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Hello everyone, Independence day is nearing soon, so what better way to celebrate than by dressing up in full assemble of red, white and navy. With a weekend complete of barbeque gatherings, fireworks and endless festivities, you'll need an outfit that will keep you feeling fresh in the hot weather as well as cute and comfortable throughout the whole day.  Hopefully this post will give you some ideas, so you're full blast ready for July 4th. You can have so much fun picking out or even adding some DIY touches that are unique and all so fitting for the holiday. The options are endless. From hair accessories to various nail art designs, you can go all out for this national holiday. I find it very exciting picking out what to wear each year, usually not being able to decide until the morning of Fourth of July, but you know that's what we girls go through almost everyday. (I guess it's part of our DNA) Once that's taken care of, in the last few years it's bec


Hello everyone, The temperatures are raising, so is my desire for experimenting with summer high fashion looks just like this one. Something that is classy and fabulous, a look in which I can see myself strutting across the streets of the most fashionable cities of Paris, London, New York. .... and why not the whole world ! This way not only will I be able to shop at the most stylish boutiques ever known, but I will be able to explore the culture and magic each city has to offer and hopefully take you along with me for the ride. How does that sound to you? It sounds like a dream come true to me!   Many of you might know, anything that has fringe or lace these days is considered in trend. I've got both in one, so I must be a trend expert! hahaha  Not really, but I was definitely very excited to wear this lace poncho with fringe along the hemline. It's so pretty. I love the way the fringe adds a dramatic accent. Plus, it's sheer, so for hot summer days like thi


Hello everyone, SUMMER is here! <3 This means the temperatures are rising, the sunshine is shining, the music is in full blast and the styles are endless. It just feels right, right?  I love it! It's the season for lots of lace accents, transparent pieces that will keep you feeling cool, vibrant watercolor prints, unique textured looks, fun cropped tops, floral patterns and so much more.....  Plus, dresses are a must because they go a long way. No effort involved, just put it on, style it with a few of your favorite jewelry pieces and you're ready for a hot summer day from sunbathing by the pool to going to a nice restaurant at night.     This dress here speaks summer to me. It's my all time favorite for countless reasons. The first one being the corset touch at the top, the way it's tight at the chest and from there it gradually opens up and flows to the sound of the breeze. (at least that's what it did on this particular day) Trust me, I was


Hello everyone, One of my favorites during the spring/summer seasons to wear is anything neon. Including bright neon nail polishes and accessories with lots of pinks, corals and yellows. I love dressing in vivid neon because these colors make me feel alive, full of good vibes and lots of smiles. That's why today, I'm in full burst of neon, everything from the earrings to the heels.  Definitely a top favorite look of mine so far because this would be the absolute perfect outfit for going dancing in. I mean look at it, you will literally shine like a neon diamond on the dance floor. You'll be the moving spotlight that radiates light and excitement around the whole place. Now, I'm so eager to go dancing! Who's with me? I can already hear the music, feel the beat and feel myself let go as I'm dancing along to my favorite songs.  I LOVE dancing so much! It's where I can fully loosen up, enjoy the moment and forget about everything else. That'