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Hello everyone,

One of my favorites during the spring/summer seasons to wear is anything neon. Including bright neon nail polishes and accessories with lots of pinks, corals and yellows. I love dressing in vivid neon because these colors make me feel alive, full of good vibes and lots of smiles. That's why today, I'm in full burst of neon, everything from the earrings to the heels. 
Definitely a top favorite look of mine so far because this would be the absolute perfect outfit for going dancing in. I mean look at it, you will literally shine like a neon diamond on the dance floor. You'll be the moving spotlight that radiates light and excitement around the whole place. Now, I'm so eager to go dancing! Who's with me? I can already hear the music, feel the beat and feel myself let go as I'm dancing along to my favorite songs. 
I LOVE dancing so much! It's where I can fully loosen up, enjoy the moment and forget about everything else. That's my happy place :) 
Speaking of dancing, my current favorite song, the one that always gets me up is called Piensas by Pitbull ft. Gente de Zona. Once you hear it you'll know what I mean. All his songs are so energetic, fun and sexy. They've got that Pitbull signature which you can't confuse with anyone else. He's my top favorite artist. I want to know what's your favorite song? Leave it in the comments below.  

This time let's start from the accessories! 
The big chunky neon earrings that I'm wearing immediately caught my eyes when I was in the store (ALDO) looking through everything. They reminded me of the beach/summer, so exotic that I knew any outfit would be a party with these earrings on. Since I've had them my summers have be compete! I love the design, the hanging little beads and the burst of colors.    
As for the rings, I think they complement each other well because of the rhinestones. The rhinestone bar ring being from EXPRESS and the other one from Charming Charlie.  
Also, I'm in love with this delicate moon necklace which adds a nice little touch to the whole outfit. It's simple, elegant without being too much or taking away the attention from the earrings. I like it a lot. I purchased it from ANGL which is one of my new favorite stores that I have become in love with recently. 
And since during the summer I prefer smaller bags, ones that don't feel like I'm caring a load of bricks, I chose this tiny yellow MERONA cross body bag. I really like the lock clasp, it's got enough space for a few of my essentials and the color is so fun and different from any other bag that I own. It's my little mellow yellow minion :) 

Moving on to the apparel!
On top I've got this button-up sheer sleeveless blouse in hot pink. I love the way it shines in this type of light, so electric and mesmerizing. Plus, it really is the most comfortable blouse that I have ever worn, especially good for the hot summer days. I got it on sale a while back from Charming Charlie. A purchase that left me feeling like the happiest girl in the world. 
This multicolored number on the bottom, I feel like adds some more charm to this neon party. The print with the geometric shapes and the different colors is what made me buy it immediately. Even with a simple white cami top, this skirt will look amazing. 
These gorgeous coral babes on my feet are a Franco Sarto masterpiece. They are the perfect height for me, even if they were higher I'm sure I would be able to walk in them because they are so comfortable. I love the thick straps and the buckle at the ankle. Exactly, what I like in a platform sandals- simple, chic with a touch of color.

That's all for today's neon party. Thanks for joining me. And remember, whenever you hear your favorite tune, just dance, live in the moment and leave all your worries behind. Forget about the past, the future and live in the now. 
I've got to go!!! Playing my jam (Piensas) right now. yeahhhhhhh

                                                                                Love, Radi      

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  1. These neon colors are so amazing! I love your heels :)
    Wonderful Post! Have a great day!
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