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Hello everyone, 

As I promised here is the second edition of my trip to the Vegas mountains where I snuggled up by the fireplace, visited the Lee Canyon slopes, had a magical wonderland hike in the snow, and took all of nature's beauty and serenity in. For the first edition (on the way to this mini-getaway) you can head here

As you know, in the mountains, it gets extra chilly (temperatures drop drastically), which can be a challenge when it comes to looking good, but feeling warm at the same time. Today we're going to overcome that challenge by showing you three various ways to wear your parka jacket in style. You can definitely add more layers, but since it was sunny in the morning when these photos were taken, I was okay, until the sun was blocked by the clouds. 

 What's great about this parka is that it can be worn as a whole or taken apart into different pieces, which is the main reason why I love it so much. How cool is that? You can decide to wear it as one, as a vest…


Hello everyone, 

It's "sporty spice" here! 
With only two days left until Christmas, I can finally say that I'm done with all my Christmas shopping and did it in the comfort and style of this look. I just really love how simple, yet put together this outfit looks. It took me from one store to the next, as a true companion and kept me warm and comfortable. Sometimes that's all we really need, right?  

It was easy to pull off this look because on this day I wanted something cozy and cute, so that's what I got. All these items I received from Rosegalwith whom, if you remember, I have worked before. Here are the links: Post 1&Post 2!    From those two times, I was satisfied with the shop and their clothing, so I decided without a doubt to head on and collaborate with them again. Their site offers all that's trending right now for lower prices, so you can buy multiple things all at once from cozy sweaters to party dresses. 

For me, dresses are an all year roun…


Hello everyone, 

I just got back from a mini getaway to the Vegas mountains ( yes, Vegas has mountains) where I was able to recharge from the gorgeous views with snow spots here and there, the fresh air that whisked through the forest trees, the quietness that allowed me to easily become in sync with the beautiful surrounding... and so much more. 

Since there was no access to Wi-Fi, I was completely able to disconnect from the big city and and take a breather from the internet because we all know that each one of us needs it from time to time. However, my photographer (@artisticspring) was on hand to take some photos of  me along the way. These ones we took on the way to the mountains. We stopped on the side of the road as soon as we saw an interesting, yet memorable background and what can I say, now, not only do I have these memories, but also I've got a new style look to share with you.   

Most of the pieces I'm wearing are from Zaful because I love their clothing and find eve…


Hello everyone,

Merry Christmas! 🎄
I hope Santa brings you all that you've been dreaming of and you have a cheerful time with family and friends because that's what Christmas is really all about.  

With everyday getting closer and closer to this special time of year, I couldn't miss the chance to create a festive Christmas look and give you some tips when dressing for a holiday as special as this one. 
For my family and I, Christmas has always been a huge celebration since I was a child, and luckily, it still is, which makes me so excited to dress-up and bring the holiday cheer into my look each year. This time of year is the best for making memories, sharing stories, laughter, appreciating our loved ones and of course experimenting with our party looks. What's your favorite part of Christmas? 

So you know before hitting up that Christmas party or Christmas dinner, you've got to look the part by dressing into something that's festive, that's you, and that's…