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Hello everyone, Today's look is fun, playful with a touch of sophistication. It was my choice pick for a shopping trip to the mall. Surprise! This time I promise, I did not purchase anything, just looked around. After all, summer is coming and who doesn't want to go on vacation? I really do, which is why I kept dreaming of my tropical dream destination instead of going all out. The shopping will always be there, but having a relaxing summer by the beach is one in a lifetime opportunity leaving you with memories that will stick with you forever. Who's with me? Speaking of summer getaways, let me know what is the one place that is on top of your list? Mine is Hawaii! It looks magical. Not only true paradise, but also there are so many fun activities that you can do like surfing, zipline through the tropical island, scuba dive, hike to the volcanic craters......... all things that I really want to do.   Before I transport completely to Hawaii, let's get back to the

EXPRESS Yourself!

Hello everyone, What is fashion to you? To me, it's a way to EXPRESS myself. If I wasn't to speak, I would want my look alone to speak for itself. Through my style, I love to EXPRESS my personality which leans toward bright, classy and clean pieces. It really is more than just clothes, shoes and accessories for me which is why whenever you dress you should always wear what you love, pleasing yourself, not anyone else. Feeling your best in your outfit choice because isn't that why fashion exists? For some of you that might be comfortable clothing for others it might be combining different patterns. Really the sky is the limit, but you should always pick pieces that are representing you, without worrying about the ongoing trends or what someone else is wearing. Be You! With that you'll shine every time.     You might be wondering, why I'm ranting about expressing yourself through fashion? Well, because today's look from head to toe comes from EXPRESS.


Hello everyone, I can't deny it, denim has been my love ever since I can remember. From little til now , it has been part of my style revolution. Not that I had any style when I was younger, but you know what I mean. Denim skirts, dungarees, tunic dresses and obviously jeans were all part of that revolution until an item got destroyed from being worn too much by me. Inspired by my favorite denim jumpsuit from my previous blog post, I knew I had to bring out the denim darling in me. It just felt right! My excitement is over the top, I can't contain myself, so let's talk about the outfit that I put together before I burst into a tune because trust me you don't want to hear me sing. hahhaha        One word: MERONA! This look revolves around this brand because as most of you will agree with me, Target is the best. They literally hit right at the target with this belted denim shirt dress. When something like this happens, I can't miss out, so I got


Hello everyone, GUESS What? Last weekend, I attended the GUESS Fashion Show in Las Vegas. The collection down the runway was incredible. I mean, how can it not be? It's GUESS we are talking about! Plus the GUESS models, Charlotte McKinney, Tika Camaj, Simone Holtznagel and Natalie Pack were so gorgeous. They rocked the runway like no other and truly represented the adventurous and sexy vibe that this brand is well known for. Not only was the show stunning, leaving me in awe, but also there was music, lots of prizes being given away and at the end I got to meet the models, which just made my day. Such a surreal experience, one that I can't wait to share with you and hopefully make it feel like you were right there with me. Here We Go, Get Ready because once you see these styles, you'll be running in no time to a GUESS store near you!         See what I mean, every look is perfection. I wish I could own all of these outfits