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Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the desert or should I say my "natural habitat" where I've learned to survive, but mostly pose in front of dreamy red canyons with dry air, sun beating down and of course me in a fancy getup all for the love of fashion. :)  
That's right, I would do it all because experiences like these is what I strive for; they're the the ones that keep me up awake through the night, replaying the day over and over again with a smile on my face. I'm sure you can relate and know exactly what I mean. When was the last time that happened to you?     

This summer is the time to multiply those experiences and make it all come alive like a pink kite ready to take flight. No turning back, going with the flow of the air breeze. Imagine going to places you've never been, making memories that once were only present in your head and hearing the sounds of nature breathing as one. So much beauty that it's easy to see, this life is a gift for you and me!   

To accommodate this lovely background, I had to go for a look that speaks volumes, if only with one glance and no actual words. Really the flow, the color, the waist detail are just some of the many things I love and greatly appreciate (yes, clothes can be appreciated)  about this dress. You can easily throw it on, add some cute accessories of your choice and oooh-la-la you're ready to go. This dress makes a big vibrant statement that won't be overlooked, well, because that's the only way you'll want to look- hahaha! Like a target, all eyes will be focused on you      
My choice of accessories included my all time favorite round earrings that match my dress and some gold dainty rings that I stacked up on both of my hands. Really that's all you need with a dress like this! Also, let's not forget my choice of footwear, which are these black strappy heels with the perfect height. They're amazing because they'll look great with anything and everything. Having said that, right now, I image pairing them with skinny jeans and a nice white tee on top. Simple, yet stylish 

 I have lots more desert worthy looks that you should check out, if you haven't already!   (Trust me!) 
 And I can't go without mentioning one last time my recent review post of the IRRESISTIBLE ME styling iron because I was so impressed by it, love using it and if you're in the search of a great lasting iron, I highly recommend it. Everything you need to know about it you can read HERE!    

Dress: Macy's   Heels: EXPRESS  Earrings: ALDO   Rings: Charming Charlie
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Thank you and have a beautiful weekend! 

                                                                                                                                         Love, Radi  


Hello everyone,

It's that time of year again; to celebrate to the fullest America's Independence Day! Only a week away, I knew I had to prepare a patriotic look for those of you seeking inspiration or wanting to get into the spirit of the holiday

Like last year, I'm really looking forward to the morning parade, the great food, the lively spirits, the music and of course the fireworks. It's always a great time to celebrate all that America has given my family and I by honoring this special day. It's a huge celebration that has left me with some wonderful memories from the previous years that I cannot wait for this years' festivities. 

I'm sure you know that 'a-must' on this day is wearing red, white and blue (the colors of the flag), which is why I'm all decked out. I love the combination of these three colors and with that in mind, I created a really casual look that will take me through the whole day. Last year's outfit was more dressy, so I thought this time I'm going to change things up. See it here: Red, White & Navy!    

As you can see I'm all ready in shorts, cute tee and additional American inspired accessories. I even have a small flag to wave around and proudly scream and shout- hahaha! Plus, I gave my nails a French red manicure with cute white dots that look like sprinkles of joy as they shine in the sunlight. I LOVE it and if you can't tell by now, I really enjoy dressing up in sync with Independence Day.    

I would love to know, what do you plan on wearing on July 4th and what are you looking forward to the most on this day? I can't wait to read your answers.   

T-Shirt: Costco  Shorts/Flip-Flops: Target   Sunglasses: American Eagle   Earrings: Charming Charlie 

Thank you all for reading and being here! I appreciate every single one of you. If you're celebrating, I wish this post got you excited for July 4th. If not, I still hope you found it interesting. As always, I had a wonderful time organizing, creating and writing this post. 


                                                                                    Love, Radi


Hello everyone, 

Review Time!

As an owner of an old chunky flat iron, I was thrilled to receive this slim diamond one to forever replace the old with the new. I like knowing that now my life will be easier when it comes to straightening my hair. It really is super fast and easy with the IRRESISTIBLE ME styling iron compared to the struggle and long hours it took me to straighten my hair with my old flat iron (I just can't believe that I haven't changed to this one sooner). There's so much things that I love about it and figured out on my first try that I can't wait to share with you all its pros. 

  • One of the immediate things that caught my attention was that this ceramic flat iron has diamond coated plates, which is a lot healthier for the hair. 
  •  It's light weight (perfect for travel) and easy to store away (won't take much space).
  • I was surprised by how easy it's to manage (You just plug it in, press the power button, select your temperature level from 1 to 3, 3 being the hottest and style away).
  • I really like that it heats up in no time, so if you're in a rush this styling iron is on your side. Also, once I was done using it, I noticed that within a minute or two it had already cooled off and was ready to be put back in its place. 
  •  You can create different looks with the IRRESISTIBLE ME iron in hand, like a straight hair or even loose curls. 
  • Every girl in the family can use it (my mom loves it and keeps asking me if she can borrow it). 
  • This styling iron comes with one year warranty from the date of purchase, which I find very helpful. 
  • Mine got to me fairly quickly, was in perfect condition and working fine, which is of course, a huge plus and makes for one happy day.        
  • Truly I could not find any. I'm 100% satisfied with this product. For me this is hands down the best flat iron I've ever used.   

To get your own IRRESISTIBLE ME DIAMOND STYLING IRON this LINK with take you there. 
Another thing worth mentioning is that this site also has a great variety of hair extensions, wigs, ponytail clip-ins, hair accessories and hair care products. Take a look and enjoy!

I hope you found this review helpful for those of you who maybe are looking for a new, better styling iron. I highly recommend it and if you end up purchasing one, I would love to hear your impressions of it. 

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! See you next time!

                                                                                                           Love, Radi  


Hello everyone,

That's right, today I'm bringing you one style in two different looks. I'll show you how you can turn one simple white tee and high-waist shorts into something spicy (not the ingredient) that you can for sure wear for a cocktails night-out with the girls or any place that requires you to be a little bit more dressed up
What's great is that within a few seconds you can completely change this look from casual to dressy or the other way around, which I love. Yes, it's all possible, especially when you've got no time, with the right accessories on hand you'll be ready and most importantly feeling confident to head out once again. Keep in mind that no matter the occasion (meetings, date-night, birthday party...) there's always a way to make it work in a way that you feel you represent the best YOU!  

As you can see from the photos above, one white tee and high-waist shorts is all you need to create multiple looks. One is more casual for times when you want to look put together, but feel comfortable if you're around and about exploring or walking long distance through the Las Vegas Strip like me. To achieve this look all I did is add a few basic accessories such as some stackable bracelets on my wrist, mirrored sunglasses to keep the sun away from my eyes, stud earrings and comfy bejeweled sandals that will easily take me from one place to the next.  
It really is that simple! Now, without changing my clothes you can see the way I transformed this same casual look into a more going out dressy look. All I did was add my "ANDY" Mirina Collections (post + discount code) statement necklace, got rid of the bracelets and added my favorite suede pumps to my feet. Whooooooola!!!  

White Tee: Target  High-Waist Shorts: Macy's  Pumps: Madden Girl  Necklace: Mirina Collections           Sunglasses: American Eagle   Bracletes: Kohl's   Sandals: BCBGeneration                                                        
I hope this blog post gave you an idea of how to dress-up or dress-down the same type of look whatever that may be. Just remember to focus on the right accessories because they make the transformation from day to night happen. Count them as your best and most loyal friend! 

If you want me to do more style posts like this one where I transform the same style into different looks, let me know in the comments section below. 
Also, I would love to know what you thought of this post? Which look is more your go-to?  

Before I go, I have to mention this amazing site that offers everything you'll ever need. Plus, it has designer clothing for less. Check it out and let me know what you think:
If there's a party or a wedding that you'll be attending this summer, there are plenty of choices to pick from. See for yourself.... these dresses are so unique, glamorous and perfect for any special occasion. 

See you next time and if you missed my previous post of the Greek goddess, as many of you said (thank you for that), here it is: ENJOY! 

Bye, bye until next week! 

                                                                                                                                           Love, Radi     


Hello everyone,

 What's one thing that has my heart beating faster

When it comes to fashion that one thing is classy, elegant pieces that can last me a lifetime. That being said, this beautiful maxi dress is the perfect example of that because I can see myself wearing it this moment and ten years from now. 

It has everything that I look for starting from its simplicity, yet full enchantment that will leave you unable to take your eyes away from it. I love the pure white, the golden braid details, the one-shoulder style, the soft fabric and the way it makes me feel. It really made me feel like Cinderella going to the ball, ready to have the time of my life. Maybe not to the ball, but I am looking forward to wearing this dress to any special event in my life because a special dress like this one calls for special moments.  

Isn't it lovely? With this dress, it's perfectly fine to go with minimal jewelry like I did because the dress alone makes a statement that needs no back-up help. You just throw it on and in a second you'll feel and look like a million bucks
For lots of different dress styles head over to their website: GCGme where you'll find every possible style you can think of and one that will fit your personal needs. Plus, I'm sure you'll fall in love with their accessories, fashionable jumpsuits, shoes, blouses and available clothing for plus size women. Enjoy it all
As for my dress, here is the LINK! It comes in variety of colors and sizes!       

 I hope you enjoyed this post and before I go, I'll leave you with another all white look from the past: CLICK Here! (that time I made some furry friends :))   

See you next week! 

                                                                                                                                           Love, Radi