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Hello everyone,

Once the new year comes, I have a tendency to want to change/rearrange everything around begin fresh! This includes cleaning the closet, spicing-up my desk area, so I feel more inspired, revamping the living room and redecorating things that feel old or out of place. Who else loves doing this? 

Since spring is fast approaching and I spend most of my time at my desk, I thought now is the perfect time to give it a stylish" NEW look. This doesn't involve going all out - Home Improvement edition. I'm just simply adding tiny details that make a BIG difference. You know, the kind of details that also matter when it comes to fashion, like the choice of shoes you wear or the color of your nails.  

This type of project can instantly make you feel better. I know it works for me every time I even glance at my desk! In many scenarios change is good! So, if you've got the time, grab one area of your home and turn it into something that you enjoy. There is so much inspiration to be found online that in the end you'll feel like a professional interior designer. That's how I feel...this stuff can easily rub-off on you! πŸ˜† 

Now let's get into it! 

Here are the changes I made to bring a brand new feel to my desk area:

This offer is valid for a MONTH! ☝

1. Add Unique Wallart

First thing's first, change the art on your wall. It completely transforms any room. That's something I like to do annually. Currently, I've got the gorgeous skyline of Las Vegas on full view from Photowall. Loving the silhouette paint splashes of the Strip and waking up to this sight is just like a Spanish serenade to my eyes! 

You can get endless inspiration from Photowall since there's everything from tropical vibes, to city magic to your favorite animals. The best part is that you have total control of your print...the size, the material! You can even cover the whole wall of your home with an easy to apply wallpaper. Also, there's the option of a canvas print (the one I went for), a framed print or even your own personalized art. How cool is that? 

I must add I'm completely impressed with the quality of the canvas and how easy it was to hang up. It comes with instructions and even a video to help you out.

I personally wanted my wallart to be big enough to cover most of the space above my desk area. So, I did some measuring and decided to go for a 43.31 X 31.5 inches in size. I LOVE IT! 😍 

One thing is for sure...the art on your wall has a huge impact on your space, mood and environment. Good thing a lovely piece of art can be such a big inspirational force especially when the art brings a happy sentiment into your life. 

Here's your chance to set new, fresh vibes into your home with unique art from Photowall. Apply code fashionradi25 for 25% OFF at checkout. This offer is valid for one month. Enjoy and let me know what you picked!

2. Add an Air Diffuser

I like to bring Zen into my working space, so this year I am extra Zen and happy with having aromatherapy at the corner of my desk. The natural oils tend to calm me and make my work flow more easily. Plus, it's a great unwinding tool if you've had a bad day. 

Now that I have an air diffuser, I really can't believe I haven't had one before. It's such a positive addition to any room. I'm definitely planning to add one in each room! 😊 Do you have an essential oils diffuser and have you seen a positive change since having one? 

I like the fact that each time you can change the scent of the oils and enjoy exactly what suits your mood that day. My favorite smell is the rose oil... I add extra drops every time! πŸ˜‰

3. Add Plants 

I think we can agree on one thing...any space blossoms with the presence of flowers or plants! πŸŒΏπŸ’ The more the merrier! This is why I don't mind, overflowing my desk area with greens. hahaha 
The kind of greens that make me feel like I'm in a tropical jungle, not sitting at a desk. πŸ˜‚

You can make it even more magical by adding sparkly lights on the bigger plants, the way I have done. It really feels close to being in an enchanted forest! I can't contain my happiness!!!

One thing I will say is try to add real plants/flowers. They're a better choice for a more harmonizing feng shui. Lively plants bring a more positive energy to the whole space. In the end, that's exactly what we want for our home!

4. Add Books/Magazines

Whatever your passion is, I think it's good to surround yourself with it as much as you can. Get things like magazines and books or even stationary objects that remind you of it. For example, if you love music and want to be a musician get a bookshelf of your favorite CDs or collect and read the biographies of your favorite artists. This way you're constantly learning and being inspired!

I like reading fashion magazines and having a few of my favorite books on display that I have read and have made a positive impact on my life. Looking at them makes me happy! Plus, they add a cute decorative touch to my desk.

Have you made any home "renovations" recently? How do you like to refresh your desk area?   

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Hello everyone,

Grab your sweater vest from your closet because today we're styling one of the IT trends happening this season. If you don't own one yet, cut the sleeves of your favorite winter sweater and there you go! hahaha Just kidding! Don't do that, especially if it's your most favorite item. There are plenty of stores that offer really cute sweater vests, at reasonable prices. So, while you find YOURS, I'll leave you with some ideas on ways to wear it.  

What I really love about this trend is that a sweater vest can literally be worn during any season. In winter, as a cozy layering piece, and in the summer over a tee or even a dress. So many excuses to wear it over and over! And each time you can create a very unique look. That's the reason why in today's post I wanted to create NOT ONE but TWO looks. 

Also, for me, sweater vests take me wayyyy back to my childhood. I used to wear one during the cold winters in Bulgaria. I clearly remember having a beige wool sweater vest that I even wore on top of my pajamas to keep me extra warm. Yep, I had style from the very beginning!!! πŸ˜‚ Do you have any similar memories or am I the only one?

So how would you style a sweater vest? Don't forget, if you aren't a fan of the knit vest itself, there is the option of a puffer vest which is a cool, outerwear choice to add instead of a heavy jacket. 

As you can see in the photos, I tried to go for two different styles. One on the more casual side and one that deserves a cocktail in hand. hahaha! Cast your vote...which one do you love more? The casual or dressy!

I identify with the dressy option more because 1. I love going-out (dressing-up) and 2. I love a sexy pair of over the knee boots (even if walking/dancing in them for hours can get tricky). And 3. I find that a knit sweater over a shirt dress looks most definitely STYLISH

If you have an oversized sweater vest, it would look awesome as a layering piece over your button-down dress. This outfit wouldn't be the same without the vest. I like the extra touch of detail. How about you? It's the kind of pairing I would wear again and again. In fact, now that I think about it...I have a green short sleeved dress shirt that I can wear next. Everything else can stay the same.

There's also nothing wrong with being a casual, comfy freak. If you love sneakers, jeans and tees, you can still add a sweater vest to the equation. In fact this second outfit is especially for you! 

Whether you choose jeans, skirt or shorts as your bottom, if your sweater vest is bigger, I would suggest tucking it in in the front. This will give you more shape and give you a street style kind of vibe. The way I have done with the second look above! 

Here I decided to wear the sweater vest bare without anything else underneath. It just looks good to me with a nice pair of jeans. However, you can always layer it with a turtleneck top or a fun tee. Go with whatever your heart desires on this particular day. Also, be mindful of the weather in your city. That way you'll know if you can wear it as it is or  if it's better to layer.    

Whenever I think of casual I'm always up for adding a cap or a beanie because that's an accessory I'm very fond of. Even more so during the fall and winter. So, I went for a cap and really wanted to add an additional pop of color. But not just any color...yellow (one of the pantone shades of 2021). Have you started wearing the pantone colors of the year? I will make a special post on them, soon!πŸ˜‰

Do you like the sweater vest trend? Will you be wearing it this season? If yes, what's your go-to way of styling it? I can't wait to read your comments. As always see you again next Tuesday! πŸ’‹ 

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Hello everyone,

One of the things we LOVE to indulge in around the holidays is food!πŸ˜‹ Especially Santa's cookies and everything filled with chocolate. That's when "unknowingly" after the holidays we realize we might have put on a few pounds. For women the most common place where things start showing is around our mid-waist. Our abs tend to get shy and disappear, but no worries, there are tips and tricks to hide it all with the help of style. Wanna know how to hide your tummy? 

These style tricks work if you feel like you've gained a few pounds or have recently given birth and want to minimize that area as much as possible. Of course, getting back in shape requires a regular schedule of working-out and a healthy meal plan, but with the right clothing you can also create the illusion of a smaller waist.    

In cases like these, I love seeing the way fashion can help improve your confidence. It isn't only about wearing the trendiest pieces. It's so much more than that! It's about knowing your own body, having the knowledge of what pieces work best together (for your body shape), and finally seeing/appreciating the outcome. 

So, if you had a few too many Raffaelo chocolates (I know, I did!), let's get into this post. Here are the simple tips you can apply right away and start the year feeling great!

1. Choose High-Waisted Bottoms

When shopping for bottoms whether that's denim jeans or linen trousers, always go for the high-waisted style. They make the mid-section look flatter and definitely make your legs seem a lot longer. It's a win-win situation when you want to add proportion to your body. Also, this style keeps the eyes away from the tummy area, which is exactly what we want.

I remember a few years ago the minute I learned this trick, I started transforming my wardrobe. I began buying high-waisted skirts and jeans. Now, this is easily a staple for me... I don't even have to think about it. Probably, you can recall so many of my previous looks are high-waisted.

Give it a try and see the outcome in the mirror. I think you would be surprised how something so small can make such a BIG difference. It really works!!!

2. Shift Dresses

Without a doubt, wearing a shift dress will help hide your wider mid-section because these type of dresses fall straight from the shoulders creating a straight line silhouette. They're very flattering...would look good on any woman. Also, with this style worrying about your thighs and hips will be the least of your worries. No one will ever see them! Why? Because shift dresses don't cling to your body the way many other type of dresses do. So next time you're on the hunt for a new dress, keep this in mind.   

Creating vertical lines with your choice of clothing, helps a lot with hiding belly fat. This includes long jackets, cardigans, blazers, or ponchos. They are something I like to call a "miracle worker" on days I feel bloated.


3. Monochromatic Looks

Honestly, I can't even believe that before I started blogging about fashion, I had no idea what this word even meant. Now, I'm constantly trying to wear full on red, white or black looks. Monochromatic looks have plenty of power! They're the definition of BOLD!

Monochromatic color scheme is wearing one color from head to toe in various shades. For example, different tones of green in your top, bottom and shoes. This has a slimming effect to your figure. Are you starting to see how simple it is becoming to hide this one least favorite area of your body with the right clothing?

Here are a few monochromatic looks I have done a while back. Click here! Can't wait to see you rocking this style!

4. Play with Layers

A significant part in style is knowing how to highlight what parts of your body you want to be seen and the parts that you would rather keep off the radar. Here playing with layers comes into play. If you "play your pieces right, you'll feel great". If not, you would end up wishing you wore something different and feel uncomfortable in your outfit choice. We all know that easily translates into your mood. 

To prevent the visibility of your waist as much as possible, stay away from adding belts or any kind of accessories around the mid-section. They would only draw attention to that area. That's the opposite of what we want happening, right? 

However, you can add a nice bright colored top with a longer duster, cardigan or coat. The bright shade at the top completely distracts us from focusing on any other area as does the long outerwear. Or do the opposite, combine a longer dress shirt with a short jacket. This is layering done wisely!


5. Go for Oversized Shirts 

Like my look here, I went for an oversized tee over my second-skin print top. You can even wear a button down shirt and tuck half of it in the front. This will show just a tiny bit of shape and cover the rest. I love the way it it a really cool casual spin. 

How many of you live in oversized styles? Let's not forget, this was a very popular trend last year and it's always here for us whenever we feel like we want to hide excess weight around the waist. 

When I decide to sport something oversized I still like keeping a balance. As an example from this outfit above, at the bottom I went for a mini patent skirt. This way I'm not completely hidden by my oversized t-shirt.


What are some of your style tricks for hiding the tummy area?  

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Hello everyone,

Who here is ready for some FASHION? I ammmmm!πŸ™Œ (too excited, I can't even hide it!)

Wanna know what will be trending in 2021? What pieces we should invest in right from the beginning? Also, I've got the heads-up on the pantone color of the year. It's extra special because this time two colors will be a HIT in 2021 instead of just one. Any guesses which shades? 

I know in 2020 fashion was a bit repetitive and predictable because of Covid-19. It came unexpectedly, and with that, the last thing we really wanted to focus on is what we're wearing. There is no promise that 2021 will be any different, but it's good to hope, want and dream of being able to actually wear these trends. I want for us to be able to experiment with our looks just like old-times. Having our imagination run wild with various fabrics, plenty of accessories and fun details. 

Speaking of fashion trends, it's save to say that I love this time of year where the new comes in leaving the old behind. I get just as excited...seeing, reading everything that will help me apply the new trends into my own personal style. It's like starting a maze, with trial and error you're able to come to a happy outcome. 

Before I get deep into this post, I'm ready to spill-out the pantone colors of 2021. They are gray and bright yellow!πŸ’›

1. Neutrals 

Think in "earth tones" once the clock strikes 12:00...beige, ivory, taupe. These shades have been making a statement all-along, but this time even more. Full-on neutral monochromatic looks will be "a thing". For example, choose a cream shade and wear it from head to toe. The whole outfit will be a power statement within itself and people will most likely start to wonder what magazine you came from. 

This trend is like music to my ears because it's got all the positives. A monochromatic look has the ability to make you seem taller, slimmer and like you mean "fashion", if you know what I mean.πŸ˜‰

Will you be investing in any new neutral pieces?

2. Sweater Vest

Who remembers owning a sweater vest wayyyyy back. I hope I'm not the only one. I wore them lots as a child and guess what? They're bringing their "COOL" back in 2021. Literally, one of these understated pieces, which can be styled over dresses and blouses. I already know, this is a trend I will be investing in and soon sharing with you on here. 

I love the way a sweater vest adds a fun notch of layering. I mean, I love to play with layering. Any chance I get, I grab it! It can be styled under a coat or a blazer during these colder days.  

The sleeveless knit is taking 2021 by the horns. Love it or hate it, it will change our style in more than one way. How do you feel about this trendy piece?

3. Bold Prints

Are you ready to be BOLD in 2021?

Lots will be happening when it comes to fashion with the clashing of different prints. Mixing and matching is allowed, even highly encouraged. And size does matter! Remember, the bigger the print the more maximized you'll look. You can combine larger prints with neutrals for a more subtle and less intimidating vibe. A balance that will definitely work! Plus, you'll be rocking two significant trends in one.

One of the bold prints we'll be seeing very soon (spring time) is the "fantasy florals". The name represents new beginnings, which fits perfectly with our desire for starting fresh. I have always been a fan of florals. It's the one print I always go back to once spring/summer arrive. I can't help it! Florals mean a lot to me...make me so happy!

4. Wide-Leg Trousers

In 2021 we're going to transition from sweats into wide-leg trousers. The comfort is still there, but now we'll be looking a bit more put together. Bottoms that are practical and make a statement. This way we can simply ease into actually starting to wear pants again. YAY! And you know what, I think going for looser pants is going to be a breath of fresh air in the new year.   

One of my favorite ways to style them is with a crop cozy sweater. I like a wide leg trouser that is also high-waisted. What kind of trouser design do you envision wearing?

Don't forget, this style of pants is a gem because they elongate your legs and give you a few imaginary inches in height. So many reasons to love them!πŸ’—

5. Second-Skin Tops

To top off the 2021 fashion trends, we've got the second-skin tops. They're super stretchy and a perfect layering piece. I really love the classy mesh styles or the ones with turtleneck peeking out. I've got a zebra print top, which fits both criteria and I can't wait to style. How would you style yours?

These fashionable tops do really feel like a second layer of your skin. Makes you forget that you're actually wearing something! πŸ˜‚

So how do you make this top look cool? By layering it...under a tee or with a sweater vest over it. I can always show you a few ideas in a future post, if that's something you would like to see?

So are you looking forward to trying these fashion trends in the new year? Which one are you MOST excited for?

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Hello everyone,

This year was so unexpected, yet an interesting one when it came to fashion, beauty and overall the change of our daily lifestyle. Some things turned upside-down, others felt similar/safe like the years before. I think we can all agree that 2020 was the year of growth, with personal changes testing our fears/limits. It was inevitable that we went through it. So here we are just a few days away from welcoming the new year! Are you EXCITED?

A fun way to conclude the year is by looking back at some of my favorite outfit looks. The styles that made me think "YES, I will wear this again" and "Ohh, I feel good in this". I like doing this kind of post as a way of saying goodbye to the past year and mentally preparing myself with fresh new ideas for the blog in 2021. You can help me out by letting me know what you want to see more of, here on FashionRadi?πŸ€—

My selection is from all the seasons with spring, summer...Vegas fall and winter. Most definitely a big chunk of my favorite styles come from summer because I love dressing in bright colors, having tons of boho jewelry pieces, and basically treating summer like one long beach vacation. It's my absolute favorite! What's your favorite season when it comes to dressing? I even told Santa, once I open-up my gifts, I'm ready to move on to summer!!!🀣 

Here we go! 

When in comes to fashion, I feel like 2020 was the year of loungewear. Plenty of comfy sets in every kind of shade have been selling like crazy. The one "home" statement we all started reaching for once the March lockdown began. However, even during these months, I was eager to get in florals, wear flowy dresses and get out and shoot these looks while the streets were the emptiest I have ever seen them. It turned out pretty good, as I really got to stay away from purchasing new clothing and unite my brain cells into creating unique looks straight from my closet. 

Also, as I look back 2020 was the year of tie-dye, oversized tops/bottoms, puffy sleeve tops, the always sexy leather pieces, more funky prints and a whole lot of "I wish I could go out, so I can wear this". What was your favorite 2020 trend? Be sure to come back next week to the blog because I'm going to share with you a few top trends happening in 2021.πŸ˜‰ It's about to get even more fun and interesting! 

So what's everyone looking forward to in 2021? 

To say farewell to this year, I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has been part of my blog...whether you're one to comment or come here every Tuesday to read my latest post. Through this blog, I have made some of the most sincere friendships (even though we may not have met in person, yet). Have the happiest of holidays and I'll see you again very soon!😘      

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Hello everyone,

Hands down the best thing about 2020 was the fun road trips I got to do with my sister. In this post, we're going to end the year with a lookback at my favorites. Each trip was very unique on its own. This reminds me most of them were taken during the hottest months in Vegas. However, the adventure was there and the experience was so interesting. Are you ready for this road trip journey? 

The journey began when Covid-19 hit. My sister and I, wanted to be in nature, to hike more often, to see different sights and to take photos along the way. That's why we decided during the pandemic to get in the car and use the free weekends we had for some road tripping. This is how the idea for my road trip series came about. I hope it continues in the new year as well! Did you do any road trips? If so, which one sticks-out to you as the most memorable?

One of the most amazing national parks there is in California. I recommend visiting it because it's full of gorgeous stops. You've got the salt flats below sea level at the Badwater Basin. The above photos are from there. Also, there are breathtaking sand dunes, colorful rocks called Artists Palette, plenty of hiking trails, mysterious sailing stones and so much more. It's huge, so I recommend staying in for a weekend or more, so you can really explore the whole park. 

We made the trip there last weekend for one day. Took the drive early morning and got back after sunset. The two places we got to see were the fascinating Badwater Basin and the beautiful Artists Palette. For the rest, we'll definitely go back. There is plenty more to be seen and we can't miss all the photo opportunities.

Death Valley is absolutely a favorite road trip of mine. I didn't expect it to be this stunning and grand. This is why I give it the number one spot! Have you been?

An absolute paradise! Lake Tahoe was a true gem. We treated it as our summer vacation because we had the lake to swim in and the majestic mountain views to look at. For that this road trip completely sparks good vibrations just thinking about it. I wish I could turn back time and relive it once more!

When we got back, I remember I was so eager to add it to my road trip series. I created a detailed travel guide of Lake Tahoe, so if you're interested on where to stay to what places to see while there, here is the complete post

One thing that stuck with me from this trip is how much we humans crave change, having different experiences. It really wakes us up and gives us a fresh kind of hope and energy to continue learning, exploring and growing. Evolution is part of life!     

This place is literally...FIREBALLS! The first time we road tripped there, it was on one of the hottest summer days. That was a bit crazy, but so are we! hahaha Eventually, we wanted to finish what we started, so a few months later, my sister and I made a second visit. This time around we were able to fully enjoy the vistas along the way.

I would say most parks take more than one day to explore, so camping would be ideal to disconnect from the world and connect with nature. I'll let you know how it goes, once I attempt my first camping trip. Hopefully in 2021, I will be ready for it! What's something you want to do in 2021 that you're a bit afraid of?       

Another very memorable trip in 2020 was visiting Cathedral Gorge. Its got the most awesome clay formations and plenty of hidden caves to explore. This place is a favorite of mine because not only is it gorgeous, but it's a photographer's paradise. Every way you turn, you can let your camera dance.

The drive to Cathedral Gorge is one of the most scenic. No matter how tired you may be, you'll want to keep your eyes open just to take in the small towns, the green fields and the rocky canyons. 

And finally, here is a lookback at the sand dunes, which made this road trip too crazy. Why? Because it started out with some car trouble. I share the whole story here! This event made the trip there way entertaining and now looking back...a bit funny!

This was the first road trip we took that really got us into the idea of road tripping together and discovering new places. That was our way of focusing on something else than the pandemic and trying to make the most of 2020. How did you cope with this year? Aren't you glad 2021 is only weeks away?

Well, that is it for now! Hopefully, I'll see you with more road trips in the near future. The series must continue! Have a wonderful week!!!

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Hello everyone,

How will you be spending this holiday season? Are you or someone you know planning on hosting a 2020 appropriate (small) party? The happiest celebrations of the whole year must continue and bring us together. It's MY FIESTA...and you're invited to it!!!πŸ₯³

Today we're going to play the music loud, get dressed-up, give our table some holiday cheer, and most importantly, don't forget to shave the mustache...hahaha🀣(just kidding). I'm just testing you to see if you're still reading!

The holidays really are the most wonderful times for sharing laughter, memories, telling stories and being close to the ones you love. Don't forget to add yourself to the list first because you're just as valuable. I highly hope this post makes you excited! More so, I hope it gives you ideas on ways to decorate your dinner table or even ideas on what to gift someone who is hosting a party. Whether you're the guest or the attendee enjoy the moment, the time, the food, the people and the tequila shots. hahaha ARRIBA, ABAJO...( I'm sure you know the rest!). SALUD!πŸ₯‚

To be honest, I haven't hosted a holiday party yet, but it would be a dream because I'm a dj at heart. I can turn up the party and know plenty of good music that can make others dance. Yessss, I said it! You can book me as a dj at this number...(XXX)-XXX-XXXX. But really, I like parties and connecting with others. This fuels me up to a point where it's hard to fall asleep later! hahaha

Ok, enough about my many skills, let's get to the essentials you'll need to host your BEST party yet!

Before setting everything up, I would suggest having some kind of idea for the color theme of your table. What colors do you want to combine? I love red and gold together! Also, green and silver would compliment each other nicely. Choose shades that will make your guests feel the holiday spirit the minute they enter your home.

Here's the checklist of items you'll need:

Now that we have our checklist, we can focus on the details. For example, have some candles and festive ornaments or garlands at the center of the table. Turn it into a magical scene, which will bring joy and lightness to your home and everyone who's there. Then, set up the drinks, desserts and small bites. Here you can really express your creativity and love for the holidays.

When it comes to holiday decor, I'm one who might go a bit overboard with the decorations. The way I see it; you get the holidays only once during the year, so why not really go for it?! I can imagine I would be the same if I were to host a holiday party. How about you? Are you more classy, simple or do you like to keep it busy and fun? 

Also, you can see the look I came-up with right in time for the holidays. I'm definitely going to dress-up even if I end-up spending the holidays at home this year. I'm head over heels for tops with puffy sleeves. The bigger the sleeves the happier I get! Another favorite is leather. Chic, sexy and will never go out of style, so this high-waisted skirt without a doubt had to be part of the look. Do you know what you'll be wearing? If you want me to do a last-minute party outfit ideas post, do let me know.   

Happy Holidays from me to you!!!
πŸŽ„ I hope these last few weeks of 2020 are merry and sweet for you and your loved ones!πŸ’• 

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