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Hello everyone,

Having trouble deciding what looks good on you according to your body type? Wondering what to wear that will make you feel both beautiful and comfortable in your own skin? Well, I'm here to help and give you all the advice that you need to feel stylish, yet true to your own personality. 

Welcome to my new series: How to style your body shape!

Many of you might not know this, but I have studied fashion and have the knowledge of how to style every body shape there is, so I want to share all that I have learned because I believe every girl/woman deserves to look and feel beautiful from head to toe no matter her size

I hope at the end of this series you'll be:
* more confident in your clothing 
* more aware of what to look/shop for
* know what pieces flatter your body shape
* how to dress your body for a specific occasion (work,party and more) 
* express your personality through the way you dress
* have fun with your style 

I'll cover it all! I'm really excited and can't wait!

As you can see from the title of this post, today I'm going to cover the pear-shaped body. 

Artist: Instagram: @Danielaelalife      Twitter: @Danielablagoeva

Above is an illustration of what a pear-shaped woman looks like. She's wider at the hips and smaller on top, which exactly symbolize the curves of the fruit(a pear). Also, this is the most common shape of a woman, which led me to the obvious conclusion that I had to cover this body type first. 
When it comes to styling pear-shaped bodies, most of them will want to hide the hips(the problem area), while enhancing another favorite body part of theirs like the shoulders, waist or legs. So if you're a pear-shaped woman take notes because I'm going to give you useful tips and show you how to style your body for the upcoming Spring.

Artist: Instagram: @Danielaelalife    Twitter: @Danielablagoeva    
This above is the perfect Spring outfit for a pear-shaped woman.

I'm going to go through the reasons why these pieces make one great look for a woman with bigger hips and thighs. 

The main goal for a pear-shaped woman is to minimize the hips, which we obviously cannot cut off, so the next best thing is to use clothing as an illusion. With the right type of clothing, when you look in the mirror, you'll notice that your body looks a lot more proportional on the top and the bottom. That would mean you have succeeded in hiding your flaws and in showing off the parts of your body that you love!

Skirt: I chose this high-waist A-line skirt for my model because skirts that flare out are ideal for pear-shaped bodies. They look amazing on since they cinch at the waist, are wider at the hem and barely touch the hip area. Going for a dark solid color is key because this way the eyes aren't drawn to that area of your body. Imagine if you wore, a bright floral skirt on the bottom, that's exactly where the eyes would go first, so stay away from bright and patterned skirts or pants. 
I went for a navy skirt because Spring is coming and trying different colors other than black is perfectly okay, just remember to keep them on the darker shades of the spectrum. 
When it comes to the length of the skirt, perfect length for pear-shaped women is below the knees, but if you have great legs that you want to show off or is really hot outside, you can definitely go for a skirt that ends above the knees. A useful tip for you is to stay way from tight knits because they stick to your bottom and accentuate your hips even more. Good option is denim or wool because they keep their shape. 

Top: The good news! With the tops you can have all the fun. Ruffles, sequins, puffy sleeves, patterns, sleeveless, anything goes. You can get creative and express your personality with lots of bright colors, different prints and any embellishment around the neckline. With a top like the one the model is wearing, all the focus goes to the pear's best feature, the face and shoulders. This way no one will even notice your hips and tights. 
I chose this floral orange shoulder blouse as an example of what you can add on a Spring day. What's really great is the cut out of the shoulders because pear-shaped woman tend to have great shoulders and upper body (their strongest asset), which in my opinion should most definitely be shown off to the world :) 
Just a little tip when choosing tops: Make sure they fit nicely at the waistline, not baggy or ending at your hips!
If you're not into wearing tops that are busy with prints, you can go for the t-shirt route. Choose one that's brighter in color and to it add a big statement necklace to draw the attention to your upper half. Or instead of a necklace, you can always go for your favorite statement earrings or a colorful scarf around your neck. These are all great options for you! Whatever makes you feel beautiful and the most like yourself

Heels: High heels are always a plus, not only for pear-shaped women, but for all women as we know. Heels elongate the legs and make a woman look sexy, so if you're feeling up to it add a pair of heels to your Spring outfit.  

I really hope this post was helpful and useful to my pear-shaped women out there! If you have any questions at all, don't be afraid to ask me in the comments section below. I'll be happy to answer them to the best of my ability. 
Also, if you like this series and have any ideas of what I should cover next when it comes to styling, let me know. You can even get in contact with me through my twitter @FashionRadi
Be sure to share this post with your friends or family members that are pear-shaped and having trouble with picking out pieces that fit their bodies right. Hopefully this helps!

As for next time, continuing with this series I'll be covering the apple-shape, so stay tuned..... 

See you next week! 

                                                     Love, Radi