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Hello everyone,  

 Welcome to 2016! 

I know that with the New Year come new resolutions/goals, that often lean toward working out more, traveling the world, being genuine to others and loving ourselves, which is why my first post of the New Year is all about athleisure style. I've teamed up with a brand called Betabrand  to discuss all the ways you can conquer this chic, but also super comfy trend. For more inspiration you can always check out their site, especially their pants  to get you athleisure ready. If you're not familiar with this very popular trend right now, I'm here to give you the inside. Athleisure style is putting together a look that's ideal for going to the gym in, but also is chic and fabulous for after the gym when you have to run errands, go to lunch with friends and accomplish everything on your agenda. You can walk out of the gym looking stylish from head to toe by layering pieces that are both comfortable and  ohhh so fashionable. If you're thinking that's not possible, I'm here to assure you that it is, now that I've styled one myself. I've fallen in love with this look because now I know that I can look good while working out (usually I don't mind the way I look while I sweat) and I can continue on with the rest of my day. 

Are you a fan of this style? 
I'm getting into it more and more each day because I've been active since I can remember and the idea of being stylish while exercising is really exciting to me. You know, I even want to thank the genius who thought of this trend because it's so up my alley. I feel like I'll be sporting it all year round, which means I already want to go shopping for more sporty and cute clothing to satisfy my althleisure obsession. How does that sound? Sounds like the perfect love song to me!!! :)      

When hearing about athleisure style, the first thing that comes to my mind is stretchy, comfortable leggings. Any type of leggings like plain black ones or patterned ones will work depending on your style taste. With that being said, for this look I went straight for these black leggings that are my most favorite and worn, but they still look like new, don't they? The key is to be able to move in them because the first thing you'll do is workout, so you know you've got to feel like you can fly in them. I feel like a flying eagle in mine! hahahaha 

Next, the fun continues with choosing the right tank top. Like me you can go for one with a fun logo, mine says "GYM- REST LATER" or any solid colorful ones. I love it because every time it makes me smile, keeps me working harder and reminds me, gym is first and foremost. There are a lot of fun options out there with logos that will keep you entertained throughout your whole workout. What are some good ones that you've seen or own, I would love to know?    

We all know sneakers are a must for running, lifting weights and basically doing any physical activity, but a big plus is once you're done you can switch into something more stylish. Whether that be heels or boots, you'll looking extra cute. See the rhyme I just did there! You'll be the definition of an athleisure queen. 
I'm sporting these perfect above the ankle booties with a little heel for feeling like I've just climbed a mountain and anything else that comes in my way will be no problem for me. I love the color of them and ohhh how awesome do they look with the rest of the pieces?!

One way to look athleisure perfect is of course by adding a cute jacket and a big tote bag in which you can store all your belongings. These two items are a must because then you'll really look like you know fashion. Not only that, but they'll be a good use. 

Jacket: GAP  Tank Top: TJ Max  Leggings: PINK  Boots: Macy's  Bag: Charming Charlie 

 Note: If you're wondering which New Year's Eve dress I wore to welcome in 2016, it was the blue sequins dress that all of you suggested. The votes were pretty even, but the blue one won by slightly more. Thank you so much to all of you who helped in choosing my outfit for this special night. I look forward to knowing what you think of this first look of 2016? I had a blast styling it and of course wearing it.
See you next again!!! 

                                                                                                                                  Love, Radi   


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