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Hello everyone,

Having trouble deciding what looks good on you according to your body type? Wondering what to wear that will make you feel both beautiful and comfortable in your own skin? Well, I'm here to help and give you all the advice that you need to feel stylish, yet true to your own personality. 

Welcome to my new series: How to style your body shape!

Many of you might not know this, but I have studied fashion and have the knowledge of how to style every body shape there is, so I want to share all that I have learned because I believe every girl/woman deserves to look and feel beautiful from head to toe no matter her size

I hope at the end of this series you'll be:
* more confident in your clothing 
* more aware of what to look/shop for
* know what pieces flatter your body shape
* how to dress your body for a specific occasion (work,party and more) 
* express your personality through the way you dress
* have fun with your style 

I'll cover it all! I'm really excited an…