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Hello everyone,

Are you also a leather lover? If you are I'm hoping you find this blog post inspiring and entertaining in some way. If not, you can easily become leather obsessed feeling empowered, fearless and like the baddest rocker chick in town. That's exactly how I felt. The one thing missing was a motorcycle to ride on. Image it! That would be the cherry on top of a chocolate cake. How cool!!! 

I can keep going on and on about my desire to ride a motorcycle in this outfit, but I'm sure that won't be very interesting to you so let's talk about this look. 
The inspiration behind it is incorporating some of my favorite leather pieces into one, but also a big part why I chose this outfit is to show that us women are warriors full of potential, strength, loyalty and the ability to juggle all that life throws at us. That should make us extremely proud because you know what? We are AMAZING. So next time you feel like everything is too much think of how far you've come and never ever give up. 

I think a little sequin goes a long way with this leather look, which is why I picked this LOVE graphic tee from EXPRESS. It looks like it was made for this look, fits like a glove. I LOVE IT! I love the way it gives a pop of color and adds some chic. Tucked in into this high waist skirt, it will 100% bring out the fashionista in you. 
Even though it wasn't cold outside(I was actually sweating) for more leather fire, I had to add this moto jacket as well from EXPRESS. It's the best topper to any outfit for an extra edge and statement that won't be forgotten. Thrust me, you'll be remembered as the toughest chic in town after showing up with a jacket like that, never mind the motorcycle. 
And for shoes, I added my newest favorite TROUVE wedge sandals. I'm in love with the buckle detail on both straps and that rustic denim feel that these shoes portray from afar. A big plus, which took me by surprise is that they are actually really comfortable. I walked in them for quiet a long time and the results were satisfying, no blisters or aching pain :)  
For accessories I went with my signature gold jewelry. That includes these two bangles. One being a rose gold fireball charm bangle and the other one a sliver quattro G bangle, both at eight dollars each which is awesome considering that you can always mix and match them with all kinds of different charms. For a touch of glam, my other hand is in full bliss with this single rhinestone hand chain and ring set. Recently, I've been really getting into hand chain pieces like this one. Whenever I see some at the store I'm in awe and I just love them because to me they add that special something to one's hand. It's really fascinating, making your hand look so beautiful and looking at it is so much more pleasant than when there is nothing on it. The final piece of jewelry on me are these gorgeous triangular earrings that are on another lever from the hoop earrings that I have been sporting lately. These earrings got me singing "Cool for the Summer" because they're indeed so cool!  


Okay, my love for leather had come to an end only in blog post form. As always keep on loving and I'll see you next time here once again. Have a fabulous day!!! Bye! 

                                                   Love, Radi  

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  1. So cute!! I love the skirt and the print on the top is gorgeous. I found the same on this site