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EXPRESS Yourself!

Hello everyone,

What is fashion to you? To me, it's a way to EXPRESS myself. If I wasn't to speak, I would want my look alone to speak for itself. Through my style, I love to EXPRESS my personality which leans toward bright, classy and clean pieces. It really is more than just clothes, shoes and accessories for me which is why whenever you dress you should always wear what you love, pleasing yourself, not anyone else. Feeling your best in your outfit choice because isn't that why fashion exists? For some of you that might be comfortable clothing for others it might be combining different patterns. Really the sky is the limit, but you should always pick pieces that are representing you, without worrying about the ongoing trends or what someone else is wearing. Be You! With that you'll shine every time.   

 You might be wondering, why I'm ranting about expressing yourself through fashion? Well, because today's look from head to toe comes from EXPRESS. One of my all time favorite stores. I can't even put into words, how much I love it. It's got the most amazing statement pieces, lot of colors, the perfect selection for any occasion and the list goes on and on....... Really, it's one of those stores that when I visit, I try to walk out empty handed, but that never happens (it gets me every time). I have to admit from shopping there so often, my closet consists of mostly EXPRESS items. You might think that's bad, but I rather look on the bright side, at least now my closet replicates the store. What about you, from which store do most of your clothes in your closet come from? Let me know in the comments!

                 Without keeping you guessing any longer, here is my EXPRESS apparel. 

This is one of those outfits in which I feel very comfortable, yet stylish because of the leather belt and the gold jewels that I added. Good for the hot summer days that will be here in no time because the material is soft, flowy and it won't stick on you if you get sweaty. What more could you ask for? 
If you are an EXPRESS lover like me, cheers and remember always EXPRESS your personal style by the things you like wearing and feel happiest in. Plus, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone by trying different looks. You never know, there might be something you fall in love with that will make you even more joyful :) 
That's all from me for now.It's time for me to head off to EXPRESS! (just kidding, but really maybe in a day or two) 
Bye, bye! Have fun EXPRESSING yourself! <3 

                                                                                                         Love, Radi

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