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Hello everyone,

Recently I've had time to try out new brands. It's becoming easier for me to explore different companies. I like giving them a chance especially when they're recommended by friends or owned by them. This is the case with most of the new discoveries I'm going to mention today!  

If you're a fan of any of them as well, let's fan out together! If you scream, I'll scream!!!πŸ˜†

One of my top happy discoveries mostly for my feet is the brand Brooks. So good, it shocks me that I didn't know about them earlier. Thankfully a friend at the gym suggested I try their sneakers, and hooray, now I'm LOVING them. Thanks Val! 

One thing about their selection is they have endless colors, which are fun to style. Also, they're made for all kind of runners, whether you're a long distance runner or  you like the treadmill. Now that I own a pair of Brooks I spot them everywhere. hahaha!

The comfort of their sneakers(I have the Revel 4 white/black design) is something that totally won me over. I told everyone in my family, they need a pair. Yep, I'm an influencer now! πŸ˜‚ I already have my eye on a purple duo I want to get next. A great color for the summer! πŸ˜‰πŸ’œ

Do you know any other sneakers brands worth trying? I'm all ears and curls to hear your answers! hahaha

This brand is a personal favorite because it's created by two friends of mine. They're both very passionate about changing lives through a healthy lifestyle. They do it all from personal training to creating healthy meal plans. On top of that Meagan and Kain have started Hit Your Potential!

The moment I found out they have their own brand, I wanted not only to support their brand, but also support their message. I really like the t-shirts, the inspirational hoodies, the resistance bands and everything else they're in the works of launching. I can't wait to see what's coming next!

One day Kain was working-out in this mint colored t-shirt. I commented on how much I like the color (that's when I still didn't know they have a personal brand.) He told me all about it, so immediately I said I wanted to buy one. I actually bought two, one in black as well.πŸ˜‰ Yep, now I'm their biggest fan!!!

It's really awesome seeing your friends strive and make their dreams come to life! πŸ™Œ 

Don't forget to Hit Your Potential everyday, take positive steps toward your goals and kill it like no other!      

For the most part I've always been stuck with using the same deodorant until one day I saw Native in the store and decided to try it. The clean packaging caught my attention and immediately after that the ingredients. Their products are vegan! So good for the body! 

I love lavender and rose, so I grabbed this one to try first. There are so many more to test out...coconut and vanilla, cotton and lily and a few limited addition scents. I think I'll go through all of them one by one. 

I like the feeling even when I've worked-out, this deodorant prevents stinky smell. Also, it isn't greasy like others. It can't be compared because it really is one of the BEST. Don't miss on this great product!  

I'm really on a roll for finding new amazing active brands in which it's comfortable and fun to sweat in. This is one of them...RBX Active! It's interesting how I discovered it! Let's start from the very beginning. 

My sister is actually the photographer for this brand. For two years now, she has been taking the photos each time a new collection was ready to launch. Usually, it's two girls being photographed out in nature wearing their latest two-piece sets, sneakers, tank tops and leggings. 

The challenge is finding two models who would be a good match, have a nice chemistry and can work together. So for a while, my sister has offered me to be one of the models. I was never hundred percent sure about it because I have always modeled by myself and got used to being solo. However, this time around I agreed because not only do I love their apparel, but I was super happy I got to model with our mutual friend, Meagan. If you want to see the official photos head to their Instagram page. Also, we made it to their site, which is a HUGE deal...yep, we're famous now! hahaha πŸ˜‚

One thing about RBX Active is, honesty, it's one of the best ones out there! Just recently, I bought a new sports bra. I'm so happy now I've got a great brand I can stick to whenever I need to restock on new workout pieces. What's your number one favorite active brand? 

Sticking with our healthy lifestyle...a new favorite of mine is energy gummies. Throughout the day, many times I forget to take my vitamins. Most days get really busy, so I decided to add an easy step to my daily routine like recharging with these Goli gummies once a day. 

There's a few different kinds to choose from - ones for relaxing sleep, ones for healthy immune system, ones filled with the right kind of antioxidants and minerals, and overall, a cute bundle of choices for you and your body.

Put yourself first with these gummies and you'll see the difference! 

If you want to try them out: Head HERE! Use code "fashionradi" for a nice discount surprise!!! πŸ’–

I went through two bottles of the orange energy bites already and you know there will be a lucky 3 as well. πŸ˜‰ Which ones are you eager to try first?

What's a NEW brand you've recently fallen in love with?

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Hello everyone,

Happy Spring! πŸŽ•

It has been a while since my last road trip post! I know many of you enjoyed that series I started a few years ago. I decided to bring it back. Plus, it was definitely time for another vacation...short, but sweet and dreamy.

In a way this was a spring break vacation, even though when we planned it we didn't think of it in that way. It kind of fit perfectly with the weather warming up, the flowers giving every street a mesmerizing pop of color, and the people seemingly enjoying the outdoors. The BEST place to witness it all is in California

With endless beach views, lots of mini restaurants and cute streets there was no doubt about making our way to California for the weekend. Plus, a special (secret) sunset photoshoot brought us to Malibu. Yep, it was pretty perfect!!! πŸ’•

I got to revisit some of my favorite beaches like Santa Monica and Venice Beach. At the same time I was able to explore new locations like walking down the Venice canals (a historic must-see landmark), my happy feet splashing in the ocean in Malibu and going on two fun rides at the Santa Monica pier. Ohhh What FUN

How has your spring break been?



Along the Pacific is Malibu beach which is about 30 minutes away from Santa Monica (where we stayed at an Airbnb). That drive is very enjoyable as your eyes roam among the diverse beaches, restaurants and stunning houses. I wouldn't get tired of it passing by everyday!

The special photoshoot I mentioned earlier took place at Malibu beach. It was so amazing because you not only come across gorgeous scenery, but there are so many photoshoots taking place. Everything from graduations to proposals. Especially during sunset, the whole beach was filled with creatives capturing a memorable moment in someone's lives. It was so nice to see! Plus, you know you wouldn't get shy with lots of people doing the same as you.πŸ˜‰

Even though the sunset on that particular day was hiding behind thick clouds, I had an unforgettable time. I fell in love with Malibu within seconds! It was my first time being there, but I'll forever remember it. You know summer is coming, so Malibu is already running through my mind nonstop.πŸ’™   


Venice Beach:

The most unique scenery and such a famous landmark are the canals at Venice Beach. My first time ever seeing them was on TV in the romantic movie "Valentine's Day", which came out in 2010. A few scenes were filmed there, so it was such a cool experience finally being there in person. Who remembers that movie?

 Strolling through the canals all morning was a blast! It's so romantic and quiet...a little nice getaway from the lively atmosphere of Venice Beach. If you haven't visited yet, I promise you, you've got to add it to your list as the first thing you do when visiting Venice. Also, the houses there are majestic, each one has its own personal style. Bring a camera because you know every step will be an opportunity for a lovely snap. πŸ“Έ  

One of the things I appreciated the most while in California is everything being so close. Restaurants, cafes and basically anything you need is a walking distance. Super cute! On the way back from our walk from the canals, we stopped at the Pier House for some breakfast. I ordered a shrimp omelette with a nice cold beer. So perfect, I wish I was there right now enjoying the outside atmosphere of people passing by and the lively conversations happening.      

Santa Monica

Would you agree? The BEST thing about a beach vacation is you can find a place to stay just a walking distance to the beach. We found an Airbnb only four blocks away from the Santa Monica Beach. So convenient because whenever we wanted, we could go out and enjoy the sunrise, sunsets and all the views in between...😍 Can't Get Enough! 

Also, how about the fun Santa Monica Amusement Park? Unlike any other pier, full of heart beating rides. I love the way the colorful lights brighten up the pier while watching the waves dance around it. On our first night there we decided to let our inner child rejoice by getting on the Pacific Wheel and then screaming with closed eyes on the West Coaster. The magic of living in the moment and feeling like a kid again was so sweet, I could do it again! 

Here are a few places to visit while in Santa Monica:

Main Squeeze: The cutest organic smoothie and coffee bar. Such a great breakfast "pick-me up" to start your day on a high note. I loved the acai bowl I ordered! Plus, this place has really awesome beachy vibes with art, lots of plants and basically a whole lot of " Ohhh, I want to own a cool juice bar like this" vibes! hahaha    

Gnarwhal Coffee: Two mornings in a row, I had my coffee there. It's just so good and so hard to resist. Right on the corner and only a few steps away from the beach. We would get a coffee early morning and then walk down the beach to enjoy the quiet misty views. Also, they carry the most delicious croissants with melted almond butter inside. Yep, I licked my fingers all over! hahaha  

Tipsy Chef: One of the nights we wanted to go-out  and enjoy a few cocktails + food in a nearby restaurant. We came across Tipsy Chef, which showed really high in reviews when searching for a good spot. The best surprise was there was a live DJ and the place closed later than others. It felt like I'm back in Vegas (where we're used to mostly everything being open until late!)

I hope you liked this sunny post! See you in the next one! πŸ’—

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Hello everyone,

Moving soon? 

Moving is part of life! We move on in the hopes of starting over, starting fresh and bringing in new experiences. Sometimes our leaps of faith are BIG, moving from one country to another. Other times it's the same city with a slight change in neighborhoods. 

How many times have you moved so far? I know some people have lived all over the world, while others like me have only moved two times (both very significant in my life.) Keep on reading because I will tell you all about it!

In my opinion it takes a lot of courage to make the decision to basically start your life over. This happened to me when I was ten years old when my parents sat my sister and I down and told us that we're moving to America from little Bulgaria. You can imagine how BIG of a change that was for us. Plus, guess what? We didn't speak any English in the beginning, so everything was a head-nod. I don't think I spoke a single word for a full week...from the cultural shock and not knowing the language.🀯

Then, fast forward a few years into living in Chicago, and we moved again - to the Las Vegas desert. This was just as a significant move as the first one because these two cities are completely different. You've got to relearn so much, like the slang, the way of life there, the streets...everything!

It's interesting how you're able to easily adjust to some places and other times it takes you a few years to start calling a new city home. Back then, I wasn't a fan of Las Vegas for the longest time, but now I love it so much that it's hard for me to picture myself living in another place. It's really crazy when I think about it because it definitely has been a long journey. Have you had a similar experience? I would love to hear your story...what made you fall in love with that place which you once hated? For me it was finding love...once that showed-up in my life, I started seeing the beauty in everything!!! πŸ’–

Moving from one place to another is hard enough. The best thing about it is that you don't have to do it all alone. You can receive help by hiring Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas to do the work that we often dread like moving heavy objects to safely packing your belongings. This is something I would love to take advantage of if I end up moving in the near future. I enjoy making my life easier!!!
πŸ˜‰Don't you?

Also, having Las Vegas long distance movers, you could be moving from one state to another or even internationally, you'll still have their support. Mostly, you'll have a stress-free move made for an easy transition into your new beginning. What's better than that? 

When your move is taken care of, your mind is put at ease and you can really focus on the importance of your move. This includes taking it all in and really enjoying every step of the way because it won't ever repeat itself. I know from my moving experiences, I wish I had help with my belongings being delivered for me to my new place. A lot of times it's good to have a helping hand!

When was the last time you moved? I haven't moved for more than ten years now, but that's the never know what life will bring you next. Hope it's one worth writing about! 😁 

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Hello everyone,

Wanna know what's better than a vacation? Going on vacation in the off season. It's literally the BEST! You feel like you have the whole beach to yourself, the restaurants aren't as crowded and you can walk from one place to another without bumping into people. And a bonus, everything is cheaper!

The sunshine state was calling my name for a while now and guess what? It all happened in the blink of a weekend. One of the first and most amazing getaways of the new year!🌞 The sun was smiling, the water was dancing and the tiny streets of Fort Lauderdale were keeping me excited from sunrise to sunset. Dreamy, refreshing and everything I ever imagined it to be!!!πŸ’— 

We got to do so much in just three days. I think the time has come for me to share my experience with you if you're looking to visit soon or dream of a warm, tropical getaway. Have you been to this part of Florida yet? 

I ate some of the yummiest various cultural foods, walked a bascule bridge for the first time, explored Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, swam in the cold waters at sunrise and fell completely in love with Fort Lauderdale.

Where to Stay:

One word...SONESTA

Oceanfront views guaranteed! This hotel is more than five stars in my eyes. You've got the beach a few steps away, the cutest set of restaurants around it, a room with a gorgeous view, and of course, no one to disturb your peace. When the last day arrived, I hundred percent wanted to stay longer. It felt like home! 

If that doesn't sound enough...well, they've got a newly renovated fitness center and a pool area. Also, there's an awesome restaurant called Steelpan by the lobby, which takes you on a tropical journey of multicultural flavors. Yuuuumy! 

My favorite part of this hotel was how close it was to the beach. I'm definitely a beach girl rather than being at the pool all day. I love feeling the sand underneath my feet, feeling the breeze in my curls, and mostly, hearing the beautiful sound of the waves crashing.πŸ–     

Places to Visit: 

 Historical, charming and picturesque! The Bonnet Gardens were right around the corner from our hotel, so on the last day, early morning we headed there. It was a surprisingly cold and windy day (not something you would expect of Florida), but this visit made it sweet and fun. 

It was so nice to walk around this estate because it felt like a huge tropical paradise. So green...I have forgotten what trees look like since moving to Vegas. It was interesting hearing the long history of this place and taking in the beauty of the gardens. I can't imagine how many people it takes to keep it looking like this all the time. 

When visiting, keep in mind...lots of spiders on the rise. We had a few laughs because they were blending in with their surroundings and at the same time big enough to be seen.🀣    

~ Las Olas:

Las Olas is a sight to remember! The most stunning neighborhood with lots of modern houses that had their yachts parked up front instead of their cars. I kept thinking...what do these people do for a living? Imagine getting out of your house and casually riding along into the sunset. It leaves me kind of speechless because of how grand everything looks. 

I really enjoyed exploring this neighborhood since it's located in the downtown area of Fort Lauderdale. There was tons to see and even smell. Lots of art galleries, flavorful restaurants, artistic streets and overall lively vibes. It felt inspiring and ohhhh so colorful!!!

Don't think twice! If you're in this area, you've got to visit without a doubt. Spending a day there is so worth it. Half a day or why not even a full day?!     

 Places to Eat In Fort Lauderdale:

~ El Taquito: This is the first restaurant we went to minutes upon arriving in Fort Lauderdale. Very delicious Mexican food with only a tiny street separating it from the beach. I had quesadillas with beer, which went perfectly together. El Taquito marked the beginning of a great that I still think about often!    

~ Steelpan Kitchen & Bar: As I mentioned a bit earlier, this bar is part of the hotel. It was very romantic, the burgers and cocktails were high on my scale according to my tastebuds and I had one of the most memorable nights there. It's a definite "must go" even if you're not staying at the Sonesta hotel.   

~ Kisses from Italy: This is a good breakfast spot which looks like the cool little city diner everyone loves to hang-out at. I had a fresh smoothie and a healthy, filling bagel. I really liked the red kisses decor. It looks like it can be part of a fun music video!     

~ Aqua Mediterranean Grill: I'm all about the Mediterranean food especially the sweet baklava. Super special food, which always reminds me of home. It's located very close to El Taquito. Hard to miss and a place you've got to experience!   

~ Nanou French Bakery & Cafe: This is without a doubt my favorite bakery we stopped at for coffee and a croissant. The French do know how to do breakfast at its finest. I love the cute outside sitting area and the fresh blue and white color decor. I honestly didn't want to leave and enjoyed every second of being there.    

~ Primanti Brothers: Very popular for its famous pizza, Primanti Brothers were mentioned more than once, so we took this into an account and stopped there on our last day. The pizza was amazing! You can add on it whatever you like. Only thing to keep in mind is that they only accept cash when paying.   

~ YoMamas Ice Cream: Don't leave Fort Lauderdale without getting an ice-cream at You Mama's. You won't regret it one bit. I can still taste the sweetness and experience that joy of seeing all the flavors they had on display.    

~ Premiere Cafe & Bar: This place made for the most wonderful atmosphere and Argentinian food. It rained while we sat outside and enjoyed our food and wine. Plus, in the end, we were surprised by three pieces of cake to take with us. It was such a lovely treat! 

I hope you enjoyed this travel post! What were your impressions of Fort Lauderdale if you've already been there? I would LOVE to know! 

Talk soon and see you on the next adventure!😘

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Hello everyone,

With the new year here and spring on the way we're getting closer and closer to spring cleaning. For some that means re-decorating, for others it means buying new furniture. Overall I think all of us are excited for bringing light, sunshine and more serenity to our home. 

I'm not an expert at interior design, but I definitely love color-coordinating things, making a space feel more homey, and mostly, shopping on Amazon for new finds. It's something I've been into for the past few months, and now the time has come for me to share my newest decor ideas. 

A BIG win for me is that everything on Amazon is budget-friendly and you can really make your vision come to live. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars in the hopes of adding a mini indoor water fountain or an art piece that makes you smile every time you pass by it.😁

When I was younger I remember my room always being super colorful with lots of bright colors from reds to vivid oranges. The beauty of growing up is now there is actually a well-thought-out color scheme. I completely love gold and white together, so I've decided to let this be my main point of inspiration. Looking at the outcome, I must say I wasn't wrong. It's kind of a dream finally coming true for me!!!😍

Are you into decorating, re-novating your space? Where do you draw inspiration from?

1. Abstract Wall Art

First things first, I can't live without art. Art in the shape of any form: photography, paintings or even sculptures. It's so beautiful and ohhh so fulfilling when waking-up to it. One hundred percent something my creative soul can't get enough off!!!

Since my theme is gold, I was immediately drawn to these touches of golden glitter in this three piece set. Plus, I've always loved blue, so it was completely natural for me to buy this art and not for a second doubt myself if I've made the right decision. The canvases are 12x16 big. They fit perfectly for any nice cozy area whether that's a coffee corner or a hallway leading up to your bedroom.    

What does your ideal inspirational art piece look like?

2. Pineapple Jewelry Holder

Besides loving pineapples, I own lots of jewelry (my other obsession alongside shoes), which I like to display creatively someway or another. For that I found this pineapple ring holder on Amazon that now sits on my bedside table. It makes it so easy to put on my most used accessories early in the morning. Also, I love the way it really adds a lovely touch to the whole room. It's so CUTE

You can see a theme happening here because my mini pineapple matches my pineapple air diffuser which I will talk more about shortly. Now, all I might be missing is a pineapple bed cover and sheets...hahahaha!πŸ˜‚

3. Geometric Decorative Pillows 

A bed or a sofa without pillows is something I think a lot of us consider to be unusual because well they're not only comfy, but I love the way it all looks put together from afar. If they match the shade of the sofa that's extra bonus points! hahaha

I got a set of four pillow covers and four foamily pillows. This way whenever the covers need washing they can easily be taken off and I can change them up with other fun designs when the mood strikes or the season changes. Are you a pillows person? How many pillows do you like having around?

Here once again I went for yellow, which nicely compliments my grey bed sheets and my gold bedside table. I'm finally starting to see and appreciate the way sticking to a theme really works. It's so nice seeing it all come together and mostly doing it with a certain vision, intention in mind. I finally feel like an adult! πŸ˜‚

4. Zodiac Horoscope Neon Sign

I absolutely love lights, cool signs and sparkly disco balls. They're a great addition to making any room more fun and more me! By the end of this year I will probably (no doubt about it) have put up a neon sign in every room. It's so magical to my eyeballs! One of those small things that make me super happy! I'm sure you know what I mean! 

I kind of always have been into astrology, (I mean who isn't these days?), so the Aries in me decided it's time to put up a sign of honor...LOL! What's your sign? 

It sits on the wall right above my bedside table and it lights-up the room really nicely at night. I don't just like it, but I LOVE IT!

5. Gold Round Tray Table 

My very recent Amazon purchase was a gold tray table good for anything you would want to put on it. I've got all this on the top level and the second lower level I've filled with my fragrance collection. I find it easy to reach for and a great way to display these lovely perfume bottles. Also, you can thank me later because I'm saving you from seeing what my previous bedside table looked like... trust me, you don't want to know.

It's so perfect and golden! Big enough to fit a lot and small enough to look cute...πŸ˜‰

6. Essential Oil Diffuser

Lastly, an essential oil diffuser makes such a serene impact on a room. This is the second pineapple you're seeing from me. I can't help it...I'm tiny bit obsessed!🍍

Air diffuser not only clears the air, but also cleans the mood if you're feeling intense or stressed about something. I do enjoy changing up the oil scent every time from orange, to lavender to vanilla. It's all so sweet and happy. What's your favorite scent?

I like that everything I've mentioned in this post is so affordable. Really, you can re-design any space one by one with items from Amazon. I mean who doesn't love shopping there? My cart is always so full because I keep adding and saving things I want to get next. I can't stop! I want to keep decorating and making my dream space come to life!!! It's inspiring!

Have you started your spring cleaning? Are you going to add some new changes inside your home?     

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Hello everyone,

I'm back just in time for the holidays! I couldn't miss this chance to dress-up and celebrate the approach of the new year with YOU. In one word how would you sum up your 2021? For me, it was the year of many things happened in my life that I never expected. And guess what? Most of them were amazing! Like always I'm looking forward to what's to come and appreciating what has already been. What's something you're really excited about in 2022?  

On New Year's Eve I can't avoid making a statement in my choice of outfit. It's always a bit out there with lots of sparkle, fancy fabrics and more than a hint of glitter on my eyelids. I feel like a walking disco ball, but that's the FUN in it. This is the one night where all is allowed and sequins is hundred percent part of it. For me New Year's Eve without sequins is a little sad!!! 😞

Have you already planned your New Year's Eve look? If not, I hope this post gives you some last minute outfit ideas. Remember to have fun! There's literally no limits when it comes to choosing your party outfit. 

Sweater: Forever 21  Skirt: Anthropologie 

Boots: Michael Shannon  

This post is called New Year's Eve sequins for a reason. Its got the over-the-top sequins for a special party. I can't wait to dance the night away!
πŸ’ƒ Every step you take the sparkly fringe moves to your own beat. I LOVE IT! 

Skirts like this one are easy to style because I really just let it stand-out while I keep everything else in one solid color. If it wasn't the skirt, I would most definitely have a fun and unique top. I like having this balance between top and bottom not like the way I dressed in my teen years when everything was super bright, loud and nothing was ever thought through. Some things do change!!!πŸ˜‰ Are you doing sequins the night of 2022?  

Since this skirt is a bit long and I want it to shine in all its glory, I think a black crop top sweater is a nice touch. Simple, cozy and cute for this season! It's still sweater weather season. I like the sweater part, but I'm so ready for the hot temperatures to arrive. I enjoy my summers the MOST!

So what are your New Year's Eve plans? It will be here so quick...all the holidays in December tend to kind of pass in a flash. There is always lots to do and people to see! 

Happy New Year everyone and see you in 2022!!! πŸ’•

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Hello everyone,

It takes a miracle to say NO to a slip dress! I say YES to it even during the fall/winter season because it's just too good. I don't and I won't wait for summer to put on a slip dress. Wondering why? Because there are so many cool ways to style it! 

Slip dresses can be turned cool, casual and dressy within seconds...ok, minutes, if you're one who takes longer to get ready...hahaha! I'm sure this type of dress will save you some extra time. That's why it's called a slip dress right? Slip it and GO!

I love that this delicate item works for everything from your workplace paired with a blazer and heels to a weekend getaway with a denim jacket and wedged sneakers. In my opinion, it's a must-have wardrobe staple! Only thing you have to worry about is the material. It takes a bit more effort to keep it clean. For example, avoid perfume stains by using your fragrance before putting on the dress. Also, don't iron it without turning it over, placing a cloth over it and using as little heat as possible. These are simple tricks I'm sure a lot of us are already familiar with. It's good to keep them in mind! If you've owned a few silk pieces in your lifetime, I'm positive you've got funny stories you remember them by. Share yours in the comments!

So how do you style a slip dress for fall?
Well, with lots of cozy layering wardrobe essentials and more of an autumn appropriate color palette. I love neutrals for fall! Even more I enjoy dressing full monochromatic from head to toe once the colder months arrive. It's something happens naturally because I notice I don't do it as often in my spring/summer everyday style. 

While this type of dress works for every season, adding boots, a teddy coat and a cool hat are all you need right now. The three Go-To staples for sure! Autumn can't get any more chic without them. By the way, speaking of fall...have you seen my fall fashion haul yet? It's a FUN one! I loved doing it and actually going shopping for it. You know how that gets harder to stop!

For sure this is the season to go that extra mile with your style because you can create countless looks just by layering some of the same items you may own. For example, I can make so many things happen with these same accessories and teddy coat. Use your imagination, your personality and your mood as the best guidelines to help you decide what to wear each morning. So what are you feeling like wearing today?

How do you prefer wearing your slip dress...casual or as dressy as possible? 

Also, with the holidays on their way, are there any specific posts you would like to see from me? Let me know!

Talk soon! See you in the next one!!!    

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