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Hello everyone,

It's one of those days where I'm feeling really excited about writing/sharing with you all that happened a few weeks ago, which completely inspired this blog post. By the photos, I'm guessing, you already know that my look today was inspired by the beautiful Ciara. If by any means you're not familiar with who Ciara is, all I'm going to say is, where have you been? 
She's an American singer, songwriter, record producer, fashion model, dancer and actress ( Wow I know what you're thinking, isn't one enough?) who became popular with her hits "1,2, Step" "Oh" and "Goodies" back in 2004. I vividly remember dancing to those songs and falling in love with her energy, voice and dance moves. ( At that time I was in seventh grade.)  
Now that I got the chance to meet her I can add more to the list; she's the sweetest and a truly humble person (definitely worth waiting for hours to meet her.)   

This event was held at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas at the Topshop store, which I found out about on the previous day. Immediately my excitement kicked in, in full force and I knew I had to go meet her. ( There were no other options) hahahaha 
 Are you a Ciara fan? If so what's your favorite song of hers?  

Looking very laid back, but stylish in her boyfriend denim jumpsuit and chunky heeled boots, Ciara moved me to create a denim look that's also easygoing and fashionable at the same time. I knew my denim dungaree would be the main piece around which I could build this look. I'm a big fan of dungarees! When I was little I remember they were very popular and at the time I begged my mom to buy me one. When she did, I felt like I was in heaven and wore it non- stop. Now they're back in trend and I feel the same way about them, I'm in love :)     
 Underneath I paired it with this cozy light blue sweater that can keep me feeling warm during the colder days that I'm still waiting to happen. (Not really, I'm loving the sunshine!) 
And of course, I had a vision ( I'm psychic- hahaha) that my favorite combat boots would make this look extra cool and look what happened, just that and more....... 

Since Ciara had no accessories on, I decided to lay low on the amount of jewelry even though that's my favorite part to an outfit by adding a pack of bracelets on my wrist and a pair of some nice shades. I must admit that I like it. It's simple, but also adds a little touch of something special (you know what I mean). 

Before I go, I'm going to leave you with another celebrity style inspiration that I did over the summer. Any guesses who it might be? Click here to see! 
Also, I have another really cute denim post, you've got to see it, called Denim Darling that I'm sure you'll enjoy and like for some more denim style inspiration! Enjoy!!! 

I'll see you next week with a bit of a different post than my usual! 
Hint: It consists of bling, bling and more bling! 
Until then have a wonderful week.  Bye!

Dungaree: Target   Sweater: Target   Boots: Target   Bracelets: Target   Sunglasses: Vera Wang 




                                                                                                                         Love, Radi



Hello everyone, 

Finally, I'm coming at you with my first autumn look for this season.
 As I mentioned in my previous blog post, the pieces that make this outfit are by a certain artist who has a fashion line at Kohl's. Were you able to guess who I was talking about?....... Well, I'll let you know right now because I cannot keep it a secret any longer. Drum roll........... that artist is named Jennifer Lopez! If you guessed her, congratulations (you must know me so well), if not don't worry we still have a lot of time to get to know each other. 
Jlo is my all time favorite female artist. Not only am I in love with her music, but I'm head over heels for her fashion sense. In my eyes her style is all around charismatic, always sexy, trendsetting and and exceptional, which brings me to all the reasons why I wanted to create this fall look inspired by Jennifer Lopez's collection. Both the top and the leggings are a masterpiece from her clothing line that combined give me this chic effortless look. For instance, the raglan sleeves of my top and the loose fit give a touch of easygoing, bohemian look, while these silver foil leggings speak fierceness and sex-appeal. 
I'm in LOVE with this look! The only other thing that had to be present are some Franco Sarto black leather booties that go perfectly with everything else and give me a polished sophisticated look. He's one of my favorite footwear designers because not only are his designs beautiful, but you can clearly see the passion and the love that goes into making each shoe. Are you a Franco Sarto lover? 

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, I'm sure you know by now that for me an outfit cannot be complete without some statement accessories and the more the better. I'm overly obsessed!!! 

Autumn fashion has got me in the mood for a floppy hat that matches my bag, leggings and shoes. This one is a favorite of mine because of the metallic band around it and being in black, as you know, would look amazing with any outfit. Like my oval shaped ring, my necklace and my handbag, this hat is by the brand Apt.9 which you can find at Kohl's. I've recently been loving all that this brand has to offer, from their clothing to accessories, it fits my style and personality, which is why a lot of my pieces in this look are by that brand. And all combined make a puzzle that's eye-catching and well put together. Do you like it? 

                With this fall look, I want to say "Happy Autumn" to all of you!
 In the next few weeks, I'm excited to bring you more fall inspired looks before Christmas and the New Year arrive. (I'm sure they'll be here in no time!) 
Until then, let's enjoy the now and appreciate what today has in store for us!                                                                                                   

I've already started working on my next blog post, so what's left to say is "I'll see you then!" 
It's going to be epic, so don't miss it! Bye!!!!!! 

                                                                                                                Love, Radi


Hello everyone, 

 I hope your week is going great so far and you're ready for another dressed up look from me. I'm fist pumping over here because my excitement is at its highest! Not only that, but October, here in Las Vegas, feels like July (the hottest it has ever been), so sunny and summer-y (Can you believe it?) that I want to be at the pool right now, relaxing/sunbathing all day long. I love it! For that reason, my fall fashion looks will be a bit delayed and I'll start posting them at the end of this month. I hope that's okay with you! 

As for this burgundy look, it's one that I've had for a while now and thought now is the perfect time to share with you. It's super fun, flirty and cute. Exactly what you would want every outfit to be. It's got lace, ruffle at the waist and a gorgeous burgundy color that's very in season right now and it's a favorite of mine, especially while sporting some summer tan. Doesn't every outfit look extra attractive when there is tan involved or is that just me? 

For cooler days, you can still wear this dress with the addition of some leggings, nice booties and a coat or a leather jacket on top. It all depends on what the weather is like where you live. For me it was simple as adding two plus two - I've got my favorite ankle boots, dotted leggings, and the touch of a few accessories that make this outfit so dressed up and fabulous. 

Dress: Target   Boots: Sam & Libby (Target)   Leggings: Kohl's   

Clutch: DKNY   Earrings: EXPRESS   Bracelet: Target   Ring: Gift

I would love to know, what's your favorite piece of this look?...... 
I'm still debating between the dress or the boots. I think I'm going to go with my all time favorite fall/winter booties because they're so comfortable, stylish and they're my everyday choice for the colder days and nights. 

I'll see you next week with a more autumn fashion look that I'm sure you'll fall in love with. Hint: it's got to do with a special person and my favorite singer who has a fashion line at Kohl's. I'm sure all of you are familiar with her music. Any guesses?    

 See you then and remember always dress the way You desire! 

                                                                         Love, Radi    


Hello everyone,

Watch: American Eagle   Clutch: EXPRESS     

This week you know we're going places (just by looking at this outfit), like a date night or a club night. Why not both? First, a romantic dinner date at your favorite restaurant and then welcoming the midnight on the dance floor of the wildest club of your choice. How fun is that? I'm so READY, (already imagining dancing to the beats of "How Deep is Your Love" by Calvin Harris & Disciples, which is my all time favorite song right now.)  What's your number one song of choice, the one that once you hear it, you jump/run to the dance floor? 

For a night like this, I wanted to form a look that incorporates both colors, black and white because that's a combination with which you can never go wrong. The idea came about when I opened my closet and spotted this striped black/white skirt. I immediately knew that I wanted to use it and around it to create an outfit that's sexy, fun, and catching for the eye. I'm in love with this skirt because it's stretchy, making it super comfortable and it just hugs the shape of the body effortlessly. 

Once I've got the bottom covered, I knew I wanted my top to be white, so I headed on a short trip to the nearest mall. Truly it wasn't so short because I cannot go into a mall and not go inside of all my favorite stores. That took a while, but after some hours (let's not count them), I came up with this elegant sleeveless blouson top with delightful layered drapes. It's really pretty and what I immediately loved about it is the gold trim that lines the sccopneck giving the illusion that you've got jewelry on, which is why a necklace isn't necessary.   

Top: White House/ Black Market   Skirt: Target   Heels: Mossimo (Target)   Hoop Earrings: ANGL   

Like in my previous post, you might have noticed that I'm wearing the same sandal heels, which may I add, look so in harmony with the rest of the outfit. Here is a completely different look, one that's more sporty, but also chic and fierce that you can enjoy if you haven't seen it already. These heels have quickly become my favorite because they're everything I would ever want - high, stylish and look amazing with any outfit. I'm looking forward to wearing them more next spring/summer because slowly, but surely, Vegas is getting chilly ( three days ago it was pouring rain like no other.)    

Because of the gold trim on my top, I knew I had to stick with the gold theme as it came to deciding what my accessories should be. Here I didn't want to overdue it, so from my stack of jewelry collection, I went with a watch and these pretty hoop earrings. Picking out the jewelry I want to wear is always a fun challenge for me because many times I want to wear everything I own at once, so the challenge is always eliminating pieces that I know wouldn't go great with my outfit or there's already to much happening :)  

Ohhhh it just came to me! This could be the perfect outfit for a black/white party! I'll keep that in mind if I ever get invited to one of those. Good thing I already have my outfit picked out because you know how last minute shopping can turn into a bad dream. Hahaha I'll be here waiting! 

Let me know what you thought of this post in the comments below. Did you enjoy it? I really hope so and if you have any questions or anything at all, I'll be happy to answer you. Thank you for reading, if you got this far. I appreciate it lots. Have a lovely day! 

                                                                                                                                        Love, Radi  


Hello everyone,

This look has got it all. The full package, three in one. It's sporty, chic and fierce all at the same time. If you even wondered if an outfit could be all three things, now you know. It's possible, very easy to recreate and ohhhh so fun! 
This could be the ideal look for a day of shopping. Just imagine strolling through the streets of Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive with both hands full of shopping bags from signature designers like Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, Torry Burch and many more. We can dream, right? This would be the start of the perfect day for me. I can feel it, see it, and live it, if only in my mind, but that's fine because you know what the mind can conceive, it can achieve.  What would be the perfect day for you?

While you're visualizing your dreams, at the same time let's talk about this look. Who says we can't multitask? I mean most days, that's how we get things done anyway. It serves us good even though in the end we're exhausted, but there's always the satisfaction of accomplishing so many things at once. So set your superpowers in motion and let's begin! 

I have to start with these jogger pants because they're my favorite piece of fabric from this whole look. I love that they're slouchy and comfortable as if you're wearing sweatpants, but a whole lot more stylish. You can always dress them up by adding heels the way I did or keep it simple and more easygoing by sporting your favorite tee on top. Either way, what's not to love about these pants? I got them from American Eagle a while back and not only are they good for the summer, but also an essential for the fall (it's still summer here in Las Vegas) pairing them with a tank top and a chunky cardigan on top. 

Speaking of tank tops, for a sporty effect I added this basic pink one from Target. You can find them at any store you walk into. They're great because they're are inexpensive and go with anything on the bottom, like jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings. With this single pink tank top, I can come up a few different looks.  That's an idea, maybe I should do a post showing the various ways to dress using tank tops as the main piece. What do you think, would you like that?  

With a striking foot forward, I've stepped into these black 4.25'' stiletto sandal heels. They bring fierceness into action. Always on trend, a pair like these ones every girl should own. In fact, why not more than five pairs? There's absolutely nothing wrong with that! By the brand Mossimo which is sold at Target, like me, you can become a happy owner of the hottest heels in town.         

When it comes to accessories, for this look from the start, I envisioned a fedora hat with a navy band around it to top my head-to-toe style. Also, to protect me from the sun, but we all know it's mostly for making my outfit look sporty, chic and fierce all at the same time. Plus, it's no secret whenever you're having a bad hair day, one hat makes it all better. I can still get away with wearing summer hats here in Vegas because it's literally still very HOT outside.  Here is a denim look that I did over the summer that also included a fedora hat: Click Me!

On the other hand, my favorite piece of jewelry are these gorgeous bold and colorful statement earrings. I can't say much except my summers are incomplete without them and I love them. Did I already mention that I LOVE them? 

As always cute bracelets are always present when it comes to styling an outfit. I have to have them at all times because to me they add personality, color, uniqueness and a clear statement that a fashionista is coming through. I personally cannot picture an outfit without some type of jewelry, which I know makes me a jewelry freak, but I proudly accept that. Are you the same way or do you find jewelry to be unnecessary? 

One thing's for sure- Today we got to dream and talk fashion! I had the best time, hopefully you did too. Like always, be here next week at the same time, same place because you know I've got lots of outfit looks under my sleeve, so expect the unexpected. I'll see you then. Bye-bye!   
                                                                                                                  Love, Radi