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Hello everyone,

Like I promised in last week's blog post, today is time for part two of my Puerto Vallarta style adventures. Be prepared for some more sunshine, beach views and fashion inspiration. It's ALL you really need! And the best part is that I myself once again get to relieve these unforgettable days with you together by my side ( if only it's through the computer.)
That makes me extremely happy, like I'm on vacation again, if only for a few minutes. So put on your bathing suit, straw hat, sunglasses and let's get this Mexican party started!!! Arrrrrrrrriba! 

Many of you might agree with me when I say a summer vacation is incomplete without at least one maxi dress. That's why I couldn't resist taking this Michael Kors babe with me. Ahhhh how I Love Kors designs! He's my top favorite fashion designer, which is why ever since I got this dress, I have treasured it like gold. Not many can touch it or in fact try to borrow it :) Basically it's ALL mine forever and ever! Even I carefully hand wash it myself, so it doesn't stretch and become like a baggy plastic bag. What I'm really trying to say is that true love really exists hahahhaha- so don't you give up on it.  
Loving the strips and the cotton ultra soft feel that this dress gives me every time I wear it. Plus, the way it's shorter in the front and longer in the back gives me goose bumps. I know what you're thinking, but if you can't tell I'm overly obsessed. 


      Once again I went barefoot because who needs shoes when you're at the beach all day? Isn't it the best feeling ever! Definitely, one less thing to worry about. But if you were walking around and about, I would suggest pairing this summer dress with some chunky heels, peep toe heels or some chic gladiators. It's all up to your taste or mood as to what your pick would be. And remember there's never a wrong choice, just go with your gut feeling about what looks good and rock it.    

My earrings are totally in sync with the beach because they're these long handmade shell earrings that I bought at the beach from one saleslady. They walk around the beach in the heat all day selling the most unique colorful jewelry. That day I bought two pairs of earrings. Now whenever I wear them, I'm always reminded of Puerto Vallarta and the amazing time I had there. With that I also, added a really cute beaded pink bracelet on my wrist, so I don't feel completely naked because whenever there isn't anything on my wrists I always feel like something is missing, since I am so used to having tons of bracelets on. 
Plus, let's not forget my signature accessory which is the flower in my hair. Like I said in my previous blog post, summer vacations without flowers in my hair don't exist, so here I am spreading flower love once again. Can you smell the flowery aroma? 

Sadly, our trip to Mexico has come to an end, but you can always go back and see the first Puerto Vallarta post I did if you haven't already. Here is the link: PINK OASIS in PUERTO VALLARTA! 

Enjoy your day and I'll talk to you soon! :) 

                                                                                                                     Love, Radi  

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  1. Beautiful, I love your striped dress