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Hello everyone, 

How are you all doing? 
With the holidays around the corner I'm sure you're running around town trying to get everything done and in order for the holidays as I am. A big one is trying not to forget someone as you're shopping for gifts or hoping and wishing someone else could do it all for you. I know that would be ideal because then I can stay snuggled up at home watching all my favorite holiday movies and in no need to rush from one shop to another like I'm running a marathon (they don't call it the busiest time of year for no reason.)

But you know what? For now you can leave all this behind, RELAX and enjoy this blog post that I have for you (my personal present to all of you who have loved reading my blog. I Love You!)   
Now that it's really close to Christmas and I'm feeling the holiday cheer (mostly inside of me because I'm too excited) I searched the city for the tallest tree in Las Vegas, so I could take pictures there. I'm kidding about the tallest tree, but everything else is true. I found one that's really pretty and close to my house, so I headed there straight away of course, once I picked out my outfit. I hope you like the photos and my look! ( I picked them out as I thought off all of you.) 

One thing I wanted to achieve with this look is layer some pieces together that would look beautiful once combined ( that's actually my goal every time, but you know what I mean.) From the start I knew I wanted the first piece to be a white collared shirt and start adding the rest from there. When looking in my closet for what to add on top of my shirt, my eyes came across this striped V-neck sweater and I thought " You know, I think this is going to be perfect, I have to see what it looks like, but I'm pretty sure I'm right because I'm always right." Not really, but I really like to think so. LOL How many of you are the same way? Anyway, it turned out to be the best combination just like Santa and his reindeer. One cannot exist without the other! 

Before I knew it, my look was coming together very well, but I really needed same pants or something underneath because then I'll freeze or most importantly be the girl that everyone is pointing at/making fun at. And who wants to be that girl? Not me....  I chose my favorite leather leggings that can stretch for days (just like me when I'm doing yoga) and LOOK, they're fabulous! I wear them constantly in the winter, so you should know you might see them again in a future blog post.    

I know it's winter and supposed to be cold, but during the day when these photos were taken the sun was shining and it felt like a spring day. That didn't stop me from adding a few warm touches to my outfit to make it all complete and Christmas-sy. The first one being my black furry boots with a little wedge kind of heel to give me some height. They're so comfortable that I cannot even explain how joyful it feels walking it them. Really the best shoes I've bought, that I hope will last me many, many years. 
The second one is this gorgeous cocoon coat in a really pretty berry color that's always classy, trending and speaks to all of us, fashionistas. It's a staple piece that we should all own, to keep us warm and looking great at all times. 
And the final piece is my black hat that matches the rest of the black pieces that I included in my outfit. Hats like these ones are my favorite thing to wear in the winter as accessories to any look.     

Shirt: Old Navy   Sweater: H&M  Leggings/Coat: EXPRESS  Boots: American Eagle  Bag: Olivia+Joy Hand Jewelry: Forever 21  Rings: Charming Charlie

Thank you for spending this day with me. I hope you found this post interesting. If you liked it, remember to share it with your friends and family. Also, I'll be reading your comments, so feel free to write whatever you like. See you next week!!! 

                                                                                                                          Love, Radi  


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    Abbey Brandon

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