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Hello everyone, 

How's everyone doing today? 
I'm here bursting of excitement like fireworks in the deep sky because I get to talk to you about fashion and to share with you this week's style outfit. As always, I had lots of fun putting all the pieces together and seeing it all come together makes me so happy and extremely grateful for doing what I love, not trying to please others or do something that will make me feel miserable or uninspired. I encourage you all to find that one thing that makes you feel like you have entered into heaven. Develop, learn and have faith; it will all work out in the end. 

Now onto my look! 
I added some flare with this floral print dolman kimono from Forever 21. I personally love its flower and paisley print, which adds some fun to this rather nude look, if you know what I mean. Another plus we can't overlook is that the kimono is slightly oversized, which makes it feel effortless and so comfortable hugging the upper body. You can throw it on top of anything and it'll all look good. For example, I paired my kimono with a crop top, one that's tight around the body. You don't want something loose because then the kimono won't compliment your top and in a scenario like that it's best to leave out the kimono. 

Another of my favorites is these creme high-waist shorts by Monteau. I'm in love with the petal-like scalloped hem, which gives my legs this delicate, elongating look and who doesn't want that? (My legs have never looked better :)) 
Adding a tiny belt to the mix makes the outfit from neat to extra sweet. 

Do you recognize something familiar? Well, these Steve Madden wedges have also been featured in another blog post of mine. Here you can see a completely different look that I styled with these same shoes: Click Here I love my Maddens, they're my most worn wedges ever. I so want them in all colors!  

As you can see for jewelry, I went with the wooden theme adding lots of wooden bracelets, two necklaces and geometric earrings. They go perfectly with my tan and in unison with the whole outfit. There is something about accessories like these that draws me in because they look effortless and so cute, just great for achieving that festival boho chic style any day of the week. 

My fashion flare is complete. Now it's time to create yours. Send me photos if you get inspired to recreate this look. I will be on the look out for your tweets. You can write me @RAFashionDi on twitter. (Don't be shy!) 
As always, I'll talk to you very soon. Prepare for next weeks post because it's going to be a white wonderland that you wouldn't won't to miss. See ya! 

                                                                                                        Love, Radi  

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