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Hello everyone, 

As I promised here is the second edition of my trip to the Vegas mountains where I snuggled up by the fireplace, visited the Lee Canyon slopes, had a magical wonderland hike in the snow, and took all of nature's beauty and serenity in. For the first edition (on the way to this mini-getaway) you can head here

As you know, in the mountains, it gets extra chilly (temperatures drop drastically), which can be a challenge when it comes to looking good, but feeling warm at the same time. Today we're going to overcome that challenge by showing you three various ways to wear your parka jacket in style. You can definitely add more layers, but since it was sunny in the morning when these photos were taken, I was okay, until the sun was blocked by the clouds. 

 What's great about this parka is that it can be worn as a whole or taken apart into different pieces, which is the main reason why I love it so much. How cool is that? You can decide to wear it as one, as a vest or even take the fur off the hood and wear it as a scarf around your neck, which is exactly what I did. These are all great ideas to make the same outfit, look a bit different thanks to this one jacket. So let's all say a big THANK YOU to the person who designed this jacket that can transform from one form to another in seconds like a true transformer. πŸ‘  What do you think, do you like jackets like these? I really like having that option of wearing the same jacket in different ways because that same jacket can take you from one season to another without a problem. 

To go along on this mountain adventure, I wore my coziest sweater because I feel like "sweater weather" was made just for that. It's fuzzy, it's cozy and super photogenic (LOL), which is all you really need in a sweater, right? I love the way it looks with these plaid leggings and my leather booties. The perfect mountain trip combo!     

I can't believe that when I see you next time here on the blog, it'll already be 2017, so I want to wish you the best in the New Year. Have a wonderful celebration, be fearless, let all your dreams become reality and stay happy and positive no matter what. HAPPY NEW YEAR! πŸŽ‰ For any of you looking for last minute NYE party ideas, I've got the post for you. Plus, you can let me know which outfit I should wear?! 

See you in the new year my loves. Signing off for 2016 and letting the new ride of 2017 begin! 

                                                                                                                                    Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

It's "sporty spice" here! 
With only two days left until Christmas, I can finally say that I'm done with all my Christmas shopping and did it in the comfort and style of this look. I just really love how simple, yet put together this outfit looks. It took me from one store to the next, as a true companion and kept me warm and comfortable. Sometimes that's all we really need, right?  

It was easy to pull off this look because on this day I wanted something cozy and cute, so that's what I got. All these items I received from Rosegal with whom, if you remember, I have worked before. Here are the links: Post 1 & Post 2!    From those two times, I was satisfied with the shop and their clothing, so I decided without a doubt to head on and collaborate with them again. Their site offers all that's trending right now for lower prices, so you can buy multiple things all at once from cozy sweaters to party dresses. 

DressLINK   Boots: LINK    HatLINK   Ring: LINK

For me, dresses are an all year round thing that I love and won't stop wearing no matter how cold it gets outside. They're feminine, cozy and in this case sporty, which sparks no complains from me.
I went for an army green color that's always in style with a great fit (size M), nice big front pockets and a hoodie. I genuinely think I'll end up wearing it many times throughout this season because it's super comfortable and can be styled so many different ways. 

Like every fashionista, I'm always in need of new booties, which is why when I saw these, my shoe-fanatic self screamed, did a little dance and couldn't wait to try them on. I immediately felt for the lace detail, the silver buckle and the heel size. I must say they're a bit tight around the front (size 9, I mostly wear size 9 and a half), which is why I can't wear them with socks, but that hasn't stopped me from wearing them day after day. 

Because warm scarves and wool hats are my total obsession during the winter, I ordered this cute black knit hat that will go with all my warm and cozy outfits. I love it for so many reasons, more precisely, a million reasons, but that will take me forever to list, so instead, let's all enjoy it from these photos. 

A final touch on my fingers is this gold geometric ring that I have wanted for a while now and finally got. It was like waiting for Santa to arrive and lavish me with his presents. I must admit the wait was worth it because I love it and add it to each look of mine as the final touch.


What are some things you are really hoping to receive this year?
I'm looking forward to reading your answers in the comments down below. 

If you still haven't decided what to wear on Christmas, I hope this festive post helps.

Take care and enjoy this holiday season! 

                                                                                                                     Love, Radi 


Hello everyone, 

I just got back from a mini getaway to the Vegas mountains ( yes, Vegas has mountains) where I was able to recharge from the gorgeous views with snow spots here and there, the fresh air that whisked through the forest trees, the quietness that allowed me to easily become in sync with the beautiful surrounding... and so much more. 

Since there was no access to Wi-Fi, I was completely able to disconnect from the big city and and take a breather from the internet because we all know that each one of us needs it from time to time. However, my photographer (@artisticspring) was on hand to take some photos of  me along the way. These ones we took on the way to the mountains. We stopped on the side of the road as soon as we saw an interesting, yet memorable background and what can I say, now, not only do I have these memories, but also I've got a new style look to share with you.   

Most of the pieces I'm wearing are from Zaful because I love their clothing and find everything on their site fashionable, yet affordable. I have already collaborated with them (view POST) and am happy to do it anew because last time I was really satisfied with everything I received. The minute they offered me to work with them again, I knew I couldn't resist.  

Velvet Dress: LINK   Wrap Coat: LINK   Backpack: LINK   Earrings: LINK 

With my Christmas dress being velvet, velvet has officially taken over my world (wardrobe) with this new long sleeved addition. Are you a velvet freak like me? I just love the feel, the sense of luxury this material adds to any look, and of course, wearing it to any dressy event. You know December is all about that! 

I cannot say enough how much I love this Zaful wrap coat because it's so trendy in my eyes, it goes perfectly with anything I wear underneath, and it has already earned lots of compliments when I have been wearing it. Even the women in my family (mom and sister) want an identical one, so I can guarantee you this could be a lovely Christmas gift (if you're still running, wondering what to get for your girlfriend, friend, mom or even grandma.)   

Because I have been loving backpacks lately, particularly ones that can fit my belongings, I chose this leather bag that was able to fit my travel essentials for the mountains. Good thing it arrived before my trip so I could take it with me and use it to my advantage! I can say that it's of great quality, has plenty of space, and is shiny like a brand new penny. I highly recommend it!  

As jewelry goes, I got a pair of earrings and two different chokers from Zaful that I'm already adding to each outfit of mine. You really can never have enough of jewels, am I right? I know my wall jewelry holder is becoming heavier and heavier with each piece I add, but who cares? I know I'll keep on adding to it until it probably gives up on me one day and falls. 

Pearl Choker: LINK    Square Choker: LINK 

You can always find more Zaful fashion inspiration on their Instagram account. 

Thanks for traveling with me to the mountains. I'll have another outfit look and some beautiful nature shots soon in an upcoming post, so stay tuned and click the follow button, so you don't miss a single post. 

Have a great rest of the day! Bye! 

                                                                                                                                Love, Radi


Hello everyone,

Merry Christmas! πŸŽ„
I hope Santa brings you all that you've been dreaming of and you have a cheerful time with family and friends because that's what Christmas is really all about.  

With everyday getting closer and closer to this special time of year, I couldn't miss the chance to create a festive Christmas look and give you some tips when dressing for a holiday as special as this one. 
For my family and I, Christmas has always been a huge celebration since I was a child, and luckily, it still is, which makes me so excited to dress-up and bring the holiday cheer into my look each year. This time of year is the best for making memories, sharing stories, laughter, appreciating our loved ones and of course experimenting with our party looks. What's your favorite part of Christmas? 

So you know before hitting up that Christmas party or Christmas dinner, you've got to look the part by dressing into something that's festive, that's you, and that's stylish. 

Here are my style tips for Christmas wear! 

  • Be festive by dressing up in the season's colors (either red or green). I went for a red dress because I love wearing red and it's the ideal color to catch Santa's attention when it comes to who receives their presents first. LOL!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • If red or green aren't your colors, you can always wear a LBD (little black dress) and bring along that same festive feel through your accessories like a sparkly statement necklace or sequin heels.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • This is the time to let the sequins or beading out. My cold-shoulder dress consists of embellished straps that give the right amount of sparkle and class.                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • A velvet material dress is a great Christmas choice because it's appropriate for the winter time and mostly adds a sense of luxury.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  • If it's really cold where you are like Chicago or NYC, remember to bring a warm coat, scarf, hat or gloves on the way out until you get to your Christmas party destination.                          

I'm interested, have any of you finished with your gift shopping? I'm done with most of mine, but when you think that you're completely finished, something else pops into your head and next thing you know you're back in the mall. 

Last year I did more Christmas looks that you might find helpful and interesting, so I'll leave the links here for you. Enjoy! 

And in my previous post you can catch some party looks for welcoming the New 2017 Year! 
NYE PARTY OUTFIT IDEAS!    Which one should I wear?  

Thank you for spending this time with me! 

Wishing you the best and will see you soon once again! 

                                                                                                                                    Love, Radi