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Hello everyone,   WELCOME TO FABULOUS LAS VEGAS!   If you haven't been to Vegas , I have one thing to say, What are you waiting for?  Known as the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas is the ultimate place to enjoy all that it has to offer from day to night. That may include seeing the gorgeous views of the Strip from high above by riding the High Roller , satisfying the fashionista inside of you by shopping at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood , testing your luck at a game of cards, hitting as many nightclubs as you can for the ultimate Las Vegas experience and so much more..... Literally the possibilities are endless and cannot be found anywhere else except in Las Vegas .   Before I take you along through the streets of this bigger than life city and share with you my Vegas adventures while still looking fashionable, I want to mention how this blog post came about.  I recently discovered . They have pro tips for each hotel in Las Vegas


Hello everyone, Like I promised in last week's blog post, today is time for part two of my Puerto Vallarta style adventures. Be prepared for some more sunshine, beach views and fashion inspiration. It's ALL you really need! And the best part is that I myself once again get to relieve these unforgettable days with you together by my side ( if only it's through the computer.) That makes me extremely happy, like I'm on vacation again, if only for a few minutes. So put on your bathing suit, straw hat, sunglasses and let's get this Mexican party started!!! Arrrrrrrrriba!  Many of you might agree with me when I say a summer vacation is incomplete without at least one maxi dress. That's why I couldn't resist taking this Michael Kors babe with me. Ahhhh how I Love Kors designs! He's my top favorite fashion designer, which is why ever since I got this dress, I have treasured it like gold. Not many can touch it or in fact try to bo


Hello everyone,  El oasis de mi alma!   Puerto Vallarta , completely captured my heart with its captivating beauty, its generous people and its picturesque surroundings.  Waking up to the sound of the crashing waves, the greeting of always smiling and easy-going people and the feeling of compete freedom and serenity is what I already miss so much. I've had the best time with overflow of joy, laughter and peacefulness.  This vacation is exactly what I needed. Now I feel rejuvenated and ready to enjoy each and every day to its fullest. Not only that, but I've made some wonderful memories and friends in Puerto Vallarta that without a doubt I'm already looking forward to going back as soon as possible in the near future. Have you been to Puerto Vallarta? If you have you know exactly what I mean and if you haven't, you must make it your next destination because trust me when I say, this place feels like home! <3  A home where pink was the m