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Hello everyone,

Today's look is fun, playful with a touch of sophistication. It was my choice pick for a shopping trip to the mall. Surprise! This time I promise, I did not purchase anything, just looked around. After all, summer is coming and who doesn't want to go on vacation? I really do, which is why I kept dreaming of my tropical dream destination instead of going all out. The shopping will always be there, but having a relaxing summer by the beach is one in a lifetime opportunity leaving you with memories that will stick with you forever. Who's with me? Speaking of summer getaways, let me know what is the one place that is on top of your list? Mine is Hawaii! It looks magical. Not only true paradise, but also there are so many fun activities that you can do like surfing, zipline through the tropical island, scuba dive, hike to the volcanic craters......... all things that I really want to do.  
Before I transport completely to Hawaii, let's get back to the outfit! 


Starting off with the peplum tank, look at that color blocking. I love this top for that reason. It makes it so unique and playful. I love the combination of a light color with a darker one and blue is my favorite color ever, so this tank is so me. I purchased it last summer from EXPRESS and I haven't stopped wearing ever since. 
Whenever it comes to peplum tanks, I like pairing them with skirts whether that be tulip, gored or pencil skirts. This denim one is from White| Black House Market. It's one of those pieces that you've got to have in your closet, so I have a few different length denim skirts because denim is denim-ly amazing in my eyes.  
For these dreamy strap ankle wedges, I have two words: STEVE MADDEN! Which girl is not obsessed with his shoes? Men like him know exactly what women love and they are masters at creating the best designs, making a woman fell confident, plus an effect of longer legs is always the best part. 
For my jewelry, I choose three of my most favorite pieces from my lovely jewelry collection which day by day is growing and growing. I love the fact that I have so many pieces to chose from when I'm getting ready. My favorite part is deciding which jewels to wear. The rhinestone teardrop gold earrings are  from EXPRESS. They have the best selection for young, classy statement pieces that would make you feel like a princess. 
Both the colorful stackable rings and the hot spots gems bracelet that I have on are from Charming Charlie. They're so fun, really great for the summer and a little secret, affordable, but in splendid quality. 
And finally, to complete this whole look, I've got this Relic Brand Collection cross body bag. It's very cute and most importantly I can store all the little essentials that I take with me when going out.  


Thank you so much for spending this little time with me. Together we got to dream of a summer by the beach, talk fashion and have a blast. I certainly did. I'll talk to you in next week's blog post, which expect to be bursting of colors. Any guesses? 
Have a lovely rest of the day or night depending on where you are in the world. 

                                                                                                                                 Love, Radi

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