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Hello everyone,

Yep, like the title says, I'm crazy for Klein!
 A prestigious brand that brings elegance, sophistication and charisma to women and men across the world. He's the man which is why I couldn't pass the opportunity to purchase a dress of his the minute I saw it. I'm obsessed with this piped floral shift dress. It's life! Just look at those eye-popping hues of pink, blue, black and green. What else could you ask for? This dress is so me that I feel as if it was designed especially for me. ( I really wish so, so let's pretend that it was) On top of everything, I really like the black piping on the front and back of the dress. It makes it even more unique and beautiful. I can see myself wearing it at a cocktail party or why not even when I'm out shopping because you know, that's my number one hobby :) 

 Adding extra grace to this look, I paired the shift dress with these cream peep-toe heels from dressbarn. What really sold me about these heels is the sheer lace detail. Once I saw them I knew these are my Cinderella shoes. The ones that will get me feeling beautiful and ready for the ball or in my case for a stroll in the summer sunshine. Either way, I'm satisfied and overjoyed to have them in my life. 


The fun continues with these accessory pieces that I added to help accentuate this whole look. First, for a dash of dazzle, I went with this gorgeous classic gold and navy watch. Not only is it stylish, but I've got the time right on my wrist which is perfect, so I don't have to take out my cellphone every time because you know that can be really annoying when you have to be somewhere on time. 
Moving on with the gold and summer theme, I've added this delicate starfish ring which could also be stacked with some of your other favorites, but here I let it stand alone. You know, there's nothing wrong in that as long as you know where you're going and believe in yourself. A little Monday motivation for you!  
So the opposite hand is not left out, I had to add some of these mixed textured bangles. This way everything looks balanced and compliments each other.
 And the final touch is some earrings. These dangling teardrop ones are just adorable and my luck on sale at dressbarn. I love them lots!!!   

Now that I've shared my love for Klein, I seriously can take a breather. My heart has been beating so hard for the excitement in sharing this post with you that I really hope you enjoyed it. I had lots of fun and you know if you didn't get enough you can always go back to my older posts. Plus, I'll have a new post next week that you can expect to be mesmerizing. Bye, See you then........ Before I go, let me know in the comments if there is something you would like to see on this blog. I'm open to any suggestions. 

                                                                                                                            Love, Radi

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