot I found in Vegas where there were leaves and some color that resembled autumn. It still very much feels like spring with sunshine, birds chirping, green trees and beauty all around. 

The day before this, it rained all day/night (it rarely happens here) that the morning of the photo shoot, the air felt so refreshing (great to be alive). No wonder we shot more than two-hundred photos! 

It's no secret that bomber jackets are really big right now. You can create effortlessly chic or effortlessly sporty looks all day long. That's why I decided to put my dad's bomber jacket to use because I love the over-sized fit, the army green color and the fact that it's now mine (shhh, please don't tell him!) As long as he doesn't notice that it's missing, you'll be seeing me out and about in this trendy piece with a big smile on my face😁  
Have you ever "borrowed" something from your mom's or dad's closet? 

With the jacket being over-sized, I wanted everything else to be tight to my body for that feminine touch. I went for my stretchy and super comfy leggings and a tee, that I tied in a knot to the side. That just makes it look like no ordinary tee. I'm loving this effect with this look in particular. 

Also, let's talk about my favorite leather Franco Sarto booties. 
Funny story: While I was walking from one tree to the next for some distance shots, I stepped in dog poop. It was fresh, smelled horrifically, and my smile went from up to upside down. My right heel was covered in it, but like a true trooper I posed and posed until the end, and once we fished, I ran to the restroom to clean it up. Now I can breath out and inform you that my booties are all right and in top notch shape once again (Thank God!)   

 Accessories game on point! Sunglasses (Check), Handbag (Check), Choker (Check)

Tee: H&M  Leggings: Michael Kors Booties: Franco Sarto Bag: Nine West  Sunglasses: Charming Charlie  Choker: Rosegal

      Happy HALLOWEEN 🎃! 
To those of you celebrating or going out to Halloween parties, I want to hear all about it in the comments. What are you going to dress up as?

I love you and thank you for reading my blog! 

See you again... soon! 

                                                                                                                                      Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas! 
If you've never been, picture this: tiny street blocks all connected together like a maze with traffic lights and gorgeous street art. Old casinos, most of them remodeled and given a new look, mixed in with little motels and apartment buildings that add character. Lots of tourists roaming the infamous Fremont Street along with locals just out to enjoy the beautiful weather. In one word, it's a culturally rich and artistic place that if you end up visiting you must bring along your friends to experience it together. Because of the stunning graffiti each stop of the way, I finally got the perfect outfit to shoot there with my photographer, and I freaking love it - the art behind me, the deserted parking lot where we shot, just the whole feel of the place was very inspiring! 
Now that you've got a feel for Downtown Las Vegas, let's talk about the cool, slightly dangerous, black and gray look I have for you this week, shall we? 

I wanted to express my wild, tough side, which is why I went for darker hues than my usual bright style. I must admit this hard-core look totally unleashed my bad-ass self and made me feel super confident and awesome. Plus, this is the kind of outfit you can get away with wearing during the fall and winter seasons in Las Vegas because, let's face it, Vegas isn't iceberg-cold or anything. 

To start it all off, I chose a simple fitted gray tee and faux leather leggings (links to more leather looks, here and here). These two items were my canvas that allowed me to build upon the look from there. I could head a million directions, but I came to adding my beloved fur vest as a key player. Not only is it in season, but it's the best thing ever made for when you're feeling hot and cold at the same time. Another inspiring look that you might find interesting (with a different fur vest of mine) you can head over here.          

Let's ride with these over-the-knee boots that I clearly remember receiving last year for Christmas. Santa definitely knows what I like! :) 

Because I like wearing just about any style of hat (preferably ones that look good on me), I added this cool leather cap that gives me that edge I was searching for right from the beginning. I love it so much that I'm pretty sure you'll see it in future posts as well.   

I just couldn't pass the opportunity to add some color with my handbag that, Surprise! matches the art wall in the back (I swear, this wasn't planned). Isn't it cute? It also, comes with a strap, but somehow holding it in hand totally beats that option and looks better than I could have imagined. 

As for jewelry, of course, I added some gold tiny rings and a cuff bracelet. I cannot repeat enough how much I love jewelry and believe that it transforms any look from good to great. Trust me, jewelry has magical powers that I'm sure everyone who wears it, knows what I'm talking about. 

Tee/Leggings: EXPRESS  Handbag/Boots: Target  Fur Vest: Gianni Bini  Rings: Charming Charlie  Cap: Kohl's
I hope you enjoyed this cool, edgy, wild, fur-delicious look that had me rocking out to the camera's shutter sound the whole time. This marks another unique experience that I can add to my book. 

Have a beautiful day and thank you for each and every one of you that follows me and takes the time to comment down below. Please share this post with your friends, family, dog, cat, grandma and I'll be back here in no time. See you soon! Oh, and by the way, come and visit me and we'll go exploring the art district together?!

                                                                                                                  Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

If you know me, you'll know that for me florals are present all year round, not only in the spring/summer or in the form of dresses and skirts, but in everything. This print lifts up my mood especially during the colder days and always makes me feel like spring and summer are a day away (when they really aren't). 
Because this love of mine will never die, just like the love I have for adding a new staple piece to my wardrobe, I decided to create two different looks with the same floral shirt. What separates them is that one is for the day, which may consist of going to brunch or running errands and the other is for the night, which may consist of going out for dinner or drinks. You choose the place and I'll meet you there!     

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when getting ready for the day:

  1. During the day it's usually hotter, so roll those shirt sleeves up to the elbows and if you're wearing high-rise bottoms, you can tie the ends together into a knot giving shape and style to your upper body.                                                                                                                                                        
  2. Because you'll most likely be walking around and standing on your feet during the day, make sure that you're wearing comfortable shoes with a tiny wedge if you want them to feel like heels. Save the high heels for the night!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  3. To feel more feminine, instead of going for the regular choice of shorts for the daytime, pick a skirt that will look great with your shirt, fits you well and makes you feel beautiful.                                                                                                                                                                        
  4. Add a tiny crossbody bag like the way I did only for your must-have essentials because a huge bag can be heavy and tiring to carry around during the hotter days.                                                                                                                                                                                        
  5. When it comes to jewelry, I would suggest adding a few of your more dainty pieces for the day because you'll feel more free with less weight around your neck, you'll look effortlessly ready and sometimes a little jewelry goes a long way.                                                                            
Shirt: EXPRESS  Skirt: White House Black Market  Wedges: Payless   Crossbody Bag: Target   Necklace: Forever 21

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when getting ready for the night: 

  1. You can definitely style a night look with the same shirt you wore during the day. Your life just got one step easier and you saved yourself some time! You're welcome.                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  2. Like I did, leave the sleeves nice and long because it might get chilly at night. Plus, this way you'll look more chic and night ready.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  3. This is the time to wear those high heels that have been staring at you all day (only if they had eyes). I went for my favorite black lace-up heels that I know will make a statement.                                                                                                                                                                     
  4. Change the daytime skirt into something else that makes you feel sexy. For me that is faux leather leggings. They're attractive, easy to slip on and easy to move in.                                                                                                                                                                                       
  5. In place of the dainty necklace, put a big statement piece that works well with your shirt and the rest of the outfit. Or instead, go for statement chandelier earrings that will steal the show. I chose to add some color with mine.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  6. Leave the crossbody bag at home and go for the nearest/cutest clutch you have. Fill it with your true essentials and you're more than ready to have some fun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
    Shirt/Leggings: EXPRESS   Clutch/Heels: Macy's   Necklace: Charming Charlie 

Whether you're going out for dinner or running the usual errands, I hope this post gave you an idea of what to wear. Also, I hope it proved that taking one shirt or your favorite piece of clothing can work both for the day and night. All you have to do is make a few changes in the accessories and you're ready to rock. 

For more style tips on ways to wear a button down shirt, you can see one of my previous posts Here

Another similar look that takes you from day to night that I've done, you can see Here.   

Thanks so much for stopping by!

What's your favorite piece of clothing that you would wear during the day and then take into the night? Let me know in the comments.

                                                                                                                          Love, Radi


Hello everyone, 

What's one thing that has you feeling on cloud nine? 
For me, it's always SHOPPING! There's just something about it, walking into a store, having limitless options, touching the fabrics, imagining all the style looks you can create, feeling empowering, making the purchase and knowing that next time you go out, you'll be wearing your new piece. 
That same feeling occurs to me when shopping online. Done in the comfort of my bed, all I have to do is scroll down to find my perfect items. Recently, I did just that at SammyDress and am here to show you what I purchased and fell in love with before placing my order. Because they offer clothing, accessories among other things at affordable prices, I had to get more than two things. Keep in mind, I ordered them in August (got to writing the post now), which is why they're mostly for the summer. That's fine with me because I live in the desert and the weather is on my side for wearing these pieces whenever my shopaholic heart pleases :)    

If you remember, one of my New Years's Resolutions of 2016 when it comes to fashion was to experiment more with prints, which is the main reason I got this butterfly dress. I cannot hide my satisfaction for trying to stick with my style resolutions (I should get a gold star or better a butterfly for that one!). 
I like the light fabric of this dress, the way it fits me like a glove and the front and back being like a piece of art. Who knew wearing art could feel this good?  
If you're wondering in what condition this dress arrived, I'll put your worries to rest because it was in top shape with the back zipper working properly and no loose stings flying out. I honestly give it a full six out of six!  
They have a wide range of print dresses that you can check out here if you like. 

Carrying backpacks instead of handbags seems has become the new trend with every store, no matter the brand selling them. I'm perfectly okay with that because I'm loving having my hands free and feeling like a school girl all over again (hahaha). Also, I find that leather backpacks look super chic no matter what you wear and you can never go wrong with having one over your shoulders. 
This deep blue bag costs only $10.94, it fits all that I want to take with me and has the quality of a high-end brand. They also have it in black, brown and wine red. If you don't own one, I highly recommend getting one and starting your collection one bag at a time. Here is the LINK and be sure to see all the unique designs to find the one that fits your personality and style.  

Let's take it to the max with this maxi number, shall we? 
White is always good and with this illusion print on top it's even better. The only thing when wearing white is that I find myself being careful where I sit, how I eat because the last thing I want to do is get the dress dirty. Please tell me I'm not the only one! Even if I have to be an inspector 24/7 when it comes to this white maxi, I'm perfect okay with that because I like it way too much to just look at it hanging in my closet. At the end of the day, clothes are meant to be worn, right? 
I can still get away with wearing this dress throughout the day. At night I can add a denim jacket or a cardigan and I'm ready to go.  
The only little thing that I wish was different is that I wish it was a bit more tighter around the hips and thighs area. Other than that it's perfect at the top for me and really is a beautiful maxi. I give it a five out of six. 
For more sexy, casual and all around fun maxi dresses, visit this Link

Usually I always buy clothing, but currently I'm using only five make-up brushes, so I decided to get a whole pack of brand new ones with the addition of  two beauty blenders and a contour brush. Now I feel like I'm ready to become a make-up artist with having every brush for every part of the face.  
I must say the bristles of the brushes are really soft, don't fall out, get the job done and don't cost too much, so I personally recommend them. Mine are twenty-two in total. 
You can find all that SammyDress has to offer when it comes to beauty here!   

More of SammyDress and their social media you can click in the links below! 
SammyDress Fashion 
SammyDress Buyers

                                                                     Happy October!
Let me know which item you like the best and what are you mostly looking forward to in October? 

                                                                                                                                            Love, Radi