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Hello everyone,

Independence day is nearing soon, so what better way to celebrate than by dressing up in full assemble of red, white and navy. With a weekend complete of barbeque gatherings, fireworks and endless festivities, you'll need an outfit that will keep you feeling fresh in the hot weather as well as cute and comfortable throughout the whole day. 

Hopefully this post will give you some ideas, so you're full blast ready for July 4th. You can have so much fun picking out or even adding some DIY touches that are unique and all so fitting for the holiday. The options are endless. From hair accessories to various nail art designs, you can go all out for this national holiday. I find it very exciting picking out what to wear each year, usually not being able to decide until the morning of Fourth of July, but you know that's what we girls go through almost everyday. (I guess it's part of our DNA) Once that's taken care of, in the last few years it's become a tradition for my sister and I to go to the Summerlin patriotic parade which is really fun and there's always this wonderful feeling of a community coming together to celebrate. And at night, we always end by watching the fireworks show across Las Vegas which is always spectacular. Seeing the whole strip light up in front of your eyes really is a sight that must be seen and admired. What about you? What are some of your family traditions on the Fourth of July that each year get you excited for this day? 


Moving on to the threads I'm wearing. On an occasion like this one, a maxi dress in navy is exactly what I would suggest. This one is from Target by the brand xhilaration. Not only are maxi dresses loose and meant for wearing all summer long, but also look at the ruffle detail on this one. I love it because it adds a dash of flair to this rather simple dress. Isn't it lovely? If it wasn't for that one detail I don't think I would have bought it because I tend to lean toward items that are more fun and outgoing just like my personality. 

Now that we've got the top covered, let's move on the the soles of our feet. I would suggest some nice flip-flops because you'll probably be moving around all day and the last thing you want is for your feet to be in blisters at the end of the day. I know it can be hard for all of the heel lovers out there, but try to stay away from them on the Fourth of July. I've got on these silver jem flip-flops by the same brand as the dress. They're very cute and might I just add really comfortable. I can celebrate all weekend long, not only in comfort but style as well. 


All that's left is a touch of red, so why not add a nice vibrant scarf around my neck, right? It's no surprise that this accessory just makes this outfit complete. Plus, adding a long necklace with the scarf is the perfect combination and one of my favorites. Don't you agree, it just looks good? For an extra feel of summer, I added these gorgeous white plumeria flower hair pieces that completely go along with this red, white and navy theme. 

Style wise, I'm ready for the Fourth of July! I can't wait for this weekend's festivities. I'm so excited for the annual parade, spending time with my family and of course seeing lots of fireworks shoot into the sky. It's going to be a blast! 
I hope you have a wonderful Independence day celebration. If you would like send me photos on my twitter @RAFashionDI of your red, white and navy attire. I would love to see your looks and I'm sure all of you will look amazing. Happy Fourth of July from me to you! 


                                                                     Love, Radi


Hello everyone,

The temperatures are raising, so is my desire for experimenting with summer high fashion looks just like this one. Something that is classy and fabulous, a look in which I can see myself strutting across the streets of the most fashionable cities of Paris, London, New York..... and why not the whole world! This way not only will I be able to shop at the most stylish boutiques ever known, but I will be able to explore the culture and magic each city has to offer and hopefully take you along with me for the ride. How does that sound to you? It sounds like a dream come true to me!  

Many of you might know, anything that has fringe or lace these days is considered in trend. I've got both in one, so I must be a trend expert! hahaha  Not really, but I was definitely very excited to wear this lace poncho with fringe along the hemline. It's so pretty. I love the way the fringe adds a dramatic accent. Plus, it's sheer, so for hot summer days like this one you can wear it only with a bra or a bandeau underneath or for the fall/chillier days just add a simple cami top and you'll be rocking. Really, words cannot describe how much I love this poncho. I can also see myself wearing it over my bathing suit when vacationing somewhere tropical like Bora Bora with a fresh squeezed juice in my hand. Cheers to summer dreams!  It's designed by Jennie & Marlis who hit right at the target with this poncho because no doubt about it, I would purchase it in all different colors.

To go with the poncho, you can add denim shorts or skinny denim jeans. Almost anything will work and look amazing, but on this day I wanted to think outside of the box and make this look unforgettable. Have I succeeded? I would like to think so that I have earned and A+ with these ATTYRE New York ankle pants. I especially love the shattered glass print on them which gives this fun graphic feature to the whole apparel. Also, if you are a comfort lover, always in the look out for clothes that are soft and let's just say painless, these are my number one recommendation because they're stretchy, hugging the curves at the right places. You'll feel as if you are wearing a flowy skirt instead of pants. Trust me, they were made in heaven!           

And last, but not least from the beginning I envisioned black pumps as the finishing touch to this fresh and fabulous look. I really love that pumps always add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. I mean as seen in magazines, they can make jeans and a t-shirt look incredible. These shiny black ones are by NINE WEST. I must add they were very comfortable and the perfect height for me on this particularly hot day. I'll let you on a little secret, heeled shoes were the last thing on my mind on this day, but these pumps made me feel like I was wearing flip- flops which was a win- win situation. Now, instead of flip- flops, I can head straight for the pumps! hahaha


This time I tried my hardest to keep it low on the amount of accessories because ohh boy do I love them and you know elegance and simplicity were my outlook from the start. I think I achieved that with these three main pieces here.That being said, I think that I deserve to treat myself to a new jewelry piece or few..... (getting excited and smiling so wide right now) 
A crochet sun hat, chain necklace and cute bangles are all you need to enhance this whole look. The three musketeers who stick together no matter what! 
I love each one by itself, but when combined together they are the trio of a lifetime. 

Well it's time for me to say goodbye, but not for long. As Arnold Schwarzenegger says " I'll Be Back!"
If you are on summer break, I'm hoping you're having a wonderful time. Be happy, smile lots, have fun and try not to get into too much trouble. Okay, signing off now..... bye! 

                                                                                                                                  Love, Radi


Hello everyone,

SUMMER is here! <3
This means the temperatures are rising, the sunshine is shining, the music is in full blast and the styles are endless. It just feels right, right? 
I love it! It's the season for lots of lace accents, transparent pieces that will keep you feeling cool, vibrant watercolor prints, unique textured looks, fun cropped tops, floral patterns and so much more..... 
Plus, dresses are a must because they go a long way. No effort involved, just put it on, style it with a few of your favorite jewelry pieces and you're ready for a hot summer day from sunbathing by the pool to going to a nice restaurant at night.  


This dress here speaks summer to me. It's my all time favorite for countless reasons. The first one being the corset touch at the top, the way it's tight at the chest and from there it gradually opens up and flows to the sound of the breeze. (at least that's what it did on this particular day) Trust me, I was there and I would never forget it, the way I had to keep my hands glued to the dress, so it won't fly away because at times the wind felt unbelievably strong. As they say, all that is challenging is worth it in the end. 
Also, the zipper detail in the middle makes this dress extra special because it adds a touch of charm that I really like, both sensual and lively at the same time. The floral print is so dreamy and so me, anything floral I just have to own it. Not only on fabric, but also real fresh flowers can bring me joy anytime, making a dark cloudy day into one full of light and laughter. This color speaks for itself. There might have been other colors in this dress, but I honestly don't remember any of them because this orange one took my breath away from the start. I purchased it at Target ( one place that feels like a second home to me!)       


To go with this dress, I added these Dexflex Comfort stretch wedges which I also featured in my GUESS Fashion Show blog post. Click here to see it: Now that I think about it this same bag and the headpiece that I'm wearing here are also featured on that same blog post. What a coincidence, I just figured it out! Ohhhh well, that just shows how much I'm in love with these items because they really do go with everything and don't be surprised if you see them in a future blog post because you know when you love something so much you want to wear it forever. 
  The two items that I haven't featured so far are these gorgeous blue American Eagle dangling earrings and this silver all around hearts ring. As far as accessories go, I'm up to having both gold and silver clash into one look, the way I did here with the gold bag and silver jewelry. To me anything and everything will look good together just as long as I don't overdue it because it can be hard at times to stop layering more pieces to the ones I have already added. 

So, this is the end for this outfit, but the summer is just beginning. 
Make it one to remember. Have lots of fun and as style goes do whatever feels right to you. 
See you next week with a new blog post. I have already got an idea of what it will be, so I can't wait to share it with you. 
Bye, bye 

                                                                                                         Love, Radi


Hello everyone,

One of my favorites during the spring/summer seasons to wear is anything neon. Including bright neon nail polishes and accessories with lots of pinks, corals and yellows. I love dressing in vivid neon because these colors make me feel alive, full of good vibes and lots of smiles. That's why today, I'm in full burst of neon, everything from the earrings to the heels. 
Definitely a top favorite look of mine so far because this would be the absolute perfect outfit for going dancing in. I mean look at it, you will literally shine like a neon diamond on the dance floor. You'll be the moving spotlight that radiates light and excitement around the whole place. Now, I'm so eager to go dancing! Who's with me? I can already hear the music, feel the beat and feel myself let go as I'm dancing along to my favorite songs. 
I LOVE dancing so much! It's where I can fully loosen up, enjoy the moment and forget about everything else. That's my happy place :) 
Speaking of dancing, my current favorite song, the one that always gets me up is called Piensas by Pitbull ft. Gente de Zona. Once you hear it you'll know what I mean. All his songs are so energetic, fun and sexy. They've got that Pitbull signature which you can't confuse with anyone else. He's my top favorite artist. I want to know what's your favorite song? Leave it in the comments below.  

This time let's start from the accessories! 
The big chunky neon earrings that I'm wearing immediately caught my eyes when I was in the store (ALDO) looking through everything. They reminded me of the beach/summer, so exotic that I knew any outfit would be a party with these earrings on. Since I've had them my summers have be compete! I love the design, the hanging little beads and the burst of colors.    
As for the rings, I think they complement each other well because of the rhinestones. The rhinestone bar ring being from EXPRESS and the other one from Charming Charlie.  
Also, I'm in love with this delicate moon necklace which adds a nice little touch to the whole outfit. It's simple, elegant without being too much or taking away the attention from the earrings. I like it a lot. I purchased it from ANGL which is one of my new favorite stores that I have become in love with recently. 
And since during the summer I prefer smaller bags, ones that don't feel like I'm caring a load of bricks, I chose this tiny yellow MERONA cross body bag. I really like the lock clasp, it's got enough space for a few of my essentials and the color is so fun and different from any other bag that I own. It's my little mellow yellow minion :) 

Moving on to the apparel!
On top I've got this button-up sheer sleeveless blouse in hot pink. I love the way it shines in this type of light, so electric and mesmerizing. Plus, it really is the most comfortable blouse that I have ever worn, especially good for the hot summer days. I got it on sale a while back from Charming Charlie. A purchase that left me feeling like the happiest girl in the world. 
This multicolored number on the bottom, I feel like adds some more charm to this neon party. The print with the geometric shapes and the different colors is what made me buy it immediately. Even with a simple white cami top, this skirt will look amazing. 
These gorgeous coral babes on my feet are a Franco Sarto masterpiece. They are the perfect height for me, even if they were higher I'm sure I would be able to walk in them because they are so comfortable. I love the thick straps and the buckle at the ankle. Exactly, what I like in a platform sandals- simple, chic with a touch of color.

That's all for today's neon party. Thanks for joining me. And remember, whenever you hear your favorite tune, just dance, live in the moment and leave all your worries behind. Forget about the past, the future and live in the now. 
I've got to go!!! Playing my jam (Piensas) right now. yeahhhhhhh

                                                                                Love, Radi