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Hello everyone,

I can't deny it, denim has been my love ever since I can remember. From little til now, it has been part of my style revolution. Not that I had any style when I was younger, but you know what I mean. Denim skirts, dungarees, tunic dresses and obviously jeans were all part of that revolution until an item got destroyed from being worn too much by me.
Inspired by my favorite denim jumpsuit from my previous blog post, I knew I had to bring out the denim darling in me. It just felt right! My excitement is over the top, I can't contain myself, so let's talk about the outfit that I put together before I burst into a tune because trust me you don't want to hear me sing. hahhaha 


One word: MERONA! This look revolves around this brand because as most of you will agree with me, Target is the best. They literally hit right at the target with this belted denim shirt dress. When something like this happens, I can't miss out, so I got it, knowing the darling in me is extremely satisfied and ready to take it on a beautiful stroll at Tivoli Village. 
Look at it, it's perfect for days when you want to be comfortable, you want to look great, but you don't have much time to get ready. It's like a life saver because often I fit in the same category and this denim is the first thing that comes to mind. I love the tiny belt at the waist, plus you can wear the sleeves longer or at elbow length depending on the weather. I love it so much that I don't see myself wearing anything else in the next month :) 
To keep the sun away from my eyes and more importantly for style, I added this gorgeous gold beaded sash fedora hat which is also by the brand MERONA. Like two peas in a pot these items are meant to be together forever.
As for shoes, this denim shirt dress will look good with anything and everything. Flip flops, wedges or pumps you can't go wrong. I paired it with these white Dexter sandal heels that are my all time favorite. I love the design and white is such a pure and exquisite color that goes beautifully with everything. It opens your eyes and makes you dream in white. (or is that just me?)
American Eagle is another one of my favorite stores to shop at. I just really love their beach and laid back looks with all the rich colors. Also, the quality of their accessories is amazing which is why my wrap watch and rhinestone necklace are from there. I think they go great together and as I say jewelry always makes an outfit complete. It gives it that spark which I love!  
On the opposite hand, I've got these bead bracelets that came in one from Kohl's. They match the belt and the wrap watch and add to the look that boho feel which I love.      

If you get inspired to recreate your own version of a denim darling, I would love to see your style. If you would like, send me photos through my twitter @RAFashionDI! This way we can interact and inspire one another. Also, this would be a fun way to share ideas, to express ourselves through fashion and just share our love for fashion. See you there!
Thank you so much for hanging out with me on this beautiful day. Like always, I'll see you next time! 

                                                   Love, Radi

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