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Hello everyone,

Today's look is fun, playful with a touch of sophistication. It was my choice pick for a shopping trip to the mall. Surprise! This time I promise, I did not purchase anything, just looked around. After all, summer is coming and who doesn't want to go on vacation? I really do, which is why I kept dreaming of my tropical dream destination instead of going all out. The shopping will always be there, but having a relaxing summer by the beach is one in a lifetime opportunity leaving you with memories that will stick with you forever. Who's with me? Speaking of summer getaways, let me know what is the one place that is on top of your list? Mine is Hawaii! It looks magical. Not only true paradise, but also there are so many fun activities that you can do like surfing, zipline through the tropical island, scuba dive, hike to the volcanic craters......... all things that I really want to do.  
Before I transport completely to Hawaii, let's get back to the outfit! 


Starting off with the peplum tank, look at that color blocking. I love this top for that reason. It makes it so unique and playful. I love the combination of a light color with a darker one and blue is my favorite color ever, so this tank is so me. I purchased it last summer from EXPRESS and I haven't stopped wearing ever since. 
Whenever it comes to peplum tanks, I like pairing them with skirts whether that be tulip, gored or pencil skirts. This denim one is from White| Black House Market. It's one of those pieces that you've got to have in your closet, so I have a few different length denim skirts because denim is denim-ly amazing in my eyes.  
For these dreamy strap ankle wedges, I have two words: STEVE MADDEN! Which girl is not obsessed with his shoes? Men like him know exactly what women love and they are masters at creating the best designs, making a woman fell confident, plus an effect of longer legs is always the best part. 
For my jewelry, I choose three of my most favorite pieces from my lovely jewelry collection which day by day is growing and growing. I love the fact that I have so many pieces to chose from when I'm getting ready. My favorite part is deciding which jewels to wear. The rhinestone teardrop gold earrings are  from EXPRESS. They have the best selection for young, classy statement pieces that would make you feel like a princess. 
Both the colorful stackable rings and the hot spots gems bracelet that I have on are from Charming Charlie. They're so fun, really great for the summer and a little secret, affordable, but in splendid quality. 
And finally, to complete this whole look, I've got this Relic Brand Collection cross body bag. It's very cute and most importantly I can store all the little essentials that I take with me when going out.  


Thank you so much for spending this little time with me. Together we got to dream of a summer by the beach, talk fashion and have a blast. I certainly did. I'll talk to you in next week's blog post, which expect to be bursting of colors. Any guesses? 
Have a lovely rest of the day or night depending on where you are in the world. 

                                                                                                                                 Love, Radi

EXPRESS Yourself!

Hello everyone,

What is fashion to you? To me, it's a way to EXPRESS myself. If I wasn't to speak, I would want my look alone to speak for itself. Through my style, I love to EXPRESS my personality which leans toward bright, classy and clean pieces. It really is more than just clothes, shoes and accessories for me which is why whenever you dress you should always wear what you love, pleasing yourself, not anyone else. Feeling your best in your outfit choice because isn't that why fashion exists? For some of you that might be comfortable clothing for others it might be combining different patterns. Really the sky is the limit, but you should always pick pieces that are representing you, without worrying about the ongoing trends or what someone else is wearing. Be You! With that you'll shine every time.   

 You might be wondering, why I'm ranting about expressing yourself through fashion? Well, because today's look from head to toe comes from EXPRESS. One of my all time favorite stores. I can't even put into words, how much I love it. It's got the most amazing statement pieces, lot of colors, the perfect selection for any occasion and the list goes on and on....... Really, it's one of those stores that when I visit, I try to walk out empty handed, but that never happens (it gets me every time). I have to admit from shopping there so often, my closet consists of mostly EXPRESS items. You might think that's bad, but I rather look on the bright side, at least now my closet replicates the store. What about you, from which store do most of your clothes in your closet come from? Let me know in the comments!

                 Without keeping you guessing any longer, here is my EXPRESS apparel. 

This is one of those outfits in which I feel very comfortable, yet stylish because of the leather belt and the gold jewels that I added. Good for the hot summer days that will be here in no time because the material is soft, flowy and it won't stick on you if you get sweaty. What more could you ask for? 
If you are an EXPRESS lover like me, cheers and remember always EXPRESS your personal style by the things you like wearing and feel happiest in. Plus, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone by trying different looks. You never know, there might be something you fall in love with that will make you even more joyful :) 
That's all from me for now.It's time for me to head off to EXPRESS! (just kidding, but really maybe in a day or two) 
Bye, bye! Have fun EXPRESSING yourself! <3 

                                                                                                         Love, Radi


Hello everyone,

I can't deny it, denim has been my love ever since I can remember. From little til now, it has been part of my style revolution. Not that I had any style when I was younger, but you know what I mean. Denim skirts, dungarees, tunic dresses and obviously jeans were all part of that revolution until an item got destroyed from being worn too much by me.
Inspired by my favorite denim jumpsuit from my previous blog post, I knew I had to bring out the denim darling in me. It just felt right! My excitement is over the top, I can't contain myself, so let's talk about the outfit that I put together before I burst into a tune because trust me you don't want to hear me sing. hahhaha 


One word: MERONA! This look revolves around this brand because as most of you will agree with me, Target is the best. They literally hit right at the target with this belted denim shirt dress. When something like this happens, I can't miss out, so I got it, knowing the darling in me is extremely satisfied and ready to take it on a beautiful stroll at Tivoli Village. 
Look at it, it's perfect for days when you want to be comfortable, you want to look great, but you don't have much time to get ready. It's like a life saver because often I fit in the same category and this denim is the first thing that comes to mind. I love the tiny belt at the waist, plus you can wear the sleeves longer or at elbow length depending on the weather. I love it so much that I don't see myself wearing anything else in the next month :) 
To keep the sun away from my eyes and more importantly for style, I added this gorgeous gold beaded sash fedora hat which is also by the brand MERONA. Like two peas in a pot these items are meant to be together forever.
As for shoes, this denim shirt dress will look good with anything and everything. Flip flops, wedges or pumps you can't go wrong. I paired it with these white Dexter sandal heels that are my all time favorite. I love the design and white is such a pure and exquisite color that goes beautifully with everything. It opens your eyes and makes you dream in white. (or is that just me?)
American Eagle is another one of my favorite stores to shop at. I just really love their beach and laid back looks with all the rich colors. Also, the quality of their accessories is amazing which is why my wrap watch and rhinestone necklace are from there. I think they go great together and as I say jewelry always makes an outfit complete. It gives it that spark which I love!  
On the opposite hand, I've got these bead bracelets that came in one from Kohl's. They match the belt and the wrap watch and add to the look that boho feel which I love.      

If you get inspired to recreate your own version of a denim darling, I would love to see your style. If you would like, send me photos through my twitter @RAFashionDI! This way we can interact and inspire one another. Also, this would be a fun way to share ideas, to express ourselves through fashion and just share our love for fashion. See you there!
Thank you so much for hanging out with me on this beautiful day. Like always, I'll see you next time! 

                                                   Love, Radi


Hello everyone,

GUESS What? Last weekend, I attended the GUESS Fashion Show in Las Vegas. The collection down the runway was incredible. I mean, how can it not be? It's GUESS we are talking about! Plus the GUESS models, Charlotte McKinney, Tika Camaj, Simone Holtznagel and Natalie Pack were so gorgeous. They rocked the runway like no other and truly represented the adventurous and sexy vibe that this brand is well known for. Not only was the show stunning, leaving me in awe, but also there was music, lots of prizes being given away and at the end I got to meet the models, which just made my day. Such a surreal experience, one that I can't wait to share with you and hopefully make it feel like you were right there with me. Here We Go, Get Ready because once you see these styles, you'll be running in no time to a GUESS store near you!  


  See what I mean, every look is perfection. I wish I could own all of these outfits. Then, my closet will be complete with the most stylish statement pieces that I would love to wear every single day. I bet even dreaming in GUESS is a whole lot sweeter :)
It's so difficult to pick only one as my favorite. I love them all so much. While, I'm still thinking.......... Which is your favorite look?

Ooohhhh ok it's been almost an hour now and I think I finally came to a conclusion. READY!
My favorite is this denim jumpsuit that Charlotte wore. Isn't it stunning?
I love how it highlights the curves of the body perfectly,
without it looking baggy in some places like                                                                                    
I've seen other jumpsuits do by different brands. Also, I think the zipper detail in the front adds something special, a flair of sexiness. GUESS knows exactly how to make a woman feel sensual, fearless and free spirited at the same time. Plus, you can never go wrong with denim, it's a trend that I believe will never die. Who's with me?
GUESS are the masters at denim wear, their denim styles are like gold, very mesmerizing and elegant. 
This jumpsuit, I'm adding to my shopping wish list because I want it so much. I can already see myself wearing it with some nice nude wedges and not forgetting the jewelry because you know me by now, I can't live without it :) 


As I mentioned earlier, there were really awesome giveaways and meet and greet with the GUESS models. Sitting here, I'm still celebrating that day because I was actually one of the winners. A big winner in my mind, with a GUESS gift card in hand worth $40. Right after the fashion show, I headed straight to the store not only to meet the beauties, but to purchase some cute new jewelry pieces. Don't ask why I headed straight to the jewelry, I guess this love is sealed in my heart. I picked out one pair of hoop earrings with two bangles which I'll feature in a future blog post, so you can see the greatness that GUESS is. Smiling from ear to ear, I left the store and for the rest of the day I was in full bliss. Now, let's all be joyful together!  


Already feeling like summer in Las Vegas with lots of sunshine, on this day I knew a dress would be the best option. The ideal way to feel comfortable, but look stylish at the same time.
 I chose this floral ruffled dress from American Eagle. What's great is that this dress comes with a strap around the neck, but I decided to hide it and make into a strapless dress. I think it turned out pretty well, don't you think? I love the color, majestic blue with tiny flower patterns all over. For more comfort and style, I wore these Dexflex Comfort stretch wedges. Hands down, the most comfortable shoes I have ever walked in because they have memory foam that gives cushion and keeps the feet feeling soft as if you are walking on a playground. Every step feels light and the design itself, with these straps and a little wedge is very attractive. A true heavenly pair that I always go for because as I have already experimented, they go well with whichever outfit I'm wearing. 
Adding some fuchsia flare, this cross body bag is my go to for the spring/summer season. Without it, this outfit would look more plain and let's just say a bit boring for my taste. 
I purchased it a while back from Charming Charlie as well as the sparkly headpiece. One store that I call my own paradise because there is not one thing in there that I don't want to buy. It's insane, I literally have to have my sister pull me out of the store which is so illegal in my book. Call Security...............  LOL     


Thank you so much for joining me at the GUESS Fashion Show! 
I hope you had a blast like I did!
Let's do this again, sometime soon!
Have a beautiful day! 

                                                                                              Love, Radi