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Hello everyone,

Yep, this is exactly how I felt in this outfit, like a Goddess. One that is free of spirit, independent and present in the beauty that surrounds me. The desert washing away all the uproar from the city, leaving me in full harmony with myself.The soothing sound of the wind rushing through my hair. The sun kissing me from above through the ray of light. All creating one pleasant morning, perfect for taking pictures of this beautiful outfit. 

Spring being my favorite season of the year, inspired me to create an outfit that includes floral as my staple print because not only does it give a feminine touch, but also florals are always one of the top trends in season. You really can't go wrong with a floral top, hat, skinny pants or dress. The options are endless. All you have to do is find something that represents you and make it your own. 
As you can see, I chose a flowy crop top with an open back which I purchased at Forever 21. Not only is it very inexpensive, but this top is also my staple piece in this outfit because once I decided on it, I was able to come up with the rest of the look.
At the bottom, instead of going with some nice denim shorts, I wanted this outfit to speak romantic and sexy which is why I chose a tight stretchy pencil skirt. As it turns out, this skirt is also from Forever 21. One store that is definitely becoming a favorite of mine because day by day I can see that I keep adding new Forever 21 pieces to my closet. 
I was just there yesterday, looking at the new arrivals and guess what? I came home with a bag full of new goodies. I mean I can't complain because shopping is my all time favorite hobby and now I have some more gorgeous outfits from Forever 21. I might be turning into a shopaholic but ohhh well, as they say life should be enjoyed :) 
To add some glory to this outfit, I went with these sliver sparkly flats that perfectly compliment the rest of the look. I mean a Goddess without some sparkle would be so unacceptable that I rummaged through my closet and found these beauties by the brand Faded Glory. Now with these flats, I'm ready to take on the desert, even hike the steep hills- ok maybe not! but at least I can take over the fashion world, right! 

 For me an outfit cannot be complete without jewelry. I'm a BIG jewelry lover. I can get lost in the store looking for hours at all the jewelry, from long necklaces to statement pieces that can transform a single outfit from classy to a touch of bohemian. 
That's what my aim was for this look, to experiment with different pieces, ones that will add a bit of the bohemian style to this classy look. The Indian head chain is a must because it portrays that free-spirited vibe. Also, I accessorized with two cuffs on each hand, one in the form of a leaf on my arm and the other one in a long transparent geometric shape. Moreover, on the fingers I've got one statement ring and a few stack able rings on the opposite hand. I love these accessories so much, I think they brought out the Goddess in me. They came home with me from Forever 21. Do you see the pattern here? :)


Remember whether in the desert or not, be your own Goddess by dressing the way you love, doing the things that you love and most importantly loving yourself. 
     THANK YOU for stopping by! 
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I'll see you next time! 

                                                                                                                  Love, Radi