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Hello everyone,

Today, let's stroll in style through the streets of Downtown Summerlin, a shopping center that's my number one pick because it's got all my favorite stores in one. There have been far too many times when I have gone shopping at different places that somehow have a favorite store of mine missing and I end up going to few various places, but not here. Not only is it the best for window shopping, but also offers some great dining restaurants, coffee places that will leave you wanting to stay there all day and the most beautiful scenery, wonderful for strolling around in the sunshine. 

As for my look, I went with this cute tribal romper which is one of the newest items that I recently purchased. It may be new, but I have worn it a few times already because I love it so much. When I want something lightweight, colorful and a piece that I can dress up or dress down, this romper is my go to. It immediately caught my eye at the store! How can it not? Look at those vibrant patterns! If you're wondering, I got it at Forever 21 which, fun fact, was originally known as Fashion 21. 
To enhance the waist, I just added a white belt which in my eyes gives this look a whole new definition and it goes perfectly with those platform pumps.
To some of you these heels might not look that high, but to me let's just say was difficult to stroll gracefully because every step I felt like I might fall. So glad you weren't there to see me :)  These are the highest pair that I own and future note to myself: Don't buy the same height heels or higher because you'll regret it for the rest of your life!
I know, it was the ankle strap and the nude color that sold me and apparently I also thought that I can walk in them at the time. If you are brave like me and want to give them a try, these platforms are by the brand BRASH which you can find at my favorite shoe store, Payless. 

Jewelry, jewelry and more jewelry is what I want. I know since my love for jewelry is out of this world, in the future I might do a post on my favorite pieces if you would like that, but for now let's stick to the jewelry that completed this outfit. As you can see, my favorite blue is present in all three accessories. I just thought that it would pop- out and look in sync with the coral lipstick and nail polish. Both the earrings and the bracelet were handmade, leaving only the flower ring as bought. They're super easy and fun to make, if you've got the time. A great way to let your creativity run wild and create pieces that are one of a kind. 



After strolling in the heat in these too high for me heels, it was time for a power juice. My favorite place other than the shopping at Downtown Summerlin is the Nekter Juice Bar. If I could I would visit every single day because it's that good. They make the best smoothies, juices and breakfast bowls. Believe me the options are endless and each time I go I pick something different because one day I want to be able to say that I have eaten the whole juice bar, hahahha! This time I went for a tropical delight that consisted of orange, lemon and apple.               It was so yummy, I can still taste it. If you haven't been to the Nekter Juice Bar yet, you're missing out. I highly recommend you go, before I eat/drink the whole bar. 

That's enough of me rambling. It's time for me to go dream of an iced cold juice because these high temperatures are burning up and rising by the second. 
I really hope you enjoyed today's post because I typed it with lots of love. I hope you're having a fabulous day and I'll see you here again in a couple of days. Bye for now! 

                                             Love, Radi                                                        


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