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Hello everyone, 

I know that we all love to splurge sometimes (me, all the time) on things that we have always wanted or needed. It's inevitable because this happens to me all the time- I see something in the store that I like, try to forget it and walk away, but later find out that I cannot stop thinking about this piece, so I return to the store as soon as I can the next day and purchase it. Does that happen to you or am I the only one? That being said, welcome to my life! 

Because my birthday is coming soon in the spring, I decided to head over to the Dresslink  site and make my own wishlist of the things that I really want. It was so much fun because the prices are amazing. You can afford any single piece of clothing or jewelry and there's everything that a girl really needs. Plus, I found that there are items that cost only $0.01, which is insane, I mean where do I sign up? You can check out these unique and fashion forward pieces here. Not only that, but Dresslink offers free shipping on a lot of their items, which is most definitely the cherry on top of the cake. If you're interested, have fun splurging on your friends, family, girlfriend or most importantly yourself here.  :)      

So I had the best days of browsing and making my wishlist( it got super long), but I can finally say that I'm ready to share with you what I've come up with. READY?!  

1. Lace Deep Green Mini Dress (Link Here )

Immediately this beauty caught my eyes when I was looking for a cute summer dress. One that's great for casual days that I can pair up with sandals or a fancy evening with some nice heels on. I LOVE It! I'm in love with the lace, the quarter length sleeves and the tiny belt that cinches at the waist making you look flawless. Also, I chose this dress because it's one that I don't have in my closet yet and I think it should be (I can already imagine it there.) Plus, I'm imagining accessorizing it with my favorite jewelry pieces and ohhhhh my mind is going to blow from this excitement! Do you like my first pick? 


2. Rose Gold Watch ( Link Here 

To go with with the lace dress and with a lot of my other clothing, I had to add this watch to my wishlist. Of course it's about telling the time, but I love a good watch that's stylish and can make any outfit of mine shine brighter. I like watches that look a lot more like a bracelet that are elegant and rose gold ones are my favorite, so this watch fits all my criteria. It's perfect! Also, a wishlist without some kind of jewelry isn't my kind of wishlist. As you already may know, jewelry is my soft spot, I love it, I can't live without it and I truly believe it makes any outfit stand out. 

 3. Chiffon A-Line Short Dress ( Link Here 

Summer will be here in no time (comes pretty fast here in Las Vegas), so I had to add another dress to my list. This one is more loose, love the neon green and the back is so gorgeous. A girl can never have too many dresses, right? I know this dress will be my go-to for the beach or the pool in the summer. You just throw it on and in an instant you're fashionably ready to have some fun in the sun. You can get this dress in pink as well because the prices are so affordable, for sure you can even make a whole outfit from top to bottom for under $30.00. 

That's for my wishlist. What items would you add to your Dresslink wishlist? I would love to know! Don't forget to let me know which item is your favorite from the ones I chose? And remember a little splurge won't hurt! 
Have a beautiful day! 

                                                                                                              Love, Radi    


  1. Great post, fantastic dresses !!!

    Kisses from Poland

  2. That deep green lace mini-dress from Dresslink is beautiful, and I love the vibrant colour of the neon green short A-Line Dresslink dress. I can imagine styling both outfit pieces with different shades of pink for complementary contrasts.

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    Have a nice week-end!
    Photographe Gil Zetbase

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  9. Amazing post dear, so interesting! Have a lovely day :-)

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    Buena lista de deseos.
    Un beso grande.

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