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Hello everyone, 

With the sun still shining bright and the temperatures not much different from the summer (at least in Las Vegas), I wanted my outfit to be just as bright, effortless and feminine. Really, I'm not complaining because I would rather be hot than cold any time (trying to think of ways to warm myself up - LOL)! 

This weather brings me to the realization that I can still get away with wearing dresses, skirts, tank tops, sandals and my must-have pop of color.... what's better than that?  

So, here I am with one of the most seen trends this summer: Off The Shoulder! I'm sure all of you are familiar and have even joined the 'cold shoulder' love. I have, and couldn't resist wearing my striped off-the-shoulder top in blue. I love it because it reminds me of sailing away into the blue sea while on vacation somewhere tropical with the breeze blowing away my curls (sorry, seems like I've drifted away to another place, but you get the picture), even more so with these yellow capri pants; it's a pair made in heaven. Don't you think?     

A top like this is meant to have a statement necklace around the neck, which is why I chose one of my favorites in yellow to match the pants. So loving this color; it's bright, fun and most definitely memorable. 

Like I said, the weather still allows sandals, so I picked my most treasured ones with a bit of a heel to accompany me on this day. Even though they have been worn so many times, they're still in great shape (exercise is a must), which makes me believe that they'll last me for years to come. Isn't that a great feeling? 

Off The Shoulder Top/Capri Pants/Necklace: NY & Company  Sandals: Dexter  Bracelet: LC Lauren Conrad 


Thanks so much for reading. 
Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments section. 
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Time to say goodbye.
See you next Thursday! 

                                                                                                               Love, Radi


Hello everyone, 

With a cup of coffee in hand and inspiration all around me, it's clearly going to be a good day today (productive one). The smell of coffee immediately wakes me up and kick starts my creative senses, so here I am. There's no better way to spend this morning with you than speaking fashion, sharing ideas, discussing trends and drinking one or two cups of coffee along the way.... (yes, I'm a coffee lover for LIFE!) 

I thought it would be interesting for you to see what I recently got from Zaful, an online shop, the ideal destination for trendy apparel at reasonable prices and of great quality. 
I'm completely satisfied with my three items and before I reveal anything else, let me just show it all to you. 


Me and crochet get along super well like BFFs, so the minute I saw this dress, I knew that that was it, the search was over. It highlights my summer tan, it's so lightweight, and I like the fit. 
I love that I can wear it several ways for completely different looks. For example, I've already worn it once to the pool over my bathing suit with a fedora. I can wear it as a top with maxi skirt on or denim shorts and I can go boho chic with a fringe vest and boots for those spring Coachella vibes. What do you think? Do you love it? I'm over the moon about this dress because it's wearable, cute, and in perfect condition when it arrived to my house. I honestly give it a six out of six. 


Another item that did not disappoint is these sunglasses. I was so impressed with the quality that, ever since I've received them, I've been wearing them non-stop (giving a much needed break to my other pairs: Sorry, Not Sorry!)  I love the combination of the golden frame with this vivid green, it's super appealing to the eyes. They also have them in blue, lighter green and purple, which would be the ultimate dream team. No doubt about it, these sunglasses are a big hit for me and I give them the highest score of six. (Be warned you'll be seeing them in future posts!)  


Like dresses, shirt dresses are the next best thing for those days when you want to throw on something that's comfortable and stylish. That's the main reason I chose this piece of clothing. I knew that only with the help of a few accessories it would be golden. Like the crochet dress, this one is "one size fits all", which eliminates the worry of, is it the right size for me or not? I wore denim shorts underneath that you can't see in the photos, just in case (it was a bit windy at the photo shoot, if you know what I mean), but other than that, I love the silk blue, the sleeves and that it's a button down dress that can easily be transformed into a shirt like a magician ready to turn a rabbit into a cartoon. I happily give this shirt dress a six out of six! 

I would love to know which item of these three is your favorite and if you wanted to purchase one which one would you chose? 

Also, don't forget to head to their website to see all that they've got to offer. It would be the perfect place to stock up on some staple pieces for the fall/winter or even spring/summer.   

Thanks for hanging out with me. It was a pleasure drinking my morning coffee with you. 
See you again... next week! 

                                                                                                                                             Love, Radi


Hello everyone, 

With the autumn season coming at us in full blast, in this post I want to share with you some of the items that I want to get my hands on. Some are trending, others are jaw dropping and all of them are screaming my name (yes, many times they speak loud and clear). 

Also, with Fashion Week going on right now, I couldn't just sit, I had to see what's going on.... so I headed to StyleWe for the hottest designer wear at more reasonable prices. It's all a girl could ever dream of! Unlike the designs at fashion week, the clothing at StyleWe can easily become part of our wardrobe and something that we can wear from day to day. I'm sure this fact makes you as excited as me because you know that if fashion was all about looking instead of wearing, it would have been so boring for all us fashionistas who want to have it all.... from clothing to accessories and then back around.        

These StyleWe items that I'm going to reveal to you (in a second) are my dream picks for this fall/winter season. You wonder why? Well, you'll see and read it all pretty soon. 

Summer may be coming to an end (not for at least 2-3 weeks for Las Vegas), but summer dresses will never go out of style. They're the ideal apparel not only for the hotter seasons, but also for the fall because you can wear them with leggings underneath and a coat on top for extra warmth and style. Especially floral dresses like this one that are vintage looking and can add some color to your usual grays, blacks and neutral tones. I like and really want this StyleWe dress because it's so pretty and I know that it'll keep me feeling like it's summer all year round. 

A black trench coat like this one is on my wishlist (has been for a long time)  this coming fall season because it'll go great with everything else, and you know, being stylish in the colder days is even more fun with all the layering. I love that you can literally create a million looks with just one piece being the focus. I'm so passionately obsessed (don't know if a feeling like this one exists), but really I am. If any of you want to surprise me with this coat, I'll love you forever even though I already love you lots. More love won't hurt anyone!? 

I'm immensely in love with StyleWe's blouse selection, and cute ruffles like these ones always get to me, so this shirt is one that I want to call "MINE". I love that it's classy, perfect for work or play (you don't have to change, it works for any occasion). That alone makes it total #dreamgoals in my eyes! Plus, black and white together is a whole lot sweeter to look at and wear. 
Have a look at their many pieces on their website. Just be warned, you'll end up filling your shopping cart to its max.    

I'm sure that by now you have noticed that anything in denim patches is so popular whether it's jeans, jackets, vests or overalls like this. With overalls being back, I would love to own this item because it can be classy with the addition of some pointy heels or casual with white sneakers. Either way, it would work perfectly for me and my obsession for fashion. I'm sure that I would end up wearing these overalls non-stop even when they've got to go in the washer..... just look at them! 

A-fall-must-have for me are sweater dresses because they're cozy, don't involve lots of effort and you feel like summer isn't over because you've got a dress on. Plus, I love that you can style them in many ways, with different hats, bags, shoes and coats. One sweater dress isn't enough to survive (during the colder days), so it's always good to stock up like never before. I know I will because unlike sweaters, sweater dresses can be a lot more feminine. 

I would love to know what's one item that you can't wait to wear this autumn/winter season? For me it's all of the above. 

  For more style inspiration check out the StyleWe Blog and their Pinterest site

See you soon (every Thursday) and thank you for being here!    

                                                                                                                        Love, Radi   


Hello everyone,

Recently I returned from a vacation in Oceanside, California and I have to say that I already miss it way too much. I miss the long peaceful walks I took each morning on the beach, I miss the fresh air that washed away all my fears, I miss the sound and rhythm of the ocean, I miss watching the surfers catch waves and on and on...  I've had the best time! 

It's always so wonderful to return to California because it's only four hours drive from Vegas and it's my kind of oasis. While I was there I took a lot of beach photos that those of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen and even shot this cute outfit that brings back so many wonderful memories. 

Words cannot describe how nice it was to be barefoot- feet in the sand, to climb on palm trees (at least I tried), to play with the water, and to fully enjoy all that beauty around me. Looking at these photos now, not only do I want to go back, but I wish I had the power to reverse and freeze time, so I could relive it all over again. Unfortunately, that won't be happening anytime soon 😭, so let's sit back, relax and imagine that we're there while looking at these photos.   

One of the best things about the beach is that it's perfectly okay to have no shoes on, which is why I didn't even bother wearing ones for this look ( I only packed 2 pairs). Instead I opted for two identical anklets to add some shine and beauty to my feet (happily covered in sand). 

For me personally, a summer vacation without a dress is like spring without flowers: Not going to happen! The minute I knew I was going to California, the first thing I put in my suitcase is this pretty dress because I didn't want to forget it and miss the chance to wear and take pictures in it. How do you like it? It also comes with straps that can be removed, as you can see, I did just that because I found it more suiting this way. I love the turquoise and the mixture of colors in it. It reminds me of the ocean. 

When I walked along the beach in the mornings it was a bit chilly, so I decided to throw on my white cardigan because it adds that more casual beach feel. I've had it for so long that I can't believe I've managed to keep it this white and clean. Praying I didn't just jinx it!     

And this choker is all too familiar to you because I featured it in my previous post. When I said that I was wearing it constantly, clearly I wasn't lying. I love it to pieces! If you knew how much it costs, you wouldn't believe your ears, eyes, head... 

The final touch is my stud earrings that have been with me for several years and still look like new. Here is the time to say, "Thank You" to myself for keeping my clothing/jewelry in top shape. A little praise won't hurt anyone! hahaha 

Dress: EXPRESS    Earrings: Charming Charlie  Necklace: RoseGal   Anklets: NewChic 

Thanks for coming with me to this Oceanside oasis. I hope it brought some joy and beauty to your day (even more so if you had a bad day). I'm looking forward to reading your comments. I truly appreciate every single one...💖 
Now back to reality until the next trip (hopefully really soon)!
See you next week! 

                                                                                                                                         Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

I haven't done a review post in a while, which is why today it's time to change that. I love doing these because I get to review new items that I have a feeling (yes, I'm psychic) you would love as well and share with you what I honestly think of each one. There's no denying, anything that involves clothing or jewelry makes me way too happy.  Good thing this review includes both! 

So I'm here to introduce to you the website from which everything that you'll see (in less than a minute) is from. The website is called RoseGal. It sells everything from dresses to beauty products and, what's more, it's super affordable compared to other stores. Just image you can be trendy for a lot less, which is extra good for the person paying (you, your mom, your best friend...). 

I got three items from there and am ready to give you my honest opinion (rating for 1-6, 6 being the highest). 
Here we go! 

1. Print Dress (LINK)

From first sight I fell in love with this dress because of this pretty print, the loose sleeves and of course the fit. The only thing is that it's a bit too short, so I'm planning to wear it with shorts on top or, like in the photos, as a swimsuit cover-up. Also, I really love the lightweight fabric that easily flows with the movement of the wind and is summer perfect. I find the scoop back attractive and a great way to show off your sexy back, if that's one of your favorite body attributes. With this dress, feel free to style it more casual or dressy depending on your personal preference. I personally give it a five out of six. 

2. Double Black-Band Choker (LINK   

I have to say for costing only $1.56 I was really surprised with the quality of this choker. It's super good (seriously)!!! Ever since I've got it, I've been wearing it (my sister is my witness) and I've noticed that it looks great with every outfit. I like the double layers and just how it completely adds that something special to any outfit. I would highly recommend it if you're in the search of a choker necklace. For me, there isn't a flaw, which is why I give it a compete six out of six. 

3. Crossbody Bag (LINK)   

Last thing that I got is this cute, perfect sized tassel bag in black so it goes wonderfully with every outfit of mine. I like that it's deep enough to fit all my belongings. Plus, it comes in grey and brown as well. The only thing is that when it arrived it smelled (storage odor) and I found it quite heavy even without putting anything inside of it. I'm going to try and get rid of that smell by putting it outside on the balcony all day and see if that will help in any way. Because of these two reasons, I give this bag a four out of six. 

Overall, RoseGal was a great shopping experience and I'm satisfied with the three things I got. If you're interested check them out and stock up on some nice quality clothing, jewelry or beauty items. 
What's really great is that mine arrived within days (quicker than I expected), so you can immediately wear them and feel like it's Christmas all over again... :) 

Now it's time for me to return to enjoying my vacation. You can follow me and see lots of beach beauty on my Instagram. Plus, be on the look out for a summer stylish look that will be coming at you from this picturesque place. 

Until next week! Bye! 

                                                                                                                                             Love, Radi