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Hello everyone, 


Today's inspiration look comes from a little lace dream. One that's delicate, soft and timeless. A dream full of promises, of love and joy. One from which you don't want to wake up from because it's all you ever dreamed of. 

Sweet as the aroma of fresh flowers, this floral lace bralette gives me the confidence to shine. Also, it fills me up with the courage to experiment even more with fashion and to express myself thought the pieces I wear. I purchased it at the fabulous Victoria's Secret store and I think I know their secret. The secret is: Every piece in the store is truly made to make each woman feel comfortable, sexy and powerful like a true bombshell. What do you think? 

Speaking of a bombshell, one does not leave the house without a statement accessory, right? In this case, mine is this long white scarf with hanging fringe along the edge. What's really eye catching about it is that one half of it is crochet, which makes it so unique and extra special. If you're looking for good scarfs, I suggest you head to Target because that's where I got this beauty from.    

   To add some class to the mixture, I added this really pretty high waist flare skirt. Isn't it gorgeous? I especially love the design that goes around the whole skirt and the silky material that hugs my body like a dream.       

And of course dreams are nowhere complete without some heels. These Colin Stuart strap wedges not only compliment the rest of the outfit, but they're the perfect height.  

With this look a little jewelry goes a long way which is why I only added two pieces. One being this delicate stars silver necklace from Brighton, which I received as a gift a few years back from someone special. The other one being this coins bracelet which drew me in one day when I was looking through the jewelry selection at Target. Usually everything there is so colorful and beautiful that I can literally browse for hours. 

Giving me some flower power, the one last item worth mentioning is this sherbet rose headband from American Eagle which was on sale for five dollars. What I hear is that it makes me look sixteen again told to me by my sister, which I can't complain about. hahahah 

If by any means you want something to pop out because this look is very neutral, why not add a bright bag? That's what's wonderful about fashion, you can make it however it feels best to you, to your liking. Whether that be bright heels or colorful accessories. Just go with it; you'll be surprised by how good it looks. 


That's all for today's post. As always I really hope that you enjoyed it. 
 I've got to go now and get ready for the day ahead. I'll talk to very soon. Have a beautiful day. Bye!

                                                Love, Radi 


  1. Thanks for connecting with me on Twitter! Your skirt is so pretty

    1. Thank you Laura!! Happy to see you here! Have a nice day :)

  2. Wow you look so pretty.

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