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Hello everyone, 

Imagine you're sitting by the fireplace with a hot cup of chocolate in your hands, feeling warm and joyful looking out the window, snow falling ever so gently bringing serenity and bliss to your soul. Time is lost, all that's important is you being present and truly appreciating this moment, sight, and the feeling of being alive. 

The magic of winter is upon us and it's all so very special because during this season we're kind, caring and aware that with one smile we can touch a soul, with one kind word we can lift heavy barrier of walls, with one dream achieved we can make true belief. Everything is possible with love in our hearts! Let the holiday cheer set in your heart and make the world a better place for years to come. 

Let's celebrate and fully enjoy this snow falling cozy-loving winter post. It's not real snow, but I really wanted to get in the holiday spirit and decided to add fake snow to my photos to make them more festive and to get you more excited for December as well. Let me know did I successfully achieve that goal?  

Before I talk you through the pieces I'm wearing, I have to tell you a little secret ( I'm in love with this outfit and I can say with hand on my heart it's one of my favorite looks I've done so far.)  Maybe it's the snow falling or the cozy feeling, but I cannot repeat enough how much I'm in love with all these pieces creating a look that not only portrays my personality, but also makes me feel good in my own skin which I believe fashion has a way of doing that for us.  

You know how us girls love to wear dresses during the spring/summer and wish that we could also wear them in the fall/winter. Well, sweater dresses with warm accessories is the answer. I love my tight hugging dress that is color blocking in grey and black. Also, it's ohhhhh so cozy and winter loving for looking stylish in the not so warm temperatures. Do you like it? 

Of course, I had to bundle up and get my heat friendly accessories from the closet to make this look more fun and fashionable. A knit beanie and one of the most warmest and longest scarfs I own were my immediate picks to add, well because you know it all came to me suddenly like a dream that I had to make come true :) LOL! 

One more thing to add are these burgundy booties made for strutting through the streets or you know, going from shop to shop trying to buy everyone on your holiday list something special for the holidays. Have you started your Christmas shopping? You would think that being fashion obsessed I've already purchased everyone their gifts, but I haven't even started. I'm more of a last minute shopper or at least it turns out that way for this year :)  I hope I can get everything done or I might need to call Santa Clause to do it all for me! We'll see how it goes ( crossing my fingers for a ride smooth as ice.) 

Before I go, I just want to say I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day yesterday and most importantly I hope you cherished your time with family and friends because they're worth a lot more than a Black Friday sale. I had a lovely time and am looking forward to all the holiday cheer, new year and good times in December. Cheers to next week's blog post! See you then! Bye!!! 

Sweater Dress: EXPRESS  Tights: Kohl's  Boots & Beanie: Macy's  Scarf: Victoria's Secret  

                                                                                                                                    Love, Radi


Hello everyone,

Today I'm coming at you from a state full of gorgeous beaches, beautiful street art, the cutest little shops/restaurants and a sunshine that always sets in dreamy colors, perfect for plenty of opportunities for good Instagram photos. That's right, I'm speaking of California, particularly Venice Beach. If you follow me on Instagram you already know that because there I mentioned about this exciting travel blog post, so to save you from not missing any more hints and lots of breathtaking beach photos (I'm a beach lover) come follow me on INSTAGRAM
I know 100% we'll have a blast and you'll be able to get to know me outside of my blog as real BFFs.

I've been to California countless times, but on this particular trip I was there only for one day (I know, I wish I could have stayed longer), so I decided to stop by Venice Beach because I've heard wonderful things about it and it was the one beach that I haven't been to yet. It's so versatile, alive, and different from any other place I have been to - I immediately fell in love with it and it gave me the idea to create a comfy California style outfit that you can wear in the fall from having brunch with your girlfriends to walking by the beach in the California sunshine.          

I'm sure many of you will agree with me that when it comes to feeling comfy during the chilly days we always draw towards a nice cozy sweater or a wool knit cardigan. That's exactly why I picked to style my California inspired look with a cable knit cardigan which has a hoodie. Thanks to my over-sized cardigan that feels and looks like a blanket wrapped around me, I was able to stay extra warm on this surprisingly very windy day. Not only for outside wear, but I also love to snuggle in it when I'm at home watching TV or working on the computer (typing away a future blog post) which is always fun and puts me in a good mood. 
Underneath I added a basic tank top because you know how these days the weather is very unpredictable ( going from hot to cold), so you can always take off the cardigan for a little tan :)

California, being known for its relaxed style, I knew I wanted to portray that by adding ripped jeans that look like jeans, but are actually the most comfortable jeggings. They stretch for days, which is so great because when on the beach you never know what activity you might run into like playing volleyball, bicycling from beach to beach, walking or even running. Once on Venice beach I was able to try my hand at the muscle equipment particularly the rings, which has always looked easy, but turned out so hard ( I was able to last for a few seconds), but it was so fun and I'm sure with some more practice I would last a lot longer. There's just so much you can do at Venice beach that some nice jeggings like the ones I'm wearing will take you a long way, all day.      

Now I couldn't pass the chance to wear my most comfy shoes because they suit the rest of the look so well. They're my fall/winter favorite wedge booties in dark brown. Not only are they good with skinny jeans, but also tights and skirts (basically anything you desire).    

When it comes to accessories, well you know that I'm all in, but on this day I kept it very casual with the addition of a cozy scarf around my neck and cute tiny stud earrings. During the fall/winter I mostly accessorize with warmer items like scarfs, gloves and hats ( letting my jewelry take a breather from all the wearing in the spring/summer) This way after a long break, I'm ready to jump in and appreciate them even more for all that they do for me :) 


Cardigan: American Eagle  Tank Top: Target   Jeans: American Eagle   Booties: Madden Girl by Steve Madden  ScarfTarget   Stud Earrings: Charming Charlie    

Thanks so much for hanging with me in Venice Beach. I hope this post brought the sunshine your way if you're feeling cold ( just know that summer is around the corner) 
Also, if you've got some free time and are wondering what else to do, you can check out another post of mine where I took you around my favorite spots in Las Vegas (I wore the same booties, but styled them differently) Here it is: FASHION & ADVENTURE at Las Vegas!   
Let me know how you like it and if you've been to Vegas, what were your favorite spots? 
If you want more travel posts to make you warm and excited for the summer I've got 2 posts from Puerto Vallarta that you can enjoy. Here is Part 1  and Part 2 ! Have you been to Mexico? Let me know where has your favorite vacation been so far? I would love to hear your responses in the comments! 
Okay, I'm going to go now and once again I'll see you very soon with an amazing new post! Have a fabulous day! 

                                                    Love, Radi  


Hello everyone, 

Are you ready to feel cozy and lovely? Because with this post I'm going to warm you up with this one look. Once again you'll feel like it's summer complete with lots of sunshine and good times. Together we can escape these colder and darker days (it gets too dark, too early now that the time has changed).
Sounds good, right?

For some warming up requires lots of layering. For others it means ticker clothing and for the rest it means running until you feel your body warm as a hot cup of cocoa :) Well, today we're going to skip the running and focus more on the clothing, which of course has to be warm, but cute and comfy at the same time. For me this turtleneck sweater did just that. It kept me feeling warm and stylish all day long, which is a big plus in my book. I love the darker green color and the cute pattern on the chest which adds a little something special, not being plain and simple. Also, it's got long sleeves to keep me extra cozy because I can't tell you how many times I've had sweaters with shorter sleeves through which I could feel the chilly breeze making my whole body freeze up.

Since I live in Las Vegas and can get away with wearing shorts at least until the month of November, I decided these plaid wool shorts will be the perfect addition to my turtleneck sweater. Pairing them up with some tights underneath helps add more style and more warmth to the whole look. You wouldn't want to risk it by going without some tights, especially if you live somewhere where it's really cold during this time of year. Remember the goal is to stay warm throughout the whole day and to look extra nice while doing so.

Again my brown boots came in good use, the same ones I recently used in my denim inspiration  blog post, which you can always go back to and see. These boots are my fall must haves because they add a bit more edge and attitude to every outfit I include them in. Aren't they like a piece of art? You can't stop staring at them and wanting to get your hands on a pair. Good thing you can find them mostly in every store because they're very in season and on trend right now.

 You know, I had to add something sparkly, but not too much because in the fall/winter I tend to lower the amount of jewelry I add to an outfit, but I can't deny earrings are always present. So these teardrop ones with studs halfway are the ideal jewels for my ears and have been favorite of mine for a long time now. I love them with all my heart and treasure them like teardrops from the sky ( it rarely rains here in Vegas, so every drop is a blessing).

Also, to finish up this look, the only other accessory I added is a few beaded bracelets on my wrist that are of brown shades to stay in rhythm with the brown boots and mostly the feel of autumn. Did you feel the colors and vibe of fall?

Shorts: Forever 21   Tights: Kohl's   Boots: Target  Earrings: EXPRESS   Bracelets: Target

 Hopefully this post warmed you up and made you feel cozy because you know winter is close and we're going to need all the warmth we can get. I feel like if I keep coming back to this post whenever I'm cold, I'll easily survive through the winter because there's wool, sunshine and a playground in these photos to keep my spirits up :) 
Now I've to go and get on with my day. I just woke-up and am putting the final touches before publishing the final post. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any suggestions or ideas leave them in the comments section below and I'll be sure to read through them. Thanks for spending the day with me! I'll see you next week with a new blog post. Bye!  

                                                                                                                         Love, Radi


Hello everyone,

You know, this is a long coming blog post because up to this point, I have profoundly gushed about jewelry and how obsessed I am, that I had to take action and do something about it. So here I am, ready to pour out my love to you for all things silver, gold, big and small that make any outfit spectacular in my eyes.(I'm already starting to feel the effect of this therapy session, imagine what will happen when we reach the end of this post. There are two options: I might be clean forever or even more crazy about jewelry.) hahahah
For a while now I've wanted to share with you my top favorite necklaces during the fall/winter seasons. It was really difficult to pick only five, but what helped me in deciding which ones to go with is that these are the ones that I wear most often during this time of year and in my opinion they're the most gorgeous pieces ever made. 
Let's Get Started!      
This first one I call my "shiny web petals" because just look at it, isn't it the most beautiful spider web you have ever come across? Plus, it's PINK! I love the ombre petals that start from light pink to darker making it a must wear necklace for times when you want your outfit to be more dressy and elegant. Perfect for all the holidays coming up. For example, a sweater dress with this necklace around the neck, for sure will make a big statement. In fact, I'm positive it'll be the highlight of the night because it'll catch everyone's eyes and lots of compliments will be sent your way. And who doesn't want that? I know I'll be smitten! (blushing too hard)
If you're wondering where you can purchase stylish necklaces like this one, I got mine at NY & Company. 


This next golden necklace is a lot more delicate than the first one. What's great is that, it can be paired up with a longer one or worn by itself. It's a favorite of mine because of the tiny moon with the little silver speckles inside of it that shine in the sunlight. Isn't it pretty? I remember the first time I saw it in the ANGL store, my mind was immediately made up that I had to have it. ( I wasn't planning on buying anything, but many times when I walk into a store that thought flies away.) Raise your hand, if you know what I mean! Also, this precious piece stays really nicely around the neck and can make a simple white v-neck t-shirt look stylish and cute. 


We've come to my third choice, which is this gorgeous all around triangular necklace. What's special about it is that the gold triangles have a mirror effect, so when wearing it, the person across from you can see his/her reflection, which is pretty cool. To make an outfit look more edgy and fearless, I would add this necklace on and rock on. I'm imagining it being present with a full on leather look or why not even a casual one. It's all up to you! I purchased it from EXPRESS, which if you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know it's my top all time favorite store.       

Now look at this unique gem! I found it under the sea. (Not really, but reminds me of the necklace from Titanic, ancient and very valuable.) What do you think? Do you like it? It's got the most beautiful little details that make this necklace overall so divine and worthy. Just look at those crystal gemstones that come together into making a glorious flower. I love it and what I love more is that it wasn't as expensive as it may seem. Once again like my "shiny web petals" necklace, I bought it at NY & Company. And like a true jewelry shopaholic I'm very satisfied with it and feel happy anytime I wear it.   

Finally, we've come to my final pick for this I should say "Necklace Awards Show"
And what's an angel without wings? Every angel must have wings, which is why I couldn't not include this wing necklace that I love so much. I like that it's delicate as my gold moon necklace and that it's got sparkly rhinestones inside, which make it a heavenly wing. This beauty is designed by RACHEL Rachel Roy and can be found at Macy's stores if you're interested. I feel like it's the perfect piece for a casual day out at the movies or shopping. I love it, love it! 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this a bit different blog post from me. Let me know in the comments which is your most favorite necklace from the five that I showed. All comments and shares are greatly appreciated! 
And if you're wondering how the therapy went, well it started great, but now I'm itching to go jewelry shopping.hahahaha See you later...... bye! 

                                                                                                               Love, Radi