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Hello everyone, 

What's new? Except that it's almost August and before you know it, it'll be Christmas all over again. But looking on the bright side, it's still so sunny and I'm having a great summer (hope you are too), so to keep these vibes up I've got a super cute romper to show you.

 As one who loves flowers so much, I love it even more when they're part of my apparel. This way I get to spread some joy just like flowers do (I like to think so) and have a flowery summer every day. This romper definitely does that for me whenever I wear it (been wearing it non-stop since I bought it last week). I just couldn't resist it and I'm the first one to say that I don't regret it even a bit because it's all I've wanted.... it's lightweight (no thick, sweaty fabric), it's colorful (just like my personality), it's short (perfect for tanning), it's easy to wear (one piece that covers both top & bottom) and mostly,it's so ME!  

Usually I would dress up an outfit, but this time I really wanted a more casual look that you can wear anytime/anywhere during the summer. For that reason I went with these nude comfortable gladiator sandals with the slightest heel and lovely lace detail. How cute are they? 

Also, I couldn't skip the opportunity of adding my favorite fedora hat and a few of my most precious jewelry pieces like these rings, watch, earrings and bracelet. I think they go well with the romper and the sandals, which makes me extra happy with the whole outcome. Is this a look you could see yourself wearing? 

Romper: H&M   Hat/Sandals: Target  Rings/Watch/Bracelet: Charming Charlie  Earrings: American Eagle 

Last summer, I also did a romper look (a bit more dressier) that I think you would enjoy, so I'm going to link it for those of you who are interested in seeing it- Click Here

Thanks for spending the day or evening with me and as always I'll be here next week with a new post for you. If you're interested in seeing something in particular, hit me up on Instagram @FashionRadi ( I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas). 

Have a happy weekend ahead! 

                                                                                                                          Love, Radi  


Hello everyone, 

I believe a simple piece like a scarf can add that something special to any outfit and be worn all year round, which brings me to the conclusion of totally agreeing with Rebecca Bloomwood  in "Shapoholic" when she just couldn't resist buying that vivid silk green scarf. If you know what I'm talking about and have seen the movie (one of my favorites) you win extra points. This reminds me, after I show you the five ways to style a summer scarf, to get out the dvd and watch it (for maybe the hundredth time) because I can't hide the fact that in many ways I can relate to Rebecca, she's such a character and the movie is just so fun and easy-going, always puts a smile on my face. Have you seen it?     

Back to the scarf in hand. Here are the five ways I would wear a scarf, in the hopes of making my outfit more fashionable and more unique. I hope you enjoy it and this gives you some ideas of ways to spice up your look next time you want to experiment with something different. 

 1. Tie the scarf to your handbag 

This technique in my opinion can make your look a lot more interesting, plus stylish, girlie and next thing you know everyone else is doing it. I really like it especially for days when you're wearing casual shorts and a tee, but you want your accessories to pop. Look at how awesome a purse looks with a scarf wrapped around it. This gets me thinking that even an old handbag that has be worn lots with the help of a scarf would look like brand new. Personally, I'm looking forward to sporting this look more often. Best thing about it is that you can change the scarfs up to match your outfit.

2. Tie the scarf as a bracelet      

Another fun way to take your outfit to the next level, by turning your scarf into one big bracelet. Leave your bracelets behind and try this fresh new take that may easily become your new favorite summer trend. I know I can easily get used to it! There's no wrong way of doing it, just tie it around your wrist in a way that looks good to you and you're set to get lots of compliments or stares because of your one of a kind style idea. Embrace it and allow it to speak for itself. 

3. Turn your scarf into a colorful belt     

We all know that sometimes belts can be boring, so next time you get ready skip the belt and add a cute colorful scarf around your waist. This is way more fun and prettier because you'll have the scarf hanging nicely and adding a new element to your whole outfit (one that you didn't imagine could exist until now). I love the look of it and the relaxed summer feeling it carries, perfect for those temperature raising days.   

4. Make a headband out of your scarf 

Not only is this the best way to add accessories to your hair, but the perfect way to get your hair out of your face in style. A simple technique like this one will give you that more relaxed boho-chic look, which you can sport at the beach or whenever shopping. That's right I'm thinking of California, even Hawaii... anywhere there's sunshine, sand, palm trees and water to dip into. I'm so dreaming of that perfect paradise!

5. Tie it around your neck     

And we can't forget the most practical and popular way to style your scarf, around the neck. This not only helps those of you who have long necks and want to hide it, but makes any look a lot more versatile and memorable. I find that one simple outfit with the touch of a scarf becomes bang bang....too good and so right. From nay to yay, from okay to wow! :) 

Well, we've come to the end. Like I said, now I'm going to go watch "Shapoholic" and enjoy the rest of the day. Have a great one as well and let me know how you liked this blog post in the comments. Also, if you haven't seen my previous styling post (all about the white button-down) have a look Here!  

I'm already looking forward to next week when we'll see each other again! Bye!

                                                                                                                           Love, Radi  


Hello everyone,

 When it comes to styling, there are a few pieces worth spending the money on because not only are they your building blocks for the perfect fashionable wardrobe, but they can last you from ten to twenty years. One such piece is the white button-down shirt that every girl should have in her closet. It's a must because as a staple piece, you can express your own personal style with countless looks using the same white-button down. I'm sure you can already think of a few outfits at the top of your head with this one item. What's more is that a white-button down can easily be dressed up or stripped down depending on the occasion and and of course sometimes your mood.

I would like to introduce you to the other items that fit in the same category of things you must have (to build a staple wardrobe), but we'll save that for further posts because today it's all about the ways to style a crisp white-button down shirt.       

The idea came when I thought of doing more style tip posts because we all could use a little inspiration sometimes and these posts are so fun for me that I don't even want them to end  

When it comes to picking the right white shirt for you there a few tips I would like to give you so you'll be hundred percent satisfied with your purchase.  

1. Don't be afraid to spend a little more than usual for this item because in the long run you'll get lots of use from it and you want the fabric+ quality to be of the highest.

2. From 1 to 10 your shirt must be a compete 10, which means you love it, it fits your body shape perfectly, it's comfortable and you see yourself wearing it for many years to come. 

3.   No baggie shirt please! Choose one that is flattering to your body shape, whether you're a pear, apple, rectangle... If your problem area is your waist, buy one with a straight cut. 

4. It's always best to go for a more dressier white button-down because it can be styled many ways from dressier to more casual with the help of the right accessories. 

5. Most importantly don't forget to be you and style it in a way that expresses who YOU are. 

As I've said in the beginning a white button-down shirt can take you many places, from running errands to a cocktail night with the girls, which is why it's an essential piece. For that reason, I came up with three various looks that are different from one another, but in the end they are all styled with the same shirt. For example, for a simple, yet fashionable day at the pool, you can tie the shirt over your bathing suit, which is so easy and the effect is so beautiful. For a fancy night out event, you can switch it up with a sequin skirt and a pair of high heels like I did. And of course, for a more free-spirited boho-chic look, go with a long skirt plus some comfy sandals that will leave you feeling ready for anything. How would you style, your button-down shirt and which of these looks is more your style? Let me know in the comments

Shirt: H&M  Skirt: Banana Republic Heels: Gianni Bini  Necklace: EXPRESS  Pearl Studs: Charming Charlie 
Shirt: H&M  Swimsuit: Bar III  Earrings: ALDO 
Shirt: H&M  Skirt: H&M  Sandals: Target  Necklace: NewChic

If you're interested and would like me to do more style posts like this, make sure to let me know because I'm definitely enjoying and looking forward to doing more of these. Also, I've done a similar post recently where you can see how easily you can transform one look from day to night, which you can enjoy by clicking Here!        

As always be sure to come back next week because you wouldn't want to miss the next post. It will be another useful one; I'm sure you'll learn a lot. 

Have a happy weekend!!! 

                                                                                            Love, Radi 


Hello everyone,

What's one way to make your summers even brighter? That's easy; having bright and fun nails!
During the summer, I'm so much into painting my nails even doing cute little designs that pop-up in my mind  that I had to share with you my top favorites before summer is over (time flies too quickly).
 I find that doing my nails is therapeutic and always a nice "me time", which is why I enjoy it so much. Plus, clean and freshly painted nails always give me a confidence boost, which I think is one of the main reasons why we girls like to do our nails, make-up, pick our outfit and so on.... What's your relaxation "me time" hobby?

My excitement has hit its highest so let's get started!

1. ORLY "Summer Sunset"

Not only in clothing are bright colors my signature! Just as much, I love vibrant nail colors like this yellow, those of you who've been reading my blog for a while will know this is so my style. Lovely and bright as the sun, I like the hint of tiny golden dots that gleam in the light whenever I'm wearing this nail polish. The photos don't give it full justice because you can't see what I'm talking about, but trust me this color in person is more than a simple yellow. I think it would look amazing with a white summer dress on or literally anything floral or tropical print that speaks summer.

2. ORLY Color Blast "Frozen"  

This one is the most unique nail polish I own because of all the shades it has in one. From one angle it looks blue, from another green or purple, which gives this rich blast of colors or the illusion of multiple colors making it one magical mixture in a bottle. A nail polish like this one has got me praying that it'll never end or get old because I love it and want it to last me a lifetime (it's already half empty). If you have a similar one, you know exactly how I feel!

3. Nicole by O.P.I. "Spring Break"

From Selena Gomez's collection this nail polish is the perfect fuchsia color that's a must for me during these hot summer days. It can literally be seen from miles away with this rich color. Two coats and you'll know your nail polish will be the talk of the conversation among friends and family (especially if they're girls). I love wearing this color because it totally gives me those summer vibes and my nails love it too. hahaha As a matter of fact, I even have my toes painted this same color, which shows just how much I love it.

4. Sally Hansen "Bubblegum Pink"   

Sweet and pink this bubblegum nail polish is like a dream. I absolutely love it. I mean just look at it and now imagine it on your nails. See what I mean?! This is my favorite shade of pink that I love to wear in my clothing and on my nails. True beauty, that always reminds me of the cotton candy I used to eat when I was little. If only it appeared in my hands whenever I wear this color, I would be the first to tell you all about it. Now let's pretend that we're all having a cotton candy party! 

5. REVLON "Get Lucky"       

Who's getting lucky tonight? Me! Why? Because I'm wearing this nail polish,so I might even drop by the casino and use my luck for some great winnings. With this nail polish on my side, I'm lucky all the time!Such a beautiful pop of orange, won't you agree? I had no doubts about including this color in my top favorites because it's highly rated in my heart. There is no summer without it. I use it (a bit too frequently), love it and will keep on loving it even through the beginning of fall. 

Which one of these nail polishes is your favorite? 

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