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Hello everyone,

With the sun still shining bright and the temperatures not much different from the summer (at least in Las Vegas), I wanted my outfit to be just as bright, effortless and feminine. Really, I'm not complaining because I would rather be hot than cold any time (trying to think of ways to warm myself up - LOL)! 

This weather brings me to the realization that I can still get away with wearing dresses, skirts, tank tops, sandals and my must-have pop of color.... what's better than that?

So, here I am with one of the most seen trends this summer: Off The Shoulder! I'm sure all of you are familiar and have even joined the 'cold shoulder' love. I have, and couldn't resist wearing my striped off-the-shoulder top in blue. I love it because it reminds me of sailing away into the blue sea while on vacation somewhere tropical with the breeze blowing away my curls (sorry, seems like I've drifted away to another place, but you get the picture), even more so wi…


Hello everyone, 

With a cup of coffee in hand and inspiration all around me, it's clearly going to be a good day today (productive one). The smell of coffee immediately wakes me up and kick starts my creative senses, so here I am. There's no better way to spend this morning with you than speaking fashion, sharing ideas, discussing trends and drinking one or two cups of coffee along the way.... (yes, I'm a coffee lover for LIFE!) 

I thought it would be interesting for you to see what I recently got from Zaful, an online shop, the ideal destination for trendy apparel at reasonable prices and of great quality. 
I'm completely satisfied with my three items and before I reveal anything else, let me just show it all to you. 


Me and crochet get along super well like BFFs, so the minute I saw this dress, I knew that that was it, the search was over. It highlights my summer tan, it's so lightweight, and I like the fit. 
I love that I can wear i…


Hello everyone, 

With the autumn season coming at us in full blast, in this post I want to share with you some of the items that I want to get my hands on. Some are trending, others are jaw dropping and all of them are screaming my name (yes, many times they speak loud and clear). 

Also, with Fashion Week going on right now, I couldn't just sit, I had to see what's going on.... so I headed to StyleWe for the hottest designer wear at more reasonable prices. It's all a girl could ever dream of! Unlike the designs at fashion week, the clothing at StyleWe can easily become part of our wardrobe and something that we can wear from day to day. I'm sure this fact makes you as excited as me because you know that if fashion was all about looking instead of wearing, it would have been so boring for all us fashionistas who want to have it all.... from clothing to accessories and then back around.   

These StyleWe items that I'm going to reveal to you (in a second) are my dream pi…


Hello everyone,

Recently I returned from a vacation in Oceanside, California and I have to say that I already miss it way too much. I miss the long peaceful walks I took each morning on the beach, I miss the fresh air that washed away all my fears, I miss the sound and rhythm of the ocean, I miss watching the surfers catch waves and on and on...  I've had the best time! 
It's always so wonderful to return to California because it's only four hours drive from Vegas and it's my kind of oasis. While I was there I took a lot of beach photos that those of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen and even shot this cute outfit that brings back so many wonderful memories. 
Words cannot describe how nice it was to be barefoot- feet in the sand, to climb on palm trees (at least I tried), to play with the water, and to fully enjoy all that beauty around me. Looking at these photos now, not only do I want to go back, but I wish I had the power to reverse and freeze time, so …


Hello everyone,

I haven't done a review post in a while, which is why today it's time to change that. I love doing these because I get to review new items that I have a feeling (yes, I'm psychic) you would love as well and share with you what I honestly think of each one. There's no denying, anything that involves clothing or jewelry makes me way too happy.  Good thing this review includes both! 

So I'm here to introduce to you the website from which everything that you'll see (in less than a minute) is from. The website is called RoseGal. It sells everything from dresses to beauty products and, what's more, it's super affordable compared to other stores. Just image you can be trendy for a lot less, which is extra good for the person paying (you, your mom, your best friend...). 

I got three items from there and am ready to give you my honest opinion (rating for 1-6, 6 being the highest). 
Here we go! 

1. Print Dress (LINK)

From first sight I fell in love with…