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Hello everyone,

Okay, so from the title of this blog post you might be thinking that I went to Portofino, Italy, which I'm sure would have been an amazing adventure, but that's not the case. I'm just here in my boring room at home typing this blog, imagining being in Italy right now. If you're at home as well and wishing to be somewhere else let's dream together of spending July summers in Portofino. ( this way we might magically transport there and have an unforgettable time) How cool would that be!    

Summers in Portofino was evoked from this horses print convertible sleeve Portofino shirt that I'm wearing. Today, I'm going to show you how you can style it during the summer into a cute and more casual look for days when you would like to look put together without wearing something uncomfortable or over the top. 
I got it at EXPRESS, which offers full selection of Portofino shirts both, online and in store, that you can choose from. I fell in love with this white horses pattern one because first, I love horses and second, it's something that is completely different than anything else I own, so I immediately grabbed it. What I really love is that it's made of sheer crepe material that is very lightweight and wonderful for wearing even in the hot summer days. 
Since I'm going for that casual look, I left the shirt unbuttoned and underneath I paired it with this nude cami top also from EXPRESS. This way you can take the shirt off whenever you want and leaving it open, so the air keeps flowing ( you wouldn't want to sweat it out.) 

For a bit of summer color, I knew I had to add these coral shorts that are by the brand Mossimo from Target. I mean what's an outfit without some color in the summer? Plain and boring! Especially in the spring/summer, I'm all about vibrant colored heels, bags, threads and jewelry. They make my summers extra blissful and meaningful. What is the one color you love rocking this season? For me, right now it's neon fuchsia and anything coral. 

Another key element that brings this casual, but cute vibe to this outfit is the flip-flops. I've put my heels away and went with these black ones by the same brand as the shorts. They perfectly match the Portofino shirt and what I really love is the metallic rhinestones that go along the straps. Also, these sandals are rubber and made to fit the soles of the feet effectively, so basically you can do anything that your heart desires in them. 

Let's talk about my favorite part of any outfit: The JEWELRY! All the pieces I have on are simple, but all together they bring a golden spark to the whole look. 
On my ears, I've got the tiniest golden studs. They're pretty, casual and most of all a very special gift. 
To compliment them, I added my favorite giraffe necklace which is so adorable and colorful. I knew that this outfit needed a long necklace, so the giraffe came to the rescue right away. I remember when I saw it at the store, I wanted it so much that the next day I went back to purchase it and now I can't get enough of it. I wear it constantly. 
A little bangle goes a long way, so this rhinestone fireball added some fun and extra dazzle to my outfit. 
And the final piece, which you might have already seen in another of my posts is the starfish ring. If you haven't, Click Here to see how else I styled it. It's one that I keep adding because it reminds me of the beach; it's so beautiful and summers without starfish feel incomplete. 

Sadly, it has come to the end of our Summers in Portofino, but you know we'll meet again here next week. Until then keep dreaming of Portofino, Italy and you'll see, sooner or later, it will happen. As always, I hope you're having a beautiful summer. Chao! 

                                                                                                                      Love, Radi

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