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Hello everyone, 

Not only am I a jewelry lover, but also bold bright lips are my summer obsession, which is why today I'm going to share with you my Top 5 favorites. 
During this season, you'll rarely see me with bare lips because I love a lipstick that brightens up my face, goes hand in hand with my outfit and of course makes a big glossy statement. I just think colorful kisses are a lot more fun and you know, more me! So, if you're with me on this one, stick around to find out why these 5 precious summer shades made it into the list. 

 This above is my first must-have lipstick for many reasons. It's rosy, it's sweet, it's smooth and it looks like a colorful dream. I literally love everything about it. Whenever I wear something that's in the pink family, I always tend to reach for this lipstick and let me tell you, not once have I regretted it. It's called "Blue Rose" by NYC, so I suggest you check it out and see for yourself how beautiful it is even more so when you see it live, right in front of you. Once it's all gone (crossing my fingers that never happens), I'm definitely going to re-purchase it and be as happy as I can be. 

  Without coral and a crush, there is no summer, which is why "Coral Crush" by Maybelline is what I'm crushing on now and forever. One shade that melts my heart away because of how pretty it is on its own and once put on the lips. Definitely, one hot summer babe! I love it and cannot tell you how many compliments (nearly to a million) I have gotten when wearing this lipstick. Not only me, but everyone seems to be crushing on it. 


 Another Maybelline beauty named "Hot Plum" that easily caught my attention and came home with me when I was looking for a lipstick that's different than the ones I already had and has that IT factor. Isn't it beautiful? I love this violet color, combined with a hit of pink, making it so unique and a true showstopper. I think every girl out there should own this lipstick because it's FABULOUS! I can go on and on, but it would be easier if you tried it yourselves. I guarantee you'll be mesmerized with your lips! 


   This ohh so pretty light pink is one that I have already used so much (it's almost all gone) because it not only feels like lip balm, making my lips so soft, but adds some lovely color to them. I'm just cringing at the thought of having to throw it away once I've scraped it all out because it's one of my favorites. Also, it has the cutest name "Strawberry Shortcake" by Revlon, which just hearing it always puts me in a good mood. I feel like a barbie girl, when wearing this lipstick because it reminds me of one and there is no denying that unbelievably beautiful color. Like a good boyfriend, this lipstick is one worth keeping and loving. I Love it

To end on a more sensual and unforgettable note, I had to include this hot bold shade as my final pick. It's the most perfect red I have ever seen! I love this one (maybe a bit too much) because it lasts a very long time and you don't have to re-apply it if you're wearing it from day to night. I highly recommend it if you're looking for the perfect red shade that is also inexpensive. It's "Stoplight Red" by Wet n' Wild. I feel that a red lipstick like this is all you need to stop traffic and cross the street- ha that rhymed! 

Which of these five lipsticks is more your style? Let me know in the comments! 

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Enjoy! See you next week! 

                                                                                                                                         Love, Radi