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Hello everyone, 

Imagine you're sitting by the fireplace with a hot cup of chocolate in your hands, feeling warm and joyful looking out the window, snow falling ever so gently bringing serenity and bliss to your soul. Time is lost, all that's important is you being present and truly appreciating this moment, sight, and the feeling of being alive. 

The magic of winter is upon us and it's all so very special because during this season we're kind, caring and aware that with one smile we can touch a soul, with one kind word we can lift heavy barrier of walls, with one dream achieved we can make true belief. Everything is possible with love in our hearts! Let the holiday cheer set in your heart and make the world a better place for years to come. 

Let's celebrate and fully enjoy this snow falling cozy-loving winter post. It's not real snow, but I really wanted to get in the holiday spirit and decided to add fake snow to my photos to make them more festive and to get yo…


Hello everyone,

Today I'm coming at you from a state full of gorgeous beaches, beautiful street art, the cutest little shops/restaurants and a sunshine that always sets in dreamy colors, perfect for plenty of opportunities for good Instagram photos. That's right, I'm speaking of California, particularly Venice Beach. If you follow me on Instagram you already know that because there I mentioned about this exciting travel blog post, so to save you from not missing any more hints and lots of breathtaking beach photos (I'm a beach lover) come follow me on INSTAGRAM
I know 100% we'll have a blast and you'll be able to get to know me outside of my blog as real BFFs.

I've beento California countless times, but on this particular trip I was there only for one day (I know, I wish I could have stayed longer), so I decided to stop by Venice Beach because I've heard wonderful things about it and it was the one beach that I haven't been to yet. It's so versat…


Hello everyone, 

Are you ready to feel cozy and lovely? Because with this post I'm going to warm you up with this one look. Once again you'll feel like it's summer complete with lots of sunshine and good times. Together we can escape these colder and darker days (it gets too dark, too early now that the time has changed).
Sounds good, right?

For some warming up requires lots of layering. For others it means ticker clothing and for the rest it means running until you feel your body warm as a hot cup of cocoa :) Well, today we're going to skip the running and focus more on the clothing, which of course has to be warm, but cute and comfy at the same time. For me this turtleneck sweater did just that. It kept me feeling warm and stylish all day long, which is a big plus in my book. I love the darker green color and the cute pattern on the chest which adds a little something special, not being plain and simple. Also, it's got long sleeves to keep me extra cozy because I…


Hello everyone,

You know, this is a long coming blog post becauseup to this point, I have profoundly gushed about jewelry and howobsessed I am, that I had to take action and do something about it. So here I am, ready to pour out my love to you for all things silver, gold, big and small that make any outfit spectacular in my eyes.(I'm already starting to feel the effect of thistherapy session, imagine what will happen when we reachthe end of this post. There are two options: I might be clean forever or even more crazy about jewelry.) hahahaha 
For a while now I've wanted to share with you my top favorite necklaces during the fall/winter seasons. It was really difficult to pick only five, but what helped me in deciding which ones to go with is that these are the ones that I wear most often during this time of year and in my opinion they're the mostgorgeous pieces ever made. 
Let's Get Started!

This first one I call my "shiny web petals" because just look at it, isn…