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Hello everyone,  Today's post is all about CONFIDENCE !  You might be wondering why and what is the story behind this idea?!  Well, I'm here to tell you all about it.  Two weeks ago, on a Saturday night I went to Demi Lovato's Future Now tour. It was a night I won't forget for many reasons, but most importantly I was blown away by Demi's radiance and confidence on stage that she inspired me to come up with a showstopping outfit that gives ME the confidence to speak without needing to say a word.  As you may know, Demi has gone through some rough times with body image and seeing her that night shine so bright and being confident in her own skin, I was mesmerized and, literally, my heart was jumping for joy, for her strength to overcome such a difficult issue that many teens and women face these days. She owned the night and without speaking I could tell that she stood high like a skyscraper and concurred all her fears. It was so inspiring to w


Hello everyone, As one who's always on the lookout for cute dresses that vary in color, style, print, length and fabric, I'm happy to inform you that I've found a site that has it all. Since dresses are a must staple during the summer for me, and one or two just isn't enough, I've got a few picks from  that are my favorites. Who better to share it with than you, so you can give me your opinions?! Which one do you think I should get?!  As you can see Fashionmia offers endless dress options and all these are some of my most favorite. There is everything from shift dresses to cocktail dresses, from skater dresses to maxi dresses. Literally, anything your heart desires, plus, there are endless cute, but affordable dresses that you can find here.   I don't know about you, but for me dresses are the easiest to style because all you need to add is your favorite accessories and you're re


Hello everyone,  Have any of you been watching the Rio Olympics? I have been glued to the TV, enjoying it all so much. Even as I'm writing this post, I'm watching the swimming. I love sports and have been playing for a long time, which is why I don't know if I'll ever get anything else done while the Olympics are on.  What have been your favorite events to watch? I cannot get enough of the beach volleyball, swimming, gymnastics and I hear in the next Olympics they'll be adding surfing, which is something that I'm so looking forward to (even if I have to wait four more years). Well, for sure I can keep talking about the Olympics, but I know many of you are here for the fashion, so let's get to it.  When there's pleats, great fit and style, it all means one thing... (in this case) a jumpsuit is here to make its mark. This particular one is so special to me because of these wide legs that flow in the breeze and look runway ready. I can'


Hello everyone, Today not only will I be sharing my outfit, but also showing you how to turn your scarf into a fashionable vest that can be worn over your swimsuit or tank top for everyday. Plus, a fun nail design that I came up with for those times when you want your nails to be different (not plain) and you've got the time to enjoy a little nail therapy. Sounds Good?     I've got this long scarf from last year while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta that I love so much that I wanted to figure out how to wear from day to day in my everyday life. I came up with the perfect solution that looks great and makes me feel on vacation all over again and now I'm ready to give you the deeds so you can achieve this as well. So once you've got your favorite scarf that's long enough, it's time to place it behind your back (holding two of the corners in each hands) underneath your armpits as if you're about to tie a towel around yourself. Then all